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  1. I am getting a lift with El Hombre. We are leaving early and should be there by 4:30. Is anyone else going to be there early? Any plans for a pre-game meeting in a bar or even in the parking lot like the last game?
  2. That would be great El Hombre if I could drive with you. I sent you an e-mail through the site mail but if that doesn't work my mail is herrmurray@hotmail.com and phone number is 837-7319.
  3. Well that penalty for Sweden sure looked like a dive to me. Player feels minor contact and goes flying realizing he can draw a penalty. It was also outside the box. I find the reffing has been terrible so far, many refs from 2nd rate leagues. The Swiss ref for Russia-Spain was terrible like a 2nd Bundesliga ref (which is the level of the Swiss league). Spain was the better side but he made many mistakes on both sides and how the running body check on the Russian in scoring position in the 80th minute was only a yellow and not a red is beyond me.
  4. I would like to go Wednesday but will need a lift with someone because my brother is out of town and can not go. If anyone is driving from Ottawa and has space in their car let me know. The audience will probably be smaller but hopefully we can get a fair number of Voyageurs and make up for this with our chanting. Maybe we can get a count of the attending Voyageurs going like for the last game. Will there be any pre-game meeting? 0 + 0 (no ride) = 0 or 0 + 1 (with ride) = 1
  5. What did you guys think about the reffing? I thought Batres was pretty decent and fair yesterday and didn't let the Belizean defenders mug our skilled players. It is obviously easier to referree such a match than one with two skilled teams playing before a huge crowd but I think we have to give credit where it is due. He may have been poor in past matches for our teams but was fine yesterday. Hopefully this continues throughout qualifying as we have certainly seen some poor referring displays in previous years.
  6. Just got back as well. It was great meeting some guys I had kind of known for several years without actually meeting them, especially Gianluca the guy who spends probably twice as much time as me posting. The "Grizzly's brother" chant was pretty funny when I introduced my brother. I did manage to find the Portsmouth Tavern afterwards with Mattbin and Mathew but I guess Freekich was too sauced :-) Too bad! To the game: To be blunt, Richardson is a pretty crappy stadium, looks better in pictures than live. After all the sellout talk the crowd was a bit disappointing, not near a sell out. I lived in Kingston for four years until I was 17 and what the **** is there to do in Kingston on a Sunday? I know from experience that there is not much too do there so I would suggest that Wednesday should be the last match held there for a while. And you know you are watching soccer in Canada when you hear after the chant, "Number 11 is fat" someone yelling, "That is not very Canadian". But not to be negative, we had a great atmosphere going in the Voyageurs group. On a postive side, you know you are watching soccer in Canada when you are able to smuggle 5 beers into the stadium and no one pats you down for weapons and flares. My impression of the play: I thought Jazic was our best player for long stretches. After the Ireland game I thought he was solid but not outstanding but today he really impressed me, especially his overlapping runs with DeRO. DeRO looked great and Stalteri was very solid though not as impressive as when he plays mid. Radz is a great striker but one who needs service which was difficult with 11 Belizeans back blocking passing lanes. Pesch can create something by himself. McKenna surprised me because I thought he looked very dangerous and I think against a team like Belize that plays 11 at the back we need physical players who can run through them all more than players like Radz who will shine more against opposition such as Costa Rica. Belize were physically quite strong and fast but not technically good players. I thought Watson was fine today but didn't have much to do and I guess the real test will be against stronger opposition. My biggest worry was Onstad who made me nervous each time he had the ball. Jazic passed back to him a few times in the first half and stopped doing it subsequently for obvious reasons. Hirschfeld is a much stronger shot blocker and can not be worse with his feet than Onstad. Yeah, we chanted his name a few times and you have to support your keeper when he is in but I hope Hirsch gets a start next game and wins the spot. Still a very enjoyable match and hopefully the first of many to come.
  7. I could forgive a bit of nervousness but he doesn't seem to say anything remotely interesting or insightful unlike Forrest. Maybe this is because he hasn't played at the high level necessary to provide such commentary. I am not very hopeful this will change when he is more comfortable on tv. With all respect to his efforts as national team player, maybe he is not cut out to be a commentator.
