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  1. This would be a great disappointment to me if he chose MLS over Russia although I do think MLS has a fairly good level of play. It may be a step up from the Swedish league but it would probably be a pretty small step. The league is probably just a bit more balanced, there are a couple of Swedish teams that could dominate the MLS and several that would be quite poor in this league. I think San Jose would be in danger of relegation in the Russian league. Certainly the training conditions, level of coaching and general soccer atmosphere would be far superior in Russia. Also the recent post on the other board on MLS salaries doesn't lead me to believe that they would offer anything similar in salary to the Russian league. As far as lifestyle goes I can understand him having trepidations about living in Russia and could understand if he chose to live and play in say Holland or Portugal instead. However, I have lived in both the USA and Russia and would without hesitation choose to live in Russia over the US (just not on a Russian salary but definitely on a Russian soccer salary). To mention just one reason for this, everyone thinks that Russia is very dangerous but I would sure rather be walking alone at 2 a.m. in downtown Moscow than I would in downtown Dallas. And one can understand seeing some bad stuff in Russia in that it is a poor country but seeing a lot of the same stuff in the richest country in the world is pretty hard to fathom. The only possible advantage I can see is that he might be more available for MNT games but I would rather see him develop into a top notch player who may miss the odd game than risk his development slowing due to lack of playing at the highest level.
  2. Confirmation from an article posted on a Saturn fan forum that Artibo was indeed Atibo (I am not sure why they add an r and call him by his first name). It states that he made his debut with the team and is a young Canadian national team midfielder who last played for Oesters in Sweden. It seems like he did play in the midfield during the game so this is probably a good sign. The Saturn website is excellent in both English and Russian, far superior in both languages to the Spartak website. Â ñîñòàâå "Ñàòóðíà" ïîìèìî Àëåøàíäåðà äåáþòèðîâàë ïîëóçàùèòíèê ìîëîäåæíîé ñáîðíîé Êàíàäû Àðòèáî, èãðàâøèé ïîñëåäíåå âðåìÿ â øâåäñêîì "Ýñòåðå".
  3. In other U.S. News, Hannover has apparently signed Clint Mathis while the almost completed transfer of Cory Gibbs from Regionalliga North team St. Pauli to 2nd BL Regensburg has fallen through. Strange that both teams interested in signing an American already have a Canadian player.
  4. Right League Wrong Club Fulham sign U.S. striker McBride Click to enlarge photo LONDON (Reuters) - Fulham have acted quickly to replace Louis Saha by signing United States striker Brian McBride, the premier league club says. McBride agreed a two-and-a-half year contract with the London club, who are eager to replace Saha, the French striker who is expected to complete a move to Manchester United later this week. Fulham manager Chris Coleman believes McBride, who has played in English football during loan spells at Everton and Preston North End, will be able to cover for the loss of Saha. "Brian is a great talent who can combine assisting attacking play as well as getting his fair share of goals," Coleman told the Fulham website. "He has superb aerial ability and has already proved he can perform each week at the highest level. His experience of the Premiership will also prove a valuable asset to us in the coming months." McBride, who chose Fulham over premier league rivals Blackburn Rovers, said in a statement. "This has been a difficult two weeks and a very tough decision. "Over the past four years, there has been a lot of talk of me leaving. I felt it was the right opportunity." McBride spent eight years with Columbus, scoring 62 goals, and has earned 67 international caps. He has appeared in two World Cups with the national team, scoring twice as the U.S. reached the quarter-finals of the 2002 tournament.
  5. Possible Competition for Pesch Morris in talks with Blades Derby striker Lee Morris has been granted permission to discuss personal terms with Sheffield United after the clubs settled on a fee. United manager Neil Warnock had seen an initial offer of around £100,000 rejected by the Rams but an improved bid lodged over the weekend was accepted by the cash-strapped Pride Park club on Monday. But a stipulation of the deal means the 23-year-old would be unavailable to play for the Blades against the Rams at Pride Park on 28 January. And because he had featured for the Rams in Derby's 3-0 FA Cup exit at Ipswich, Morris would also be be ruled out of United's fourth-round meeting with Nottingham Forest on Sunday. That would leave the Bramall Lane clash with Norwich on 31 January as the first available date on which Morris could pull on a Blades shirt. Morris had cost Derby £3m from United in October 1999 and is out of contract at the end of the season.
  6. Bayern hasn't been very pleased with his play this year which has been mediocre. He doesn't seem to have progressed much in the last year or so, he has been playing like an average Bundesliga player but average Bundesliga players don't usually play for Bayern (or for England for that matter). Oliver Kahn openly criticized his play in the press earlier this year. They may be looking at as new signing to upgrade at this position.
  7. Don't mean to get picky Gianluca but actually Rapid is currently only 1 point better than GAK whose bench was warmed by Hastings although he was actually a starter for them for a short time. However, several years as a starting player for Rapid is certainly better than several weeks as a starter for GAK and certainly Hastings recent MNT play has not shown that he should be a member of the squad unless we are beset by a very large number of injuries. Nor am I suggesting that Jazic shouldn't be called to and possibly start for the MNT, I thought he had a decent if unspectacular game against Ireland in which he certainly played much better than Hastings. It has been my impression, however, that certain posters were pretty impressed with Rapid as being a big name team which it is for historical reasons. At present form I think they would be a good 2nd Bundesliga team. If the Austrian, Swiss and German leagues combined I think they would improve their club vastly and return to being the top European club that their name and history deserve. Whether Jazic would remain with them at that level or not is speculation but as far as I know none of the Bundesliga teams have expressed interest in him.
