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  1. I have a Guatemalan friend and I asked him about their suspension from CONCACAF. He said the head of their soccer federation was very corrupt and has done many bad things over many years. For this reason the government of Guatemala finally removed him from the post. However, he has always voted for his equally corrupt friends Blatter and Warner in the FIFA and CONCACAF elections. Thus his removal risked a sure vote from Guatemala for the current ruling powers in these organizations which made them very unhappy with the decision leading to the suspension.
  2. Right on, a goal for Jazic against the club of a tax dodging rich Canadian who prefers to invest in Austrian than Canadian soccer (I will refrain from any comment about his daughter). They have even changed the tradition club's name to FK Austria Memphis Magna Vienna. Maybe its better that he isn't interested in Canadian soccer, we might end up having Vancouver Magna playing the Toronto Magna.
  3. Noone has mentioned yet that DeGuzman played 90 in midfield for Hannover as they lost 1-0 to Moenchengladbach. They are now only one point out of the relegation zone.
  4. Most countries have a coat of arms or shield because most countries have completely boring and unoriginal flags consisting of two or three coloured stripes which are thus not very convincing as a logo. As we have a pretty unique and original flag I think this is effective as a logo and I like the CSA logo because it is original and looks nice. Plus this was my lucky shirt with the ladies in all the years I lived in Europe and a pretty Russian girl ended up asking me for it last summer so it can't be that bad. I now need a new one and am for this reason hoping that the new design is similar to the old one.
  5. Once you know where you are going post it and the game time. Not sure if I can go but if I know the info I can spontaneously decide (never know how I am going to feel on Sunday morning :-) ).
  6. Here's the text. You have to love the British press saying that Canada is his adopted country despite him moving here when he was 1. I wonder what that makes a certain englishman? There is little doubt it - Iain Hume has made his mark on the FA Cup this season. Spectacular goals from distance against Swansea and Bolton have propelled the 20-year-old Tranmere striker into the spotlight. Millwall know what to expect on Sunday when the sides meet at the New Den with a semi-final place awaiting the winners. Hume is a little diamond, a bit rough around the edges, but a diamond nonetheless. It is an exciting time for the player with both club and country. New Canada coach Frank Yallop is expecting Hume to be a key player in the forthcoming World Cup qualifiers. Hume has won three caps for his adopted country - he was born in Edinburgh - after showing his pedigree last December. He helped the nation reach the quarter-finals of the World Youth Championships for under-20s, scoring three goals in the process. Canada overcame the Czech Republic in the knockout stages before losing to Spain in the last eight. "Iain had a great tournament in Dubai," former Ipswich defender Yallop said. "He is a real bright one for the future for us and is on fire at the moment. "To get to the quarter-final stage was a great feat for a country like Canada. "We have some good young players - we just need a lot more of them, like Iain. Not all those kids can play at a high level." Yallop, who took over at the turn of the year, has been impressed by Hume's knack of scoring crucial long-range goals. "He got a couple for the under-20s like that," said the Canada boss. "He has that in his arsenal, which is great. He is still young, which is encouraging for me. I hope he will be a big part of my plans. "I know how hard it is to play in England. I see him playing a big part this year - he will be involved; I do know that." Shrewd Tranmere manager Brian Little has used Hume sparingly, not only fearing burn-out but the physical battering he has to endure in the Second Division. Hume is progressing nicely and holds the club record of being the youngest player to wear the shirt - he was 16 years and 167 days when he made his debut at Swindon in April 2000. Tranmere moved in quickly to secure his services after a played for a Canada select team against their under-16s side. The club could not believe their luck when they discovered he held a British passport. Hume's parents emigrated from Scotland when he was one year old and settled in Brampton, Ontario. He showed a talent for the game and progressed into the nation's top stream of young players. Hume nailed his colours to the Canada mast but then jumped at the chance of moving to England. He had earlier been unsuccessful at Hearts and St Mirren after trial spells with both Scottish clubs. Hume is likely to be invited to a training camp for Canada's European-based players. They will be based in Manchester from March 28 to April 1 as Yallop works towards the World Cup qualifier against Belize in June. He added: "I have seen on TV what Iain can do, although I intend to get over to a Tranmere game." Tranmere are no doubt hoping it will be Hume sweet Hume, come Sunday down by the Thames.
  7. Not that it is any excuse but did anyone notice how high the ball was bouncing on this pitch. It must have been a hard surface underneath the grass (which was missing in a lot of spots). Maybe clay. Not to get the artificial/grass debate going but field turf is definitely a better pitch than this poor natural field. This is not to take away from the poor play of our team who absolutely deserved to lose. Actually Pelerud should have noticed the pitch and changed to a short passing style because it is hard to receive the ball on long kicks when it is bouncing all over the place.
