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  1. Have you ever been to Gelsenkirchen???? Claiming it is a nice city and asking if they have a soccer club really makes me wonder. One of Germany's major clubs and also one that regularly plays in European competitions, Schalke, plays there. It is hard not to notice this because part of the downtown area is designed for receiving and controlling thousands of away fans and there are many permanent signs informing fans of what they may or may not do as well as tons of Schalke ads and signs in a city which does not have anything else. One could compare Schalke's omnipresence in Gelsenkirchen to what it would be like in Saint John if the Toronto Maple Leafs were their home team. I don't see how one could be in the city five minutes and miss the fact that a major soccer team plays there. I guess if your idea of a nice city is block after block of ugly cement buildings in an industrial setting Gelsenkirchen would fit the bill. Even compared to the other cities in the Ruhr region (which has many heavily industrial cities that were bombed out during the war and poorly rebuilt) Gelsenkirchen is pretty unattractive.
  2. De Vos played 90 in Wigan's 3-0 away victory in Gillingham. Could have been a Lars-De Vos clash had Lars not been called back to Spurs.
  3. Rough translation: Ailton stated in a radio interview that everything he has heard about Gelsenkirchen is that it is an ugly city without many possibilities for young people to go out and have fun (this is true, it may well be the ugliest city in Germany and the stadium is its single attraction). He is thinking of living in Bremen and only playing and training with Schalke. Then he states that he would like to end his European career with Bremen. Not very positive signs for Schalke's fans and management about his commitment to the team. He may be still upset that the team was against his plan to play for Qatar (I wonder how he would like the nightlife in that country). Ailton freut sich nicht auf Wechsel zu Schalke vergrössern Bremen (dpa) - Top-Torjäger Ailton scheint nicht sehr glücklich über seinen bevorstehenden Wechsel von Bundesliga-Spitzenreiter Werder Bremen zum FC Schalke 04 zu sein. «Alles, was ich bisher über Gelsenkirchen gehört habe, ist ein Desaster. Es soll nicht besonders schön sein, und für junge Leute soll es dort nicht viele Möglichkeiten geben, um Spaß zu haben und auszugehen», sagte der Brasilianer in einem Interview von NDR-Info (Sendung am Dienstag). Drei Monate vor seinem Wechsel ins Revier blickt der Fußball-Star skeptisch in die Zukunft. «Das klingt alles nicht sonderlich gut. Vielleicht bleibe ich in Bremen wohnen und spiele dann nur in Schalke. Es ist ja nur mein Job, dort Tore zu schießen», sagte Ailton in dem Hörfunk-Interview. Schon heute träumt der 30-Jährige von einer Rückkehr in den Norden: «Ich würde meine europäische Karriere sehr gerne in Bremen beenden.»
  4. Nsaliwa apparently made the most of his return to Regensburg's starting lineup Friday as Kicker gave him the highest possible mark of 1 in their ratings and named him to the top 11 of the day for the first time this season at right back where he played for this match. Having followed Kicker's rankings for quite a while, they mark pretty hard and don't give out 1's very often.
  5. I think the three striker idea may be in relation to the Belize series where they will certainly be playing 11 men at the back and hoping for a lucky counter. We will need to score early to open up the game in order to run up the score and avoid the possibility of a freak result. Whether a three striker tactic will be advantageous when we face stronger less defensive minded opposition is debateable.
  6. I think the three striker idea may be in relation to the Belize series where they will certainly be playing 11 men at the back and hoping for a lucky counter. We will need to score early to open up the game in order to run up the score and avoid the possibility of a freak result. Whether a three striker tactic will be advantageous when we face stronger less defensive minded opposition is debateable.
  7. Nsaliwa won back his starting spot in Regensburg this week and played 90 minutes in an important 2-1 home victory over Nurnberg. He had a part in the winning goal. It was probably a good decision for him to miss the Canada camp last week.
  8. Nsaliwa won back his starting spot in Regensburg this week and played 90 minutes in an important 2-1 home victory over Nurnberg. He had a part in the winning goal. It was probably a good decision for him to miss the Canada camp last week.
  9. Little hails Hume Sun 28 Mar, 1:50 PM Tranmere manager Brian Little praised Iain Hume after he came off the bench to score twice in the 4-0 thrashing of Notts County. Rovers cruised to a 10th home league victory to move into a safe mid-table position, with Frenchman Eugene Dadi also helping himself to a brace. Little admitted he took a bit of a risk by leaving Hume on the bench but said: "He worked exceptionally hard in the midweek game (against Bristol City). He certainly brightened things up when he came on and took his goals well."