  8. Technically you are correct Ed and the Bundesliga was founded in 1963 as a professional league. However, the German Football Association(DFB) was founded in 1900 and a German Championship has existed since 1903. Of course this championship was interupted in the last year of the war, during post war Germany and divided by the establishment of East Germany. By the time of the Third Reich there was a national league that could be considered professional, that consisted of many of the same teams currently in the Bundesliga and was overseen by the same organization that now oversees the Bundesliga. It subsequently incorporated the teams from the annexed German-speaking territories. I think the Bundesliga could be more properly seen as a refounding of the league that was present in Germany up to the end of the war. As far as not being associated with the Third Reich, the name change may have been intended to signify this but certainly many of its members were associated with the Third Reich as occured in almost all West German governing institutions (the GDR was much more thorough in cleansing its institutions of Nazi supporters and imprisoning war criminals). Incidentally, Rapid Vienna (and Bayern Munich as well) was considered a "Jewish Club" as it maintained Jewish players and directors long after most other clubs had performed their purges (eventually they were also forced to remove such players/directors). This made title matches in the early years of the regime very heated affairs as Rapid often played for the title against the favorite Nazi teams, Schalke and Nurnburg.
  9. Well I think I can guarantee Atibo that moving to Russia would be exciting. Whatever one thinks about Russia you can never say that it is a boring country. It would definitely be a big culture shock for him to move there though, especially being in a small provincial town (although I personally prefer the Russian province to Moscow which all Russians call a different country). On the other hand being in a small town might be easier than being in the chaos of Moscow and Ramenskoye is only 40 km. from Moscow. He would probably have a hard time finding anyone that speaks English and would probably have to learn some Russian (practices would also probably be in Russian). I imagine he could get on pretty well in English in Sweden (maybe Dandal could let us know whether he can speak any Swedish) and I doubt the adjustment to the Swedish lifestyle was nearly as difficult as the adjustment to Russia would be. As far as prices in Russia, there is a huge difference between Moscow prices and those in the rest of the country. Ramenskoye would be very cheap especially on his salary. Although Moscow is often called one of the world's most expensive cities it depends on how this is calculated. There are very few middle class people in Russia and prices are aimed at either the rich (foreigners and the "New Russians") or the poor regular citizens. As Moscow has a large number of the former, prices are very high for the things that these people use (ie. restaurants, western quality hotels, shows, discos, western style supermarkets, western style downtown appartments). These are usually the things that are calculated in such comparisons as they are usually made for western companies who send their employees to foreign countries. Prices for goods in a Russian market or store and average housing in the suburbs are much lower. As far as travel for MNT games I don't think this would be a big worry. Moscow is not that far east and although he would have to deal with another 2 hours time difference his travel time might actually be reduced as Moscow has direct air connections to most major European cities and many North American cities including Toronto. Thus he may often be flying direct instead of making connections that are probably often necessary in Sweden. Saturn's current coach was Russia's national coach in the last WM (they were excellent in qualifying but played poorly in the WM) so he may be sympathetic to NT duties. He is also a coaching legend in Russia as coach of Spartak for 15 years during which they won 9 titles. I don't think the Russian league should be considered a feeder league nor would it consider itself as such. Like the French league it is a league competing with the big four. While it is obviously not competing for players such as Figo and Beckham it is competing for players who could be decent steady players in those leagues and offering similar salaries for these players. (If a certain Russian billionaire had decided to invest his money in Russia instead of England maybe they would be competing for such players. Sound similar to a certain Canadian whose daughter is thinking of becoming a politician). Many other leagues like Sweden are pretty much resigned to their second class status as feeder leagues although a few teams with Champion's League ambitions may be exceptions. However, even these teams can't disguise to potential players the fact of their inferior opposition. Thus while there may be a few Swedish teams that are not far from the level of Saturn, the level of the league as a whole is definitely far below that of Russia. The Russian league is also improving at a faster rate than most other leagues as their economy improves and it shouldn't be ignored that Russia has the highest population in Europe. To put this all in perspective, were Atiba to sign with Saturn and receive significant playing time, only three current MNT players would be playing at a higher level (I don't count Hirshfeld because he is not playing). Of these, only Stalteri is playing on a team superior to Saturn as Hannover and Everton would be of a similar level to Saturn. I would probably rate Benefica and the Portugese League as similar as well (Rapid Vienna and the Austrian League are definitely lower in my opinion, I think many people on this board overrate this team based on its historical name most of which was due to the years it played in the Bundesliga during the Third Reich when it was one of Europe's top teams). Thus I think from a soccer perspective this would be a good move as long as he thinks he will get playing time. The Russian league is definitely watched by the big four, if less players switch from this league to the big four than from the Swedish for example this is due mainly to the quality of play in Russia and the level of player salary. If he is successful in Russia and wants to play in the big four he will definitely be able to do so. (Uedinese's interest in him came from the U20 WM not his play in Sweden.) The main question is whether he wants to live in Russia or not. Quite a few Canadian hockey players including former NHLers are playing in the Russian league and seem to be getting on well. The Russian league has recently passed the German and Swiss leagues as the second best paying hockey league in the world. As an aside, I think this post raises a number of issues that might suggest that forming European regional leagues such as a Scandanavian League. I know the European Super League is pretty controversial but this may be a good compromise. It is pretty strange that cities like Moenchengladbach, Hannover and Rostock have teams that are superior to teams in cities like Vienna and Stockholm.
