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  1. Yup, I was the guy who (with the help of some friends) made the Voyageurs for Canada sign. I've posted before, but forgot my account, so I created a new one. I guess it seems pretty suspicious. Original Voyageur with 1 post. JM
  2. Hi Guys, After being a Voyageur since the beginning, I thought it was time to watch some matches back in the old country. I'm looking for some advice on what I should do while I'm over there. Anyone got any insight on pubs, special tours etc.? I've never been to the U.K. so any help would be appreciated. I've started a travel blog just so I keep track of everything, you can find it at http://www.footballadventure.com. So far the games I have tickets to are: Fulham v Wolves Portsmouth v Aston Villa Any help is appreciated. John Mark
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