  10. Bircham would seem to be doubtful for the camp. The suspension for yellows would also explain his absence from this weekend's games even if he is fit. Bircham faces lay-off Tue 23 Mar, 4:24 PM QPR midfielder Marc Bircham faces a lay-off with a knee injury after going for a scan this week. Bircham complained of pain in his knee after the 2-2 draw at Wycombe last weekend and although X-rays showed no serious damage, the swelling around the joint is a cause for concern. Bircham is suspended from Rangers' next two matches having accumulated 10 yellow cards this season. But it remains doubtful whether he will be fit again in time to return from his ban against Grimsby on 10 April.
  11. I am not sure if anyone is showing up but I will be meeting some other friends at the Royal Oak around 7 so I will be there and I hope at least Tyler will also be there. If anyone else wants to come I will have a blue and black striped soccer jersey on. To bad you have to work Jordan. Maybe you can post a time that would be good for you and we can try to arrange another meeting as it doesn't look like many if any are going to show up tonight.
  12. Last year's champions Moscow Red Army (CSKA) are playing Soviet Wings Samara in Samara. The match from earlier in the day is being broadcast on RTR tv's web service at the following links: high speed: mms://stream.rfn.ru/rtr-planeta 128: mms://stream.rfn.ru/rtr-planeta_128 64: mms://stream.rfn.ru/rtr-planeta_64 I don't have enough bandwidth for the high speed but the 128 feed is decent. They broadcast a fair number of matches, some live, on the web. Listings in english can be found at http://en.rtr-planeta.com/ by clicking on schedule. They have a time zone converter also so you can see what time the broadcast is in your area. Had Atiba signed with Saturn we would have been able to see some of his matches.
  13. Tyler so far no one else has posted that they will come. I am still willing to go even if it is just the two of us if you are and we can hope a few others will show up. If you could just post again that you will be there I will be there about 7 (I work in the afternoon so I might be a few minutes late but will try to be there right at 7). Just so you know who I am I will wear my Shinnik soccer jersey which is blue and black striped and looks a bit like the InterMilan jersey. Maybe you could wear a Canada jersey or scarf if you have one. If there are any other Ottawa posters who can come please post before tomorrow.
  14. Good lets set it for 7 p.m. at the Royal Oak on Laurier near the U of O campus. Hopefully a few more posters can post whether they are able to come.
  15. I mean this Saturday the 27th when the Sens play in Toronto. The Leafs are in Ottawa a week later on the 3rd of April.
  16. Since the first one didn't work out so well and Mimglow is now back from England maybe we could try it again. As we all seem to be passionate Sens or Leafs fans maybe this Saturday would be possible. We could meet at a bar showing the game so that it is not so bad if not so many people show up and people will stick around to the end of the game and meet any possible latecomers. Since we know Leafs fans would need a map to clean the ice with a zamboni and we can't trust them to find their way in Ottawa maybe we should meet somewhere right downtown or near Ottawa Univ. to help them out. The Royal Oak on Laurier would be a possibility. The game starts at 7 p.m. Ottawa Voyageurs please post whether or not you would be interesting in meeting this Saturday and where you would like to meet and if not when it would be possible for you.
  17. I was a bit unclear here in the players I listed. Actually I meant to point out these players as ones who we have not seen a lot and not necessarily those who Holger was unwilling to call. The list of those that Holger did not call or who didn't want to play for him would be Aguair, Pesch, Watson, Bircham and most A-league players. Among these Pesch and Watson were unquestionably very dedicated to the national team cause. I think Osieck is a very competent coach and that he brought professionalism back to the team after the very unprofessional and incompetent reign of Lenarduzzi. At the beginning there was a clean slate (except for players playing in North America) and the team improved and even won a major tournament. However, Osieck was very lacking in personal management skills, seemed unable to adapt the environment he was in and managed to alienate many of his players and even the fans with his comments and actions. If there had been only one or two incidents such as the Bircham incident, one would think it was the player who was at fault but with so many incidents I think we have to look at Osieck as the one who was not treating the players in a proper fashion. For example, his public comments in German (which I speak) after the German friendly were absolutely shameful and unprofessional and if he makes such statements in public one can imagine what he might have been saying to the players behind closed doors. For the last several years I have not had the impression that Osieck was considering all the available players nor that he was making player selections primarily based on who was performing at the highest level. I think the players also had the same opinion. At the moment I feel from the selections being made that Yallop is giving everyone a fair chance. Hopefully he will continue to do this throughout his mandate. At some point every coach will have to make some controversial or difficult decisions. As a player if I am disappointed that a coach did not select me but think he will give me a fair chance I will work harder to force him to select me in the future. However, if I feel he didn't select me because he doesn't like me personally, doesn't like the league/team I play for, has not adequately scouted me or some other reason, I will probably say the hell with him then. I think the latter situation is the one that occurred in the last years of Osieck's tenure. While this is now actually fairly irrelevant since Osieck in no longer in the position, the criticism is valid as he failed in a key part of his job. As Canadian national team fans we should be thankful for the many good things Osieck did do during his tenure but should not ignore nor refrain from criticizing his serious failings in certain areas. I am hoping that these things will improve under Yallop and he has started well. We can only hope that this remains the case throughout his tenure.