  10. Could Artibo who played in the 2nd half against Den Haag possibly be Atibo? This player is not listed on the team's roster and did not play in their first friendly in which they defeated Ukrainian team Krivoy Rog 2-0. Saturn wins again | Friday, 16th January 2003 Yesterday Moscow region club played second friendly match during pre-season training. Saturn won ADO Den Haag 2-0. Pablo Horacio Guiñazú scored the first goal, another one came from leading midfielder Pyotr Bystrov. Saturn - ADO Den Haag Holland - 2-0 Saturn: 1st time - Kinský, Lengyel, Onopko, Geder, Malay, Guiñazú, Delgado, Bystrov, Bazayev, Pavlovich, Medvedev; 2nd time - Gerus, Bodnar, Alexander, Minibayev, Mor, Artibo, Flavio Souza, Pusineri, Maletic. Llumnica, Shirko. Goals: 13', Guiñazú (1-0). 31', Bystrov (2-0). 15th January. Kadrie. Turkey.
  11. I spent the last summer in Yaroslavl where Shinnik plays in the Russian Championat and saw a lot of games both live and on t.v. I also lived in Germany for 8 years (My nick on the old forum was Canadian in Leipzig which I had to change when I returned to Canada) so I saw a lot of European soccer with which I can compare the Russian league. Many of the posts here that state disappointment with this development are really only based on ignorance of this league. I would put the level of the Russian league at between the 1st and 2nd leagues of the big four. By this I mean the 5-6 best teams could play in the first divisions of any of the top four leagues and the other teams would be strong teams in the respective second division. I would rank the Russian league as the 6th best in Europe after France. The typical league ranking system is completely distorted as it only takes the top European Cup playing teams into consideration. This ignores the fact that most European leagues (i.e Belgium, Holland, Scotland, Czech) consist of 2 or 3 good teams that play vastly inferior opponents. The Russian league like the French league is well balanced with a couple of good teams consistently having success in Europe (Lok Moscow is still alive in the Champions League) but also having strong competition throughout the league. The style of play in Russia is quite offensive and technical oriented. Their weakness is defence, teams often lose 3-2 after leading 2-0 and high scores are common. The games are generally much more exciting than those I was watching in Germany with a lot of individual flair but less of the effective and boring defensive team tactics of Germany and Italy. There are a large number of highly skilled foreign players in the league but as very few of these players are from western Europe or North America we never hear about them unless they leave the league and make a name for themselves in one of the big four leagues. There are very many African, Eastern European and South American players including national team representatives. With all respect to the Scandanavian leagues, the Russian league is a big step up from the Swedish league and if Hutchison excels there he will be noticed very quickly by the big four. As far as the team goes, Saturn-Ren TV is a not a traditional powerhouse in Russian soccer but has advanced very rapidly. They are sponsored by one of the national t.v. stations hence the name and seem to have a lot of money backing them. Sponsorship money seems to be the driving force behind Russian soccer as there are 7 Moscow teams (including Saturn) who play to small crowds often under 10 000 in huge Moscow stadiums. Teams in other cities such as Yaroslavl play to 20 000 plus crowds but do not have near the funding of the Moscow teams. Even St. Petersburg which like Moscow a very large city only has one team in Championat. This is because almost all of Russia's business is centered in Moscow. The overabundance of Moscow teams is a bad thing for the league as there is at least one Moscow derby every week and this is thus not very interesting. Saturn, however, is not from the city of Moscow but the Moscow region and thus plays in a small city (under 100 000 people) near Moscow in a nice small stadium. This stadium is also full for their games unlike the games of the Moscow teams (their average attendance is higher than that of any of the Moscow city teams). I never saw them live but watched quite a few of their games on tv. The team is very strong and maybe the best balanced team in the league by which I mean they played as a team and didn't have a lot of superstars but also few weaknesses. They were in second place in the league until the end of the season when they tanked it and lost 5 of their last six games and wound up in seventh. They seem to be an ambitious club and I wouldn't be surprised to see them challenge for the league title and/or Champion's League play this year. As far as Hutchinson's chances, I think they are much better than at Uedinese. First of all good defensive players are the biggest need in Russian soccer. The Russian coaching system is excellent and very good at developing players. There is neither the intense politics nor pressure in clubs such as that in the Italian league which might prevent clubs taking a chance on playing a young, unproven Canadian. Thus I think he will have a much better chance of actually playing at a high level rather than only training and getting occasional substitution opportunities. If he excels he will be noticed and will become a starter in one of the big four leagues just as quickly or possibly quicker than if he was at Uedinese and this will be better for his long term development (for example, I think this would have been a much better route to take for Hischfeld than becoming a practice goalie for Spurs for the last two seasons). Plus if he does well this may open another door to Canadian players like Stalteri and DeGuzman have in Germany and Reda and Poz have in Scandanavia. With his salary at Russian prices he will live like a king there. I hope to be in Yaroslavl this summer and may get to see some of his matches (although I am disappointed he is not signing with Shinnik :-) ). Incidently, prices to attend Shinnik games are between $2-$4 CDN and a 1.5 litre plastic bottle of beer costs about $1.50.
