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  1. 3 minutes ago, Obinna said:



    Hey! I went through this thread in the morning and I very much appreciated the updates. I didn't get around to watching most of the games or even the highlights yet. I enjoyed it and it was noteworthy to me. You can't seriously say live updates are not noteworthy to all because you personally don't find them to be so. 

    I'll extend an olive branch and say that ideally there'd be a live updates thread, but would it be too much to ask that you start a thread yourself rather than asking @Big_M to do so? Afterall, you are the one who has a problem here, so perhaps you should consider making a thread instead of asking someone else to do it in order to please you. Is that fair?

    I'm sure he would have no problem posting his updates there if you created the thread.

    Actually it was Ted who had the problem about it. I agree with him but he was the one who complained. But I will start a thread for updates.

  2. Just now, Obinna said:

    News is literally newly received information about noteworthy events, so yes his updates are indeed news.

    If you want a more specific form of news, perhaps you should start a new thread.

    This is a general thread, as per the title.

    Come on! Now you are being stupid and anal and trying to use dodgy literal interpretations of definitions to win an argument. Comments about typical play during a match are not noteworthy events. People come to this thread to read about transfers or as your definition states "noteworthy events" not how Kansas City is playing in the second half against Portland. If a major player was injured during a match that could be a noteworthy event but regular play commentary is not.

    There is no reason to have a big argument about this or a philosophical discussion about what is news. If he makes his own thread for game updates I doubt anyone has a problem with his posting that and those who are interested can read them in that thread. Then those looking for the noteworthy news can look for it here and not have to sift through 50 posts about the play in various games. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Obinna said:

    Sure, if he wants. Live updates are news as far as I am concerned. Don't see the need for another thread, but if others do then fair enough. 

    Game commentary is not news. People do not want to go through pages of game commentary to get news. If a thread is clearly labelled game commentary then I think it is fine to post those updates and those interested can read them on that thread.

  4. 1 hour ago, Obinna said:

    I personally think these are great! Mostly Canadian updates with the odd mention of league stars when they score nice goals or have big games, sounds great to me.

    I'd rather get my news here than Twitter any day of the week! Thanks @Big_M

    BigM should start a separate thread for live updates of MLS games. I think it is fine he is doing that but I think this thread is more for MLS news so shouldn't be filled up with multiple posts on game updates.

  5. On 4/14/2019 at 12:12 AM, nolando said:

    My memory is foggy too but I seem to remember Hearts using him as a late match striker pretty regularly. Does that ring a bell?

    Yes I think Cottbus did that at times too. He was not fast or technically skilled enough to be a striker (by which I mean to do the other things you need a striker to do other than just scoring goals) but he was a big body in the box, good with his head and a pretty good finisher when he had the chance so he could be used in that role when you needed a late game goal.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Pottsy3 said:

    I was fully expecting Mathieu Choiniere to be the breakout young player for Montreal this year, but Bayiha has been a pleasant surprise on a team with some pretty good wingers.

    Both have looked good playing on opposite sides. Choiniere carries the ball more while Bayiha is more of a fast breaking player. Choiniere carries the ball into the middle or on the wings and tries to maintain possession while looking for a play. Bayiha is good at using his speed to run by players staying more on the wing until he is near the box and is also good at doing overlaps and passing to another player running by like he did with ZBG in the previous game.

    If they develop into solid MLS starters like I expect, a few years ago they would be automatic starters for the national team. However, even if they develop as much as I hope they might end up only being 3rd choice in their position with the national team which shows how quickly our depth has developed. Any good national team needs depth like that and it gives us other options if our more heralded talent like Tabla do not progress as much as we are predicting.

  7. 7 hours ago, jpg75 said:

    I don't believe those figures. He played most of one season at Cottbus at striker and had at least 10 league goals at one point. That said, he started and ended his club and international careers at CB and aside from that season at Cottbus i don't recall him playing much up top. For Canada he may have moved up late in the game a few times when we were looking for goals, but i can't recall him getting a start (though he might have, there was no way to see all our friendlies back then).

    No he was always a CB at Cottbus. He played a few games at striker when they had some severe injury problems but he did not play a whole season at CF. There was one season that he scored 10 goals in the 2nd Bundesliga but 6 of the goals came in 2 games. He was not fast enough to be effective at striker but he was good at heading the ball and effective on corners and free kicks. 