  18. Yallop doesn't have a problem with Nsaliwa's attitude it is Guenter Brandl his coach at Regensburg. I am sure Yallop would prefer that Nsaliwa was there but I think Nsaliwa probably requested not to attend as that certainly wouldn't put him back in his club's good books nor likely to be in the lineup for the next club match. Regensburg also was good enough to let him play the Olympic qualifiers with us so Yallop may not want to ruin his relationship with the club for the sake of a training camp. He also was able to see Nsaliwa in action in this tournament so he knows what he can do. In the overall MNT picture it is more important that Nsaliwa gets playing time in the 2nd Bundesliga than it is that he shows up for a 5 day training camp.
  19. The matter of playing culture is indeed very relevant to the issue because it is one of the reasons that diving is so rampant and little has been done to remedy this in the past. Any attempt to change or more strictly enforce rules needs the approval of a majority of the federations and those federations that benefit most from diving will certainly oppose it. If you think that the Brazilian or Argentine FA is going to favour stricter diving rules like the English or German FA would, you are dreaming. If you have ever watched some Argentine matches and compared them to Bundesliga there is far more diving in the Argentine league. Stating this is not racism, just stating a truth that is obvious to see. This is not to say that there are no German or English players who dive. In fact, I think the amount of diving by players in both leagues has increased due to the lack of enforcement. In an international match why should a British player refrain from diving when he knows the Argentines will be doing this sucessfully and receiving calls from the refs. FIFA should not change the rules to disadvantage a certain country but should change them because diving is cheating and a disgrace to the game. In attempting to do this you can be sure that they will face stiff opposition from the soccer federations of certain nations. FIFA will also have to change the attitudes of certain cultures that accept diving as part of soccer by enforcing it more strongly at least at the international level. Again it is not racism to state that certain countries fans and players are much more accepting of diving. As you can see from this thread that while Canadian fans may differ on how big a problem it is everyone agrees that it is a problem. Equally when I speak with my soccer friends in Germany, England or Russia everyone is against diving. Yet when I speak with South American friends we can have a big argument with half of them advocating diving and saying it is a part of the game and that they enjoy it. Until this attitude changes in certain countries, some of which are among the most skilled soccer nations, diving will remain prevalent and their federations will continue to oppose attempts to remove it from the game.
  20. I think it is good that Hastings and Rogers have been called because it shows that Yallop is being thorough and starting everyone with a blank slate. Hastings actually has some skill in my opinion, it is more his mental approach lacking, i.e. anticipating the play, knowing what to do with the ball when he has it, knowing where the other players are. Sometimes a player can improve rapidly and both players are young enough to be useful for some years in the future. I am not saying that I expect either player to be first choice players in the near future (I thought Hastings was terrible against Ireland) but it would be negligent of Yallop to not give them a look and see what they can do or could possibly do in the future. One can also never know what injuries or availability problems may occur with some players in the future so maybe they will be needed at some time. I also can't think of many other players I would rather see who didn't attend the North American camp and don't have a legitimate excuse for not being there that is beyond Yallop's control. I think we should see it as positive that Fenwick was not called as Holger did almost every time, I would certainly rather see Hastings or Rogers in Yallop's plans than Fenwick and if Fenwick were needed in an emergency sitiuation I am sure Yallop could count on him showing up. Look at the number of players included who were never or seldom called by Holger: Aguiar, Klukowski, Hume, Hutchinson, Jazic and Stamatopoulos. Even if Hastings and Rogers don't ever figure in the team again, the rest of the players will feel that everyone was given a fair chance by Yallop and this will increase their respect for him. This is a refreshing change from Osieck who just didn't like certain players and I think many players felt short changed from him which isn't good for team spirit or desire to play for the MNT. If Yallop starts preferring to select Hastings instead of Aguair like Holger did then we should start to worry.