  12. Stalteri played 90 minutes in Bremen's 1-0 defeat of Trabzonspor to advance to final of Efes Cup against Galatasaray Istanbul. Efes Pilsen Cup: Werder im Finale Valérien Ismael Werder hat das Endspiel im Efes Pilsen-Cup erreicht! Am Donnerstagabend besiegte das Team von Cheftrainer Thomas Schaaf den türkischen Erstligisten Trabzonspor mit 1:0 und trifft somit am Samstag auf Galatasaray Istanbul, die sich in der Gruppe A gegen den 1. FC Kaiserslautern und Spartak Moskau durchgesetzt haben. Das Tor des Abends erzielte Krisztian Lisztes per Elfmeter (59.). "Wir haben heute gegen eine Mannschaft von Trabzonspor, die sich viel vorgenommen hatte, gut gespielt", lautete das Fazit von Cheftrainer Thomas Schaaf nach der Partie. Die Bremer versuchten gleich zu Beginn an die gute Leistung gegen den PSV Einhoven anzuknüpfen und bestimmten das Spielgeschehen. Doch trotz spielerischer Überlegenheit gelang es den Werderaner nicht, sich zwingende Torchance herauszuspielen. Ein Grund dafür war vielleicht auch der durch die vielen Spiele in Mitleidenschaft gezogene Rasen im Atatürk-Stadion, wie auch Thomas Schaaf bemerkte: "Es war ein sehr tiefer und holpriger Platz. Dafür haben wir erneut sehr ballsicher und mit sehr guten Kombinationen agiert." Doch die ersten Chancen lagen auf der Seite des Tabellenzweiten der türkischen Süperliga, der vor allem durch Kontermöglichkeiten versuchte, zum Torerfolg zu gelangen. Wie auch in der 19. Spielminute: Nach einem Querpass tauchte Fatih Tekke völlig freistehend vor Keeper Pascal Borel auf. Doch der Schlussmann der Bremer zeigte sich auf seinem Posten und wehrte den Schuss aus 16 Metern ab (19.). Kurz darauf hätte Valérien Ismaël fast für ein Eigentor gesorgt. Nach einem Abwehrfehler von Mladen Krstajic klärte der 28-jährige Abwehrspieler vor Trabzon-Stürmer Fatih Tekke. Doch mit seiner Bogenlampe überlupfte er Torwart Borel und der Ball landete auf dem Tornetz (22.). Ivan Klasnic mit Weitschuss aus 45 Metern Dass er aber auch über Torjägerqualitäten verfügt, zeigte Ismaël kurz vor der Halbzeitpause. Nach einer Hereingabe von Ivan Klasnic setzte der Franzose zum Fallrückzieher an. Den kunstvollen Schuss aus acht Metern kratzte Trabzonpors Keeper Michael Petkovic von der Linie (38.). Bereits zwei Minuten zuvor bewies der Torwart seine Reaktionsschnelligkeit, als er bei einem Freistoß von Mladen Krstajic seine Fäuste blitzschnell hoch riss und den Ball zur Ecke abwehrte. Durchgang Zwei begann mit einem Weitschuss von Trabzons Gökdeniz Karadeniz. Der aus dreißig Metern geschossene Ball verfehlte das Bremer nur knapp (46.). Das kann ich auch, sagte sich Ivan Klasnic. Werders Stürmer sah, dass Keeper Petkovic zu weit vor seinem Tor stand und versuchte aus 45 Metern ihn zu überlupfen. Aber Glück für den wohl machtlos gewesenen Schlussmann. Die Kugel landete knapp neben dem Tor (52.). Werder jetzt klar überlegen. Auch was die Tormöglichkeiten anging. Krisztian Lisztes spielte in den Lauf von Angelos Charistaes, der damit alleine Richtung gegnerisches Tor lief und unsanft von Emre Toraman im Strafraum gestoppt wurde. Elfmeter für Bremen: Lisztes verwandelte sicher zur Führung. Sichtlich erleichtert zeigte sich Cheftrainer Thomas Schaaf nach dem Treffer: "Als ich das Gefühl hatte, dass wir endlich ein Tor machen müssen, ist es auch gefallen." Trabzonspor kam nur noch ein Mal gefährlich vor das Tor von Keeper Pascal Borel (80.). Der Schuss von Maxim Romaschenko von der Strafraumgrenze traf jedoch nur das Außennetz. Kurz vor Schluss noch einmal zwei große Tormöglichkeiten für das Team von der Weser. Erst passte Johan Micoud mustergültig in den Fuß vom eingewechselten Tim Borowski, der zu lange wartete und an Torwart Petkovic scheiterte (81.) und wenig später rettete der gut haltende Schlussmann vor Angelos Charisteas in höchster Not. Doch was noch schlimmer war: "Harry" prallte so unglücklich mit Petkovic zusammen, dass er ausgewechselt werden musste. "Er hat einen 'Pferdekuss' auf den Oberschenkel bekommen. Ich hoffe, dass er möglichst schnell wieder einsatzbereit ist", so Thomas Schaaf, der sich ansonsten mit der Entwicklung des Trainingslagers zufrieden zeigte: "Es sieht sehr, sehr gut aus. Wir wollten gut und schnell ins neue Jahr kommen. Das ist uns bisher gelungen." Tor: Lisztes (59.) Werder Bremen: Borel - Davala, Ismaël, Krstajic, Stalteri - Ernst (73. Borowski), Baumann Micoud, Lisztes, Klasnic, Charisteas (88. Daun) Trabzonspor: Petkovic, Emre Toraman, Recep, Karel, Ali Sen (62. Romashchenko ), Hüseyin, Ibrahim Ege, Augustine (68. Yattara ), Gökdeniz (88. Emre Aygün ), Emrah, Fatih (42. Mehmet Yilmaz )
  13. Peschisolido thanks Allison Sheffield United hat-trick hero Paul Peschisolido has thanked strike-partner Wayne Allison for his part in the 3-0 win at Gillingham. The Canadian hitman told the club's official website: "The Chief won flick ons all night and made my job a lot easier. It is important that you strike up a good partnership - we've both been here a while and we've played quite a bit together - albeit in the last 15 minutes of games." Now Peschisolido is hoping for another start against West Ham in Saturday's televised game. He added: "This season my ratio is very good, scoring in most of the games I've started in. "I do my best every time and if the goals come then great. I'm not one of those players who go banging on the manager's door saying that I should be playing - all I do is work hard and hope the manager takes notice."
