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  1. Looking at the DCU forums, their general consensus is he is a good depth player that can play several position, good character guy but only a good 13th or 14th player on the roster, not a starter in your ideal 11 and earning too much money for that role. Plus, many think his knee problems will continue. They were surprised he was picked in the 1st stage in which clubs have to pick up the contract as opposed to negotiating it down (at a lower salary they would consider him a good pick up and more of a loss for DCU). The contract is not long, in its option year but will be higher than 275k next year. DCU did not pick up the option because they thought he was overpriced and offered him a lower deal which he thought was too low. Obviously TFC's management appraisal must be different than that of the DC management and fans or maybe they think it is worth the risk for a one year option.
  2. Maybe I am undervaluing the worth of TAM and GAM in a salary cap league but it seems like a low return for a good starting CB.Possibly his relatively high salary of 600k made him harder to move and with the TAM and GAM gives the Caps an extra 1 350 000 to work with next season. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2018/12/11/fc-cincinnati-acquire-kendall-waston-vancouver-whitecaps
  3. Seems like he is having the year we were all expecting him to have last year although his stats at least were not that bad last year, he just did not get the playing time he is getting this year.
  4. Yes and he should tell the Scots to split from England because everyone know the EPL is crap and if you want to watch quality football, SPL is where it is at!
  5. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2018/12/09/orlando-city-acquire-forward-tesho-akindele-trade-fc-dallas
  6. Hainault kept his spot in the starting 11 under new Kaiserslautern coach Hildmann and played 90 in a 0-0 tie with Wurzburger Kickers. Elva was not dressed for Wurzburg.
  7. https://www.tvasports.ca/2018/12/07/maxime-crepeau-echange-aux-whitecaps?fbclid=IwAR0UAXoe0Leb8_n8dxf5kjOqhGOew-cC2HzoPomkdQHIC65k8dQakCmeKiY
  8. Martineau is a solid journalist. Any journalist will get some information wrong sometimes because of the nature of working with sources but Martineau is probably the most reliable journalist in Montreal for being the first guy to report things that will subsequently happen.
  9. Sad to see him leave Montreal but this is a good move for his career.
  10. Finished in 7th last year in the top flight. Nice move up for Boakai, hopefully he can get his career back on track.
  11. Yes and you have stated precisely the problem. Only 4 games, 3 of which were against minnows and the other against a still not very good team which was missing some of it better players. I don't see any evidence on the pitch that he is team building. I do not put a lot of stock in either Herdman's claims nor players praise of a new coach who control whether they get selected and play, the former is self promotion, the later what you say when you want playing time. What I think would contribute greatly to team building is playing games and having training camps.
  12. Find me a situation where a federation fires a coach who seemed to be doing well without explanation and hires immediately an insider federation guy with no proper hiring process and then the team hardly plays any games for a full year other than against some minnow teams and I think you will find similar reactions from that country's fans. Even New Zealand was without its best players but even removing them from the picture, we should beat the other three teams if you or I was coach so don't tell me to celebrate these victories.
  13. Even if this is true I find this unacceptable. I see little in Herdman's CV to suggest he was a top candidate for the men's team and that we should cater to him and hire him without a proper competition for the post especially at a time where we had no major tournament right away. If Zambrano did indeed do something that merited firing then open a search process and allow Herdman to apply like anyone else and hire the best candidate. That is how professionally run federations do things.
  14. Patrick Leduc named director of soccer operations. I like him and he seems knowledgeable but the continual hiring of former players/club insiders is always worrying with the Impact and makes one wonder how much independence these people have in their jobs. https://www.impactmontreal.com/en/post/2018/12/06/patrick-leduc-named-administrative-director-soccer-operations-impact
  15. This response does not make sense even if you qualify it by using likely. If The Ref can not say his hiring was poor without knowing why he was fired then how can you claim that his hiring was a bad decision? Your statement is just as speculative as The Ref's. I think a major problem is that we do not know why he was fired other than a some rumours that were planted in the press which may be true or may just be planted to try and justify the decision which was made for other reasons. The later is what I suspect as it is almost a year since the coaching change and no details or confirmation of the rumours about Zambrano have leaked out. I suspect Herdman was super well connected within the CSA and mesmerized some of the people there with his spiel and they needed to find a reason to get rid of Zambrano and hire Herdman without opening the job to competition. A classic CSA backroom old boys network hire. But yes this is also speculation because the CSA has acted totally unprofessional in this regard and hasn't released any information or explained the decision in a press conference. Even today I am struck by the difference between the Impact announcement of hiring a new director of soccer operations with Joey having to go before the press and answer a lot of questions even though it is a private business while the CSA which receives public funding has not answered the many questions about the firing of Zambrano and hiring Herdman without competition. This should be a problem for anyone regardless of what their opinion is on Zambrano/Herdman. After a ray of light of the CSA being run properly under Mont Pete, I am getting the impression that we are back to the dark days of the CSA of old.
  16. Not sure if he is still getting paid but I would suspect he isn't since he is now coaching Independiente since June. The CSA should be off the hook since he signed with them since otherwise they could stop him from signing with them. Too much of the whole saga of the firing of Zambrano, the hiring of Herdman, the lack of friendlies is reminding me of the dark Kevin Pipe days of the CSA.
  17. Zambrano's Independiente defeated Tolima in the semi-finals, playing 2-2 at home and then winning 2-0 on the road. They will be playing Atletico Junior de Barranquilla in the final over the next two weekends. So far based on what I have seen from Herdman and Zambrano, I would greatly prefer Zambrano to be national team head coach.
  18. That is possible but it has been a long time since we were playing so little, back to the really dark days of being a Canadian soccer supporter. If there are financial issues and not Herdman's choice to do this it would be nice if they were honest about it. The last few coaches even Hart all talked about the importance of playing or training together as much as possible and I haven't heard that from Herdman as far as I can recall.
  19. Your eyesight is apparently worse than that of a MLS ref!
  20. The official announcement: https://forgefc.canpl.ca/article/forge-fc-announces-historic-first-player-signings-for-inaugural-season
  21. 1. Borjan 2. Hoilett 3. Cavallini A rare year where it is actually a hard choice and Hutchinson is not an automatic 1st place or even top 3 even though he had a good season. Lets hope that every year is like this. Also nice to see some MLS guys in the hunt. I chose the ones in the higher leagues and Borjan because of his Champions League performances against strong teams but nice to see guys like Davies (if he does well in BL will likely be the clear number 1 next year), Osorio, Piette, MAK as well as Arfield in SPL playing well.
  22. Great goal but is that not the most annoying and grating announcer ever? And his voice actually gets worse when there is a goal. If you were watching that on tv you would hope for all 0-0 games! :-)
  23. He did not pull out at all, he went for the ball with complete disregard for the keeper's safety while having easily enough time to react to the keeper controlling the ball to avoid collision. Why was he even sliding at that point anyway, if he wanted to pull out he could have just ran in another direction once he saw the keeper had control of the ball? He could have given the keeper a concussion. Saying he didn't go in with studs is like saying I hit you in the face but it is not so bad because I wasn't wearing brass knuckles. If he went in with studs like that the keeper probably would have had a very serious injury. I won't say he did it on purpose but it was an incredibly reckless play with no regard for the keeper's safety. It doesn't matter how much we like him as a national team player, that should get a multi game suspension. A league needs to protect the health of it players and especially keepers who are often in more vulnerable positions than field players.
  24. Yes that tackle is a red card and should be a several game suspension.
  25. Their coach Michael Frontzeck was fired today.
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