  21. Nsaliwa has lost his starting place at Regensburg in the last few weeks and there have been some rumours of the club being unhappy with his discipline or attitude. He played a recent game for their reserve team so there doesn't seem to be an injury problem. Probably under the circumstance he would prefer to stay with the club and try to win back his starting spot, especially as this is just a training camp and not a friendly.
  22. The amount of difference in the playing styles of different nations is one of the things that makes soccer so interesting. For example, it is interesting to compare the offensive Spanish style emphasizing inidividualism with the team oriented defensive style in Germany. Cheating, however, should have no part to play in this and should not be internationally accepted regardless of which cultures tolerate it. The Brazilians, for example, should be admired for their stylish and skillful play just as they should be denigrated for their excessive diving. If a certain country wants to allow cheating in its domestic league then I guess that is its right. That does not mean that this should be commended or respected by the soccer governing authorities and fans under the guise of cultural tolerence. And when these countries' clubs or national team play internationally such actions should not be tolerated.
  23. Just Berlusconi using the same tactics he used to make his fortune and become Italian prime minister. He is a national embarassment to Italy and should be sitting in jail not on the seat of government.
  24. Grizzly

    Belak Attack

    I have also seen both clips many times. Havlat was being hooked and turned around quickly to crosscheck Rechi without taking much care of where. I could see that there could be debate on whether he intended to hit him in the face or not. I don't think he did but I could see that some might disagree. Even assuming he did intend to hit him in the face the worst he would have injured Rechi is a broken jaw or knocked out a few teeth. I don't see hardly any slip in the Belak film and if there is it is only in the process of whacking Vaanenen hard in the head with his stick. I can't see any unbiased person watching the video of this and not thinking that Belak intended to hit Vaananen with his stick. Even Quinn was critical of it. The worst possible injury resulting from such a swing is far worse than that which could have resulted from Havlat's. And unlike Havlat who talked to the media after the game and admitted he was wrong, Belak takes off and leaves his teammates to answer the media questions, doesn't take responsibility and comes up with some bull **** excuse. If I were a Leafs fan or player I wouldn't want a guy like this on my team especially since he has absolutely no hockey skill. As a Sens fan though I will be more than happy if the two teams meet in the playoffs if Belak plays as much as possible. The league should, however, heavily punish such actions as Belak's, three games would be far too little.
  25. Grizzly

    Belak Attack

    The Belak incident does differ from the Bertuzzi incident in that there wasn't the premeditation of the Bertuzzi incident nor the associated guilt of the coaches. However, the viciousness of the attack is similar to it and much greater than that of Havlat's. Havlat was trying to cross check Rechi and got his stick up too high and ended up getting him in the face. This is similar to the Messier incident, there was some intent to injure but not to seriously injure (in this regard I believe the Bertuzzi incident was similar, it was reckless conduct that did not necessarily have to lead to serious injury but did). I don't think you can compare a cross check to the face or a spear to the groin with a two handed, roundabout slash with the stick to the head. I do think that Havlat's action was inexcusable and should have been more severely punished particularly since it was not his first incident this year, a 5 to 10 game suspension. I think Messier's spear also warrants 5 to 10 games and all of the players including Havlat who have tried to kick someone should also have received 5 to 10 games. The Belak incident is more similar to the McSorley, not premeditated but an absolutely vicious attempt to seriously injure a player. Either swing could have led to the death of the player if the right part of the head had been hit. Any viewing of the replay shows that the claim of the swing being caused by a slip is absolute crap. Any loss of balance results only from the force with which Belak is swinging the stick at Vaananen's head. When you are swinging your stick at this height and at that level of force there can be no argument or doubt that you are not trying to seriously injure a player. And I am not commenting on this because Belak is a Leaf. This is the second worst attack I have seen in the NHL this year. If any Senator does a similar action I have no problem with other posters commenting on it whether or not they are Leaf fans and if the criticism is justified I will agree with it. I think if the Sens end up playing the Leafs it is actually better for the Sens if Belak is available to Quinn because he is absolute deadwood on the ice. Even Rob Ray scores the occasional goal and plays pretty well defensively. He may not help the team a lot with his play but doesn't hurt it either while Belak just can't play hockey at all. I do have to commend the league on the 2 game suspension to coach Daryl Sutter and $50 000 team fine for the Oliwa incident (in additon to 3 games to Oliwa). It is about time that the team and coaches have to take some responsibility for the actions of the players if they are inciting them to play this way.
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