  14. Watching the R.Madrid-R.Sociedad match now. The British match commentary is quite good but the translation of the pregame and halftime Spanish commentators is hilarious, probably better than the game itself, I couldn't stop laughing. The translators can barely speak English themselves and speak a mixture of Spanish and English. Reminds me of being in Spain and the few museums that deigned it necessary to have english translations didn't seem to concern themselves with whether the translators could actually speak english or just used a dictionary (in otherwords one had to use free association thought processes to try to make any sense of the texts). Pretty poor production standards from GolTV (the camerawork is also not first rate). Still although I don't like the fact Sportsnet didn't bother to show our U-20 games it is still nice to watch some top level soccer and certainly beats the floods of US college sports and other anything from the US fare that they and the other sports channels usually show.
  15. Stalteri plays first half in Bremen friendly loss to Dutch Kerkrade. Ailton injured during game which would be very bad news for Bremen if it turns out to be serious. For those who read German: Werder verliert Testspiel gegen Kerkrade mit 1:2 Auf ihn wartet noch viel Arbeit bis zum Start der Rückrunde: Thomas Schaaf Erster Rückschlag für Werder Bremen im neuen Jahr. Das Team von Cheftrainer Thomas Schaaf verlor am Samstagabend ein Testspiel bei Roda Kerkrade mir 1:2. Ivan Klasnic brachte die Bremer in Führung aber noch vor der Halbzeit konnten die Gastgeber durch Kone ausgleichen. Der eingewechselte Anastasiou sorgte Anfang der zweiten Hälfte dann für den Siegtreffer (53.). „Aller Anfang ist schwer. Wir haben noch nicht wieder diese Sicherheit und die Schnelligkeit, die wir für unser Spiel benötigen. Wir sind nicht in die Zweikämpfe gekommen und haben dadurch unser Spiel zu langsam aufgebaut“, versuchte Thomas Schaaf nach der Niederlage zu erklären. Eine ähnliche Sichtweise vertrat auch Sportdirektor Klaus Allofs. „Es gibt eine Menge Spielraum für Verbesserungen. Natürlich möchte man diese Spiele gewinnen. Aber es ist auch klar, dass man so kurz nach der Winterpause und nach so wenig Training gewisse Abstriche machen muss. Wir können nicht nahtlos an die Hinrunde anknöpfen“, so Allofs, der sich der Bedeutung der Partie bewusst ist. „Es war ein wichtiges Spiel für uns, weil wir sehen konnten, was in der Rückrunde auf uns wartet. Alle sind heiß auf den Tabellenführer. Es gibt keine Freundschaftsspiele mehr.“ Stürmische Anfangsoffensive der Gastgeber Mit dieser Einstellung gingen auch die Gastgeber aus den Niederlanden in die Begegnung. Sie begannen stürmisch und drückten das Team von Cheftrainer Thomas Schaaf durch ein Pressingspiel in die eigene Hälfte zurück, so dass sich die Bremer erst einmal sortieren mussten. Jedoch lag die erste Chance auf den Seiten der Werderaner. Ludovic Magnin setzte sich auf der linken Außenbahn durch und seine scharfe Hereingabe hätte fast zum Eigentor geführt. Beim Klärungsversuch von Senden sprang der Ball in die kurze Ecke des eigenen Tores, doch Keeper Kujovic tauchte pfeilschnell ab und verhinderte Schlimmeres (7.). Aufgeweckt durch die Möglichkeit zum Führungstor bekam Werder das Spiel nun besser unter Kontrolle. Die nächste Möglichkeit lag aber bei den Hausherren. Roda-Spieler Kevin van Dessel zwang Werders Schlussmann Pascal Borel zu einer Glanzparade. Bei seinem Schuss, der oben links im Tor eingeschlagen wäre, machte sich Borel ganz lang und fing den Ball spektakulär weg (15.). Nun waren wieder die Bremer am Zug. Tim Borowski spielte den Ball auf den durchstartenden Ailton, der an der linken Ecke des Fünf-Meter-Raumes auf den mitgelaufenen Ivan Klasnic ablegte. Doch der 23-Jährige traf den Ball nicht richtig, so dass er nur knapp sein Ziel verfehlte (17.). Nur zwei Minuten später dasselbe Bild. Ailton bekam wieder den Ball, legte wieder in Höhe des Fünf-Meter-Raumes auf Klasnic ab. Ivan machte es diesmal besser und traf zur 1:0-Führung. Aus für Ailton und Micoud Schrecksekunde für Werder. Ailton humpelte über den Platz und ließ sich an der Seitenlinie behandeln. Werders Brasilianer klagte über Probleme am Oberschenkel und musste ausgewechselt werden. Für ihn kam Angelos Charisteas in die Partie. "Wir müssen abwarten, wie stark die Verletzung ist. Morgen wird es genauere Untersuchungen geben. Da wird sich herausstellen, wie die Vorbereitung für Toni weitergeht", sagte Thomas Schaaf nach der Partie. Durchpusten bei den Bremern in der 24. Spielminute: Nach einer Hereingabe der Gastgeber köpfte Valérien Ismael den Ball