  8. I have been impressed from what I have seen of Henry this year. From the angle I saw I do not think it was a penalty but possibly there were angles that showed otherwise. However, I think he still needs to take some blame on this. The attacker was attempting a very low success rate move and Henry moved on him very aggressively (which alone can be dangerous) plus he had his arms outstretched. I think when you do this you are just asking for something bad to happen. Nevertheless, he has looked very good this year and hopefully with regular playing time will reduce the amount of mistakes and rash decisions he makes because he looks really good most of the time.

  9. 6 hours ago, mpg_29 said:

    Field looks great...


    The grass was pretty brown but it was still 100% better than what we played on in New York the week before. Actually the pitch did not look good but it did not seem poor to play on. I think it looked worse than it was.

  10. 1 hour ago, jonovision said:

    I don't get many chances to watch a full Impact match as they're rarely on English TV, but today at least Piette was  a beast.

    Piette is a beast every single game. After Piatti he is probably our best player.

  11. 2 hours ago, shamrock said:

    Kennedy starts for Austria against #last Horn. 6 minutes in. 

    Kennedy played 90. Klagenfurt tied it up on a stoppage time goal for a 2-2 finish. A loss to a fellow relegation threatened side would have been terrible for them especially after a run of pretty good results brought them out of the relegation zone. They are presently tied with 3 other teams, 3 points above the relegation zone.

  12. 12 minutes ago, JamboAl said:

    An interesting development just came across my Austrian football feed: Austria Klagenfurt have been denied an operating license by the Austrian football league for the 2019-2020 season.  If this does not get overturned, I believe they will have to drop down to the state league for Carinthia, if they still continue to exist.  I hope my German is good enough that I haven't misunderstood anything:


    You are correct but according to the club this will be remedied. Apparently the club management has to present their criminal record from the police. Their Vice-President is new and is either German or lived in Germany and could not get the records in time for the application from the German police. They have until the 23rd to submit them and the club is confident he will have a copy of his criminal record by then. 


  13. 37 minutes ago, Big_M said:

    Apparently gk Mario Gerges of Egyptian origins signed a 5 year contract with a team in the first tier of Egypt..played plsq with Longueuil and Dynamo and last year pdl with TSS..in the winter had a trial with Deportivo Guadalajara in Spain 


    An article on him: https://aftn.ca/pro-dream-drives-quebecer-mario-gerges-to-head-back-to-bc-with-tss-rovers/

  14. 2 hours ago, Big_M said:

    Brault-Guillard..didnt play pro in France but right away its clear hes a step above so many Canadians brought up here who unfortunately are not good enough defensively at mls level and bring little offensively

    This is your take on a game with 6 young Canadian starters all of whom played well and of which only 2 spent significant time in Europe? My take on this is while Europe is still a good choice for young players to train, we are finally starting to do a good job in giving the proper training to many young players who are staying in Canada for their youth career.

  15. I think it is hard to say who has the most potential. Kaye has more offensive skills but I think many here are underestimating just how effective a destroyer Piette is and how important that is and will be to a Canadian national team that like the Impact has a shaky defence. Also it should be noted that they are virtually the same age, Piette is only 3 weeks older than Kaye.

  16. 13 hours ago, shamrock said:

    Without Piatti it's a lot less. But to be fair, that also comes with the DP-system. 

    Yes but a good management team builds a good team to surround the DPs. In Garde's case he just lucked out with inheriting arguably the top player in MLS and has not done enough to build a good team around him that can withstand his absence. 

  17. 1 hour ago, Kent said:

    Yeah, late in the game where the goal loses you point(s) is a totally different story. But it's still about stopping the goal and giving your keeper a chance. Not about some macho BS about being disrespected by how the other team is scoring on you. If you don't like it, don't let them walk in like that.

    Yes the idiot was close to getting the ball knocked away so probably got shit from his coach afterwards for risking the goal. If he pissed someone off enough to take him out I wouldn't feel sorry for him but at the same time you don't really solve a situation of doing something unsportsmanlike by doing something even more unsportsmanlike.

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