  8. I think all this talk about fixture congestion is a joke. Soccer players have among the easiest playing and training schedules of professional sports. I used to know some players in Germany and I would take their schedule (and salary) any day. It is like a part time job and in Europe the travel is quite light even for Cup playing teams when compared with North American sports. Working construction is far more physically taxing than playing soccer and if any athletes have a right to complain about fixture congestion (I don't think any do) it is hockey players. Even international players on cup playing teams probably don't average 2 games per week over the course of a season.
  9. More pictures at http://gillingham.rivals.net/default.asp?sid=934&p=2&stid=8340381
  10. This article has the all important picture of Lars wearing the Gills kit and can be seen at http://gillingham.rivals.net/default.asp?sid=934&p=2&stid=8340349 Staying positive Hessenthaler: We can build on the performance By Keith Pestell Date: 28/2/2004 Following Saturday's 1-0 defeat by Crystal Palace Andy Hessenthaler thought his side deserved something out of the match, but admitted that there was plenty in the performance to build on. He also praised loan 'keeper Lars Hirschfeld who he described as "outstanding". Palace started brightly but on-loan Gillingham 'keeper Hirschfeld continued to keep them out with a stunning first half display. Neil Shipperley teed up strike partner Andrew Johnson but his close range strike was well saved by the Gills stopper before Johnson then fired just wide. Lars Hirschfeld impressed all on his debut The visitors' run of just one win from the last six has seen them fall deep into relegation danger but they nearly drew first blood on 17 minutes when Andy Hessenthaler's well directed header was superbly palmed away by Cedric Berthelin. Palace continued to dominate and on 27 minutes they thought they had stolen ahead. A looping centre found its way to Julian Gray but his goalbound header was brilliantly turned away by Hirschfeld. A minute later the Canadian international tipped over a stinging Johnson volley following more great work by Shipperley. The second half exploded into controversy just three minutes after the re-start when Hudson was dismissed for hauling down Sidibe in the box, with ref Mike Prosser having no option but to award a spot kick to the Gills. Southall stepped up, but after Berthelin saved his first effort Prosser demanded the kick to be retaken for encroachment. Southall could only smash his second effort against the crossbar and three minutes later Butterfield made them pay with a brilliant opener. Nicky Southall missed his second half spot kick - twice! A long throw caused havoc in the Gills box and, after Leon Johnson headed clear, Butterfield stepped up to crack a volley past Hirschfeld high into the top corner. Despite pushing hard at the death, the Gills could not find a way past Berthelin as they slumped deeper into relegation danger. Following the match player-manager Andy Hessenthaler remained upbeat and told the PA: "It was a real kick in the teeth to miss a penalty twice but that is the way it is going for us at the moment." "I thought we deserved something but there was plenty in that performance to build on for the battle ahead. I was disappointed with our defending for the goal but it was a cracking strike. We are not scoring goals but I am confident we can pull through." Commenting on the performance of Lars Hirschfeld, who made his Gills debut, he added: "Lars was outstanding for us - especially as we only picked him up on the motorway on the way down. He hasn't even trained with us but he was excellent today." With Nottingham Forest winning the gap between Gillingham and Derby County, the side now occupying the first relegation spot, is decreased to only 3 points. Iain Dowie hopes his side can now push for a play-off spot Crystal Palace manager Iain Dowie is hoping the victory is another step towards a play-off spot for the Eagles. Following the match he told said: "I didn't think it was a penalty and I will have to look at it again but full credit to everyone." "We battled really hard, especially with 10 men, and this is a massive result for us. We showed great character and I am so pleased at the way we bounced back after last weekend." He concluded: "It is very disappointing to potentially lose Mark Hudson through suspension but we deserved it today and always looked sharp." A full GillsConnect match report and exclusive action shots can be found here. Crystal Palace's view on the match can be found on the Eagles Rivals.net site here.
  11. Hess praise for keeper Player-manager Andy Hessenthaler praised the debut performance of Lars Hirschfeld despite Gillingham's 1-0 defeat at 10-man Crystal Palace. On-loan Tottenham keeper Hirschfeld, deputising for the injured Jason Brown, pulled off a string of fantastic saves to deny Palace, before a 53rd-minute strike from Danny Butterfield sealed the contest. But Hessenthaler was pleased with the 25-year-old's display, particularly given his lack of match-fitness. He said: "Lars was outstanding for us - especially as we only picked him up on the motorway on the way down. He hasn't even trained with us, but he was excellent today."