aus spitzen Winkel an die eigene Latte. Keeper Borel wäre machtlos gewesen. In der Folgezeit flachte die Partie ein wenig ab. Werder bestimmte zwar das Spielgeschehen ohne herausragenden Akzente zu setzen und Roda Kerkrade spielte gefällig, doch waren sie vor dem gegnerischen Tor einfach zu ideenlos. Dazu passend auch der Ausgleichstreffer: Nach einem Solo von Kone fasste sich der Kerkrader ein Herz und zog aus 22 Metern einfach mal ab. Sein strammer Schuss schlug unhaltbar für Pascal Borel flach neben dem linken Pfosten ein. Ein zweiter Bremer Akteur verlies frühzeitig den Platz. Nachdem sich Johan Micoud nach einer Rangelei die Gelbe Karte eingehandelt hatte, nahm ihn Thomas Schaaf vorsichtshalber raus. Bremen blieb auch nach den Auswechselungen am Drücker. Nach einem von Krisztian Lisztes getretenen Eckball landete der Ball auf dem Kopf von Valérien Ismael. Doch wie schon zuvor traf er auch diesmal nur das Aluminium (40). Anastasiou sorgte für das Siegtor Zu Beginn der zweiten Hälfte startete Roda Kerkrade ihre zweite druckvolle Offensive. Doch wie schon am Anfang der Partie lag die erste Chance wieder bei den Bremern. Nach einem Doppelpass zwischen Simon Rolfes und Markus Daun, setzte sich Rolfes vor dem gegnerischen Tor stark durch. Aber sein Schuss ging rechts am Tor vorbei. Doch war dies auch die einzige Möglichkeit der Grün-Weißen für die nächsten zwanzig Minuten. Kerkrade machte weiter Druck, was sich kurze Zeit später auch auszahlen sollte. Der eingewechselte Jannis Anastasiou wurde am Bremer Strafraum von der linken Seite angespielt und schob den Ball zum Führungstor in die kurze rechte Ecke ein (53.). Die Hausherren blieben auch weiterhin am Drücker. Erst verfehlte Kone nach seinem Alleingang das Tor von Keeper Pascal Borel nur knapp (63.) und kurz darauf landete ein langer Ball, den Abwehrspieler Manuel Friedrich unterschätzte, bei Anastasiou. Aber der Torschütze zum Führungstreffer zielte dieses Mal nicht ganz so gut, so dass sein Schuss links unten am Pfosten vorbei ging (66.). Endlich wieder ein wenig Entlastung für Werder: Marco Stier testete aus halbrechter Position den Kerkrader Schlussmann (69.). Werder wurde nun wieder stärker. Marco Reich lief mit dem Ball an der linken Außenbahn bis zur Grundlinie und setzte danach Angelos Charisteas mustergültig in Szene. Doch der Schuss von „Harry“ aus sechs Metern wird abgeblockt. Werders Bemühungen um den Ausgleich eröffneten doch auch immer wieder gefährliche Kontermöglichkeiten für die Hausherren. Wie auch nach einer Ecke von Simon Rolfes. Nachdem Kerkrade den Ball aus der Gefahrenzone schlagen konnte, schnappte sich Kone die Kugel und setzte zum Alleingang Richtung Bremer Tor an. Unter Bedrängnis der Werderaner Abwehr konnte er seine Möglichkeit jedoch nicht verwerten. Werder versuchte noch einmal alles. Nach einem gut eingeleiteten Angriff über Simon Rolfes und Marco Reich, zog Neuzugang Pekka Lagerblom aus 17 Metern ab. Den strammen Schuss ließ Roda-Keeper Kujovic nur abprallen, so dass Marco Stier noch einmal die Möglichkeit zu einem Kopfball hatte. Doch unter starker Bedrängnis verfehlte der Ball nur knapp das Tor. Tore: 1:0 Klasnic (19.), 1:1 Kone (33.), 1:2 Anastasiou (53.) Werder Bremen: Borel – Stalteri (46. Schulz), Baumann (46. Skripnik), Ismael (46. Friedrich), Magnin (46. Wehlage) – Borowski (46. Rolfes), Lisztes (46. Reich), Ernst (46. Daun), Micoud (38. Lagerblom) – Ailton (23. Charistaeas), Klasnic (46. Stier)Trainer: Thomas Schaaf Roda Kerkrade: Kujovic – Senden, Addo, Filipovic (66. Lachambre), Vandenbroeck, Vicelich (46. Brouwers), Cristiano (46. Anastasiou), Kone, Van Dessel (46. Colinet), Piiroja (Sergio), Van Dijk, Trainer: Wiljan Vloet
  16. cdr is starting to remind me of minorsoccer.com from the other forum i.e abusive of other posters, much talk about creating a great league that never forms, many claims that he doesn't back up with any facts and a large number of posts that are largely a waste of time to read and which take up a lot of space on the forum. With all due respect cdr, I would suggest that you refrain from posting on the board until this league actually forms, the team you are involved with is actually playing in a league that involves CANADIAN teams or you are willing and able to write posts that are relevant to this forum which do not contain personal attacks BUT DO HAVE some factual basis. In fact your posts would be better suited for an American board as apart from claims of an aborted attempt (on again off again) of your team to join the CPSL or start a league involving Canadian teams, you don't seem to have any present reletionship with Canadian soccer.