  8. Jeffrey, my problem with your posts is that you are making serious accusations against Yallop based only on theories and speculation. We have only heard Aguair's side of the story and he certainly did not do his case any favours by his comments on this board. Maybe he is a great guy and was just angry but it was certainly poor judgement as is his decision to withdraw from the team pool. Based on his play he deserves to be called but I highly doubt that Yallop did not call him because of Watson. Yallop also only had two days to evaluate him because Aguair did not play in the friendlies against the Czechs and Ireland although I am not saying that his reasons were not valid. I am sure Yallop as prospective coach paid a lot of attention to these games. I think some of his comments on the board deserve criticism although I also agree that some of the personal attacks are unwarranted. While I remain critical of some of his comments, I personally wish him the best in Sweden and hope that at some point he may play for us. As far as Watson goes I will reserve my judgement until I see him play today if he is in the lineup. We don't know if Menezes made himself available (China is indeed much further than Brazil) and how he is playing currently. He certainly did not help his case by showing up out of shape in Germany, particularly given the expense to get him there. I thought Nsaliwa would be called but his recent U-23 and club play has been disappointing and he also seems to have some attitude or discipline problems. We are all in a very different viewpoint than Yallop, not seeing the players play or train very often nor knowing their character and how they relate to their teammates. Nevertheless, Yallop's lineup with one or two exceptions is pretty much what I would choose despite and I certainly couldn't say that with the latter Holger selections. I think we should give Yallop a chance and wait for the results. He hasn't even coached an official game yet so wait until later today to criticze.
  9. DeGuzman has promised Hannover not to make a decision on the transfer until he returns to Germany in early July. He states that the resignation of Calmund has made everything more complicated since he had arranged everything with him and that he has to talk with the club again. He says that Bayer's offer was financially very good and that Champion's League play is a factor. Hannover coach states that he was their best player at the latter part of the season but warns him about the possibility of not being a starter at Bayer and possibly playing on the Reserves. It seems like the decision at this point is DeGuzman's because the offer is on the table and if he doesn't sign a contract extension with Hannover they will probably transfer him instead of losing him next year without a transfer fee. aus der Neuen Presse: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Wechsel: 96-Star de Guzman vertagt Entscheidung Julian de Guzman hat 96 zugesagt, vor seiner Rückkehr nach Deutschland Anfang Juli keine Entscheidung über einen Wechsel zu fällen. Wenn wir behaupten, Julian de Guzman war in den letzten Wochen der Saison der beste 96-Spieler, dann stimmt Trainer Ewald Lienen sofort zu. „So ist es.” Es stimmt aber auch, dass der 23-Jährige ein Angebot aus Leverkusen vorliegen hat. „Das ist sehr attraktiv, finanziell und dann mit Spielen in der Champions League”, sagt de Guzman. Wir erreichen ihn in Kanada – er bereitet sich mit der Nationalelf auf die WM-Qualifikation vor. Die beginnt mit Spielen am Sonntag und am Mittwoch gegen Belize. Der 96-Trainer bestellte de Guzman zum 7. Juli nach Hannover. Er will jedoch schon „am 4. oder 5. Juli kommen”. Dennoch bleibt unklar, ob er überhaupt nochmal für 96 spielen wird. De Guzman besitzt zwar noch einen Vertrag bis 2005, auf dem 96 bestehen könnte. Sollte er sich jedoch auf einen Wechsel festlegen, müsste 96 prüfen: Wie viel ist das eine Jahr de Guzman wert? Denn jetzt könnte 96 Ablöse fordern, 2005 gibt es nichts mehr. Auch der Kanadier „weiß noch nicht genau, was ich will. Ich brauche Zeit zum Nachdenken.” Dabei hat der Rücktritt des Bayer-Geschäftsführers Reiner Calmund die 96-Position verbessert. „Es gibt nun das Problem mit Calmund, ich hatte ja alles mit ihm besprochen”, erklärt de Guzman. Demnach war mit Bayer alles klar, nun aber ist er verunsichert: Gilt die Vereinbarung mit Calmund weiter? „Ich muss mit Leverkusen erst reden”, sagt de Guzman. Telefoniert hat er lange mit dem 96-Trainer, Lienen warnte vor dem Reservisten-Schicksal bei Bayer. „Es ist eine schwierige Entscheidung” für de Guzman, „ich war glücklich in Hannover.” Immerhin macht er ein Zugeständnis: „Ich habe mit 96 vereinbart, dass vor meiner Rückkehr nach Hannover nichts passiert.” Aber kann diese Ankündigung 96 wirklich zuversichtlich stimmen?
  10. Honduras won 2-1. Probably all they will need but not very convincing.
  11. I will probably have two GA tickets available tomorrow unless a couple of my friends decide at the last minute to come.
  12. Stadium holds 28000. The website (no english) is http://www.fc-kuban.ru
  13. Kuban Krasnodar was promoted last year and as Sigma says are in 15th place two points out of a non-relegation spot. They were founded in 1928 but in the last decade have played in primarily the 2nd and 3rd division in Russia. Krasnodar is a city in southern Russia near the Black Sea but also quite near to Chechnya. Thus it is pretty warm but also in an area in which there are a fair number of Chechnyan terrorist attacks (although statistically the chances of being struck by one would be very low). Their team is composed largely of players from Russia and other former Soviet countries although they have two players from Cameroon. The interest in Jazic probably shows that they have realized that while that is fine for the second division they need some international players to compete in the 1st where there are many South American and African players. Their regional rival was relegated from the 1st division last year so the club is probably pretty serious about staying