  12. The discussion started out on the topic of whether a foreign coach helps our players get signed in his country which at least in the case of Osieck does not seem to have been the case (nor should we discount Yallop's connections in the UK and the US). It then changed to a discussion about whether we should hire a foreign coach in principle and to a criticism by certain posters of Yallop's hiring. Canada needs a good NT coach regardless of nationality. The view that Canada should hire a foreign coach because he is foreign when an equally good Canadian is available is pretty stupid in my opinion although I certainly wouldn't deny anyone the right to hold such a view. What bothers me is that many of the opinions expressed are very ignorant and will remain so until we see how Yallop performs. It is hard to knowledgably criticize his hiring because we have little idea of who else applied and what their salary demands were. Nor do we know whether Yallop will be a CSA yes man or not. Certainly being a Canadian does not make this any more likely than his being a foreigner and I have so far seen no evidence of this. I have actually seen a few positive developments in this regard, such as the training centre which the CSA may not have done on their own initiative. As far as whether he is a good NT coach we can not comment on this because he hasn't had any time to prove himself. If Canada has a bunch of poor results in WC qualifying and Yallop makes poor coaching decisions then go ahead and criticize as there will be grounds to do so. At the moment, however, some of the posts have the air of ignorant speculation trying to support a view that foreign coaches are superior to Canadian. It is a free discussion board and if people want to discuss that then that is their right but I don't think it is a particularly relevant discussion until Yallop has been in the job for a significant period of time and has some results.
  13. I am sure looking forward to meeting JayWay's girlfriend who he said was even uglier than his stupid, ugly Leafs jersey :-) Looks like we will actually be able to compare her to the jersey as Jay said he will be wearing it!
  14. The time to criticize his qualifications was during the hiring process. In fact we had that debate at the time and many people were in favour of hiring him and some were opposed. We don't know if he was unanimously chosen by the CSA either and maybe they also mirrored the opinions of this board with the majority in favour but some favouring someone else (though many on this board were favouring people who would not be available to us anyway). Now that he has been chosen for the job it is time for real Canada fans (by which I mean those who put Canada's success above proving the validity of their opinions) to support him and wait for him to prove his critics right or wrong through his results.
  15. Yallop has only been in the job for a couple of months during which the only result we can judge him on is a victory in a B friendly yet people are already complaining. Give the guy a break! We don't know who else was interested in the position and at what cost and I don't think anyone can say that Yallop was completely unqualified for the post. Noone on this board knows yet how successful he will be as a Canadian MNT team coach and a developer of talent nor what his relationship to the CSA will be or whether he will be a yes man. People on this board should support him until his results warrant otherwise and he should be given sufficient time to prove his capabilities. The last foreign coach started well but after a few years the results progressively got worse. The opposite is what is required, a coach who can steadily build the program over several years (although hopefully he has a good start as well). I don't think anyone of us starting a new job would appreciate having people calling you a yes man and saying you are not adequate before you have had any chance of achieving results.
  16. Well JayWay, the only response I have to that is this: 2nd place :-) What place is OFC currently in? We'll see on Saturday who has bragging rights.
  17. Bayern is in a different class than the rest of the Budesliga and are able to plunder the other teams (Werder in particular) of their best players which does not make them popular with the non-Bayern fan Germans and sign some prominent internationals. However, my point is to compare them with the rich counterparts in the other 3 leagues and I think their budget while still large is much smaller than that of ManU, Real, AC Milan, Juve. Barca was part of this group for many years which is why I mentioned them but I think they have greatly reduced their budget recently due to their massive debt. So I think the relationship is similar, the Bundesliga is the poor sister of the big four leagues and Bayern while not poor, is the poor sister of the super-clubs.
  18. I'll be there as well although probably between 8 and 9 as I work in the afternoon and 7 is a bit early for me. Those without Canadian shirts should wear other soccer jerseys (or look for the guys with Canada shirts/scarfs).