  17. Here's a few pictures of the likely venue for the game in Belize for anyone considering attending the away game http://www.belize.gov.bz/features/labourday_2001/welcome.html
  18. My point is that this is not a real world championship regardless of the sport and media coverage it receives. It is a yearly tournament where the major nations don't send anything close to an A level national team. The women's soccer world cup occurs every four years and consists of A teams from every nation participating. I would also rate the soccer and hockey under 20 championships above this for the same reason. They are A level international tournaments at their level and both featured strong performances by Canadian teams. This is not to take away anything from the players who represented Canada at the hockey tournament but only to say that victory in at best a C-level international tournament does not constitute Canada's team of the year regardless of media coverage. The rugby team was definitely a disappointment while the cricket team performed better than expected but were certainly not world class. Maybe some of the other voyageurs could suggest some other Canadian teams who performed well but didn't receive much coverage.
  19. I completely disagree with this decision. I say this having attended the hockey world championship in Hanover a few years ago. This is a great tournament, with a great atmosphere and a meeting\party of hockey fans across Europe. The level of play is also quite good with the major teams comprised largely of NHL players. I would love to have the chance to attend the tournament again and hope that plans to hold it in Canada will materialize. However, this is a yearly tournament composed of what could be seen as C or D national teams of the major countries. The quality of the respective teams largely depends on luck in that a country with good players on NHL poor teams will have a good entry in a respective year. The title World Championship is a misnomer and the tournament has nowhere near the international significance or legitimacy of a soccer World Cup or several other tournaments that Canadian teams participated in.
  20. If a full side is available including Aguiar I don't see any of Bent, Imhof or Bircham as being starters. I don't think any of them are technically gifted enough to be top level international players. In a 4-4-2 I would play DeGuzman as the offensive mid coupled with the most offensively gifted of Nsaliwa, Aguiar and Brennan (probably Nsaliwa) the other two playing defensive mid. I would then move Hume and Hutch gradually into this mix of first choice midfielders. Bent, Imhof and Bircham plus Nash and Bernier I would use as depth players and substitutes.
  21. Considering that Belize is the only english speaking country in Central America at least they will understand all of our heckling commentary!!
  22. While I also prefer Stalteri as a middlefielder to defender he has played well for Canada at this position and is not going to be switched back to midfielder until we have someone of similar skill to replace him. This is the exact same situation he faces in Bremen where he is playing defender not because this is his strongest position but because at this position the team is weak and has little depth. At the moment the only players I could see replacing Stalteri at the midfield in the near future in order to move him forward are also middlefielders, Nsaliwa and Hutchinson, and given their lack of experience I don't see this happening soon. With Brennan, Nsaliwa, DeGuzman, Aguiar (my first choices) and Hume, Hutchinson, Imhoff, Bent and Bircham we have a lot of choices in mid. I might even start Pesch as an offensive mid as he impressed me with his ability to feed Radz against Ireland. At striker we are also fine although we lack depth. Thus Stalteri is forced back to where we are weakest which is defence where presently I consider only DeVos to be a top rate defender. Jazic did seem to be a decent though not outstanding defender in the Ireland match. Stalteri is particularly important here because he has speed which is dearly lacking in our back line, can stick with fast, tricky strikers and is able to move the ball out from the back effectively. The lack of a goaltender that can consistently bail us out like Forrest did makes a solid backline all that more important. Maybe if Reda, Pozniak, McKenna and later Arrango prove to be solid defenders at an international level he could be moved up but for the next while I think we will continue to see him in the back.
  23. The friendly deal may be part of the compensation to San Jose for signing Yallop while under contract.
  24. I agree with most of Jeffrey's analysis but differ on Chin and Matondo. Here are my player rankings: Karim - 8 Solid performance, had a chance on each goal but could not be blamed for either. Seemed very confident and assured, surprising as he was apparently shaky in the U23s game in El Salvador and this was certainly a much larger stage. Good shot stopping ability, good with his feet and kicking, should probably work on handling crosses and corner kicks as he misjudged a few of these. Marshall 4 According to some posters who had watched earlier games was our strongest defender but he certainly was not today. Terrible give aways could have made him responsible for two to three goals had the Spaniards capitalized. Hopefully this was just nerves and he will bounce back. Definitely improved in the second half. Arrango 8 Strong physical play and good with his feet. Very good one on one in challenges by some Spanish players of very high pedigree. Asante 7 Bad mistake on goal but otherwise played a fine game. May have been the youngest Canadian to play depending which birthdate listed on the CSA site one should believe. Hutchinson 8 Solid play, probably would have shone more in his usual midfield role but the overall shoring up of the defence he provided was more important for the team. Challenged the Spanish attackers effectively, passed well and was hard to take off the ball. Seemed to be at the same level of play as the better Spaniards. Di Tullio 8.5 For me he was the revelation of the match. Very involved and physical, won many 1 on 1 fights for the ball, only carded late in the game and caused a great deal of trouble for the Spanish midfield. And all this considering he was covering maybe the top player in the tournament. Chin 4 I thought he was very poor and I didn't see much today to lead me to expect much more in the future. He was the main problem in our midfield and the main reason our forwards didn't get involved as much as they could have and often had to make their own opportunities. Poor to non-existent distribution, gave the ball away as much as Marshall did although this was less noticeable as this occured in midfield. Lacked pace and seemed to lose most one on one fights for the ball, a complete lack of physical presence combined with poor foot skills. The ease with which the Spanish mids could catch up to him and strip him of the ball allowed Simpson and Hume to be frequently double covered. Would have preferred he be subbed instead of Harmse although maybe we didn't have a viable alternative at centre mid. I don't think he has the skill level of the rest of the team and we need to find an alternative at this crucial position as this team move to U23 level. Simpson 8.5 Very impressive player, able to take on two Spanish players and beat them. Very physical, has pace and can pass, shoot and win the ball. Another player I thought was at the level of the better Spanish players. If he can play like this consistently could and probably should definitely step into a starting position in a 1st division league in countries such as Sweden or Denmark. Harmse 6 Was average in his 43 minutes, did win some balls and was somewhat of a physical presence and didn't do anything that hurt us. Lemire 7 Thought he showed potential even if he is not there yet. Has physical ability but needs to polish his skills. Created some offensive chances for himself but then was unable to use them. Should have won the game for Canada by burying the rebound on Hume's free kick. Matondo 7.5 Another player with great potential but who needs to polish his skills. Had some great chances and was always dangerous but failed to capitilize due to poor finishing. However, he has the physique and talent to become a very good player with hard work. If it weren't for the short season, playing first team with Montreal might be better for him than playing in a youth or reserve side in Europe but he probably needs to be in a year long training program. it should also be noted that Matondo only turns 19 in a few weeks and depending on the correct age of Assante, may have been the youngest Canadian player. Very impressed by the showing of the Impact players today. Hume 8 Had great moments but also seemed to disappear for long periods probably due to the lack of service. Was dangerous and exciting when he had the ball, has great vision, great shot, pace and very physical. Was fouled quite a bit by the Spanish defenders, it seemed like the ref thought he went down too easy once early in the game and didn't call anything else on him subsequently. Should definitely at least be a current sub for the full national team particularly due to his ability at taking free kicks. We don't have anyone on the full side particularly gifted at this and able to score off the kick itself. Watching him taking these kicks I had the idea that he is the Canadian player closest to Beckham in this respect that I have seen. Another player at the level of the better Spaniards. Mitchell 8 I would give him a 9 for the tournament as a whole as the team seemed to play very tactically sound with a lot of confidence and no panicking. He was also able to react effectively to developments during a game and was not afraid to make early subs when required. As I mentioned I did not think Harmse was the weakpoint in middlefield but maybe there was no viable alternative for Chin. However, I think he should have made earlier substitutions today because 1) the Canadians seemed to tire at the end as they ran a great deal more than the Spanish due to their pressuring tactics 2) the Spanish had three fresh players in and 3) I think he should have made an offensive sub after the red card to give the team confidence that he believed they could win it with the man advantage. There was no better time for us to beat the Spanish and he should have gone all out, of course, not forgetting defensive responsibilities. Maybe a guy with some finishing abilities such as Godfrey should have been subbed in. Ref 7.5 I thought he was a bit harsh in the carding, was very picky and made a few mistakes that have already been mentioned by others. The Spanish also did a lot of offball obstruction fouling-hindering that was not called as usual (the surprise for me was the Spanish were doing this as it is usually us). Why the high mark then? I thought the ref was very fair and consistent and well in control of the game. Considering the financial interest FIFA had in seeing that Spain advanced instead of Canada and the poor refereeing in the World Cup I am almost inclined to give him a 10. The red card may have been harsh but was also in keeping with how he called the game. The teams have to adapt to a referee and he called the game exactly the same for both teams. Harsh and a few mistakes (as always) but competent unbiased refereeing.
  25. Everyone's favourite Canadian International, Richard Hastings, appears to have scored in the first minute of Maastricht's match against Veendam although he is listed as Heestings on LiveScore which may be the Dutch spelling. Maastricht is leading 2-1 at the half.
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