  19. I think the crucial factor is economic. While Niendorf and to a lesser extent Holger probably had an influence it is crucial that the German teams were willing to take a chance on unknown Canadian players. There have been surely more Canadians of British or Italian origin with connections to large clubs than German yet players were given a chance with German clubs that they probably would not have had with clubs in the other two countries regardless of who arranged them. This is because the Bundesliga is the poor sister of the big four and has to be more flexible and creative in looking for players. There is a huge difference in the budget of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Man U compared with Bayern and this ratio is also true of the mid-level and lower clubs in the respective leagues (the clubs who generally employ Canadians). With the budgets of clubs in the Premiership or La Liga they are often concerned with plucking already proven talent from strong leagues such as France, Brazil, Argentina or Portugal rather than taking a chance on a talented but unproven player from a non-traditional soccer country. Thus I think it is no surprise that Germany as the poorest of the big four leagues was the first to significantly open to Canadian players despite having less ethic ties to Canada than Italy or England. I think similar reasons can be attributed to the number of Canadians playing in Scandanavia, Scotland and the lower leagues in England. You can see this in the more serious interest in Hutchinson from Saturn and Helsingborg than from Uedinese. From reports it does not sound that Uedinese seriously trialed Hutchinson, probably thinking they could obtain a more established player at this position if needed rather than spending the time and effort of developing Hutchinson. The other two clubs probably saw a chance to get a player at a talent level they would not normally be able to acquire. Had Hutchinson performed at a similar level for the Spanish or Argentine U20 neither Helsingborg nor Saturn would be in the running for his services (in fact they may even have problems retaining a player from their own country after such a performance). Once several Canadians establish themselves in one of the other leagues (such as the Australians in the Premiership) the clubs there will also start looking more closely at our talent but again this will start with the smaller, poorer clubs in these divisions.
  20. Where do people get their opinions on league comparisons for leagues that are not shown on Canadian tv. I have watched both Belgian and Austrian league games and they are very similar in level, both mid level Euro leagues comparable to the 2nd Bundesliga. The top couple of Belgian teams are probably stronger than the top couple of Austrian teams but the weaker Belgian teams are also weaker than their lower table Austrian compatriots. The Austrian league is certainly much more balanced in level of play. Jazic, however, plays for a top Austrian club while Klukowski plays for a lower mid-table Belgian club. I don't think many people on this board have seen either play a league game and we have had only one recent televised game with Jazic where he was decent despite having Hastings playing as mid on his side. Klukowski we have mostly seen playing with under age national teams. Obviously both should be called and judged on their performance in friendlies.
  21. There is nothing like arrogant fans to turn one against a team (I will refrain from any comments about the Leafs fans here to avoid another large Leafs-Sens thread :-) ) After talking to my Portugese friends in Germany on the night before their WC match against the US even I was hoping for the Americans. Most of them didn't think the US should even be in the WC and considered them to be something like a 4th division team, predicting 4-0 or 5-0 results for Portugal. They didn't believe me when I said that the US was much stronger than they thought and that they would give Portugal a good game. They thought my now incorrect prediction of a 1-0 or 2-1 victory for Portugal was ludicrous. This was probably the only time in my life I enjoyed a US victory. Actually the reason I always hope against the US is the arrogance the majority of their supporters show when they win in any sport but since in this case the Portugese arrogance surpassed the US it changed my mind. The German fans were not nearly as arrogant when they played the US but maybe this was due to already having seen them beat Portugal and Mexico.
  22. I would pick Onstad initially because he seemed to improve his play under Yallop in MLS and I would like to see how he performed for the MNT under him. However, Onstad has only been competent as NT goalie in the past and has failed to make the big save so unless this improves in the 1st few games I would switch to Lars or Sutton. I would consider switching the positions of Stalteri and Nsaliwa and of Brennan and Jazic depending on which one of each pair shows the most offensive flair and if the other can be placed in the back without weakening it. --------Onstad Stalteri DeVos Reda Jazic ---------Aguiar Nsaliwa DeGuzman Brennan -------DeRo Radz 3 Subs: Pesch (striker or offensive mid) Hume (striker or offensive mid) Hutchinson (back or defensive mid) Bench: Hirschfeld, Menezes, McKenna, Pozniak, Kappos (assuming he is as good as his reputation), Imhof, one of Bent, Bircham or Simpson
  23. Between Bircham, Brennan and Hume our MNT should sport an interesting look. Brennan in fashion after late strike Nigel Worthington was impressed with Jim Brennan's goal against Coventry and claimed his outlandish new hairstyle was a source of amusement. Brennan fired home five minutes from time with his maiden league goal for the club to secure a 2-0 win for the Canaries - their first victory at Highfield Road since 1980. Worthington said: "It's a mess. They tell me it's fashion. It adds to the banter in the dressing room and Jim can carry it off."
  24. Here is a link to the author's website that contains some other soccer articles mostly related to the team she supports, Sheffield Wednesday, but with a few other topics as well such as following the team on a tour through Scandanavia (plus a lot of stuff on chemistry and pharmaceuticals if anyone here is in that industry): http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~sarahx/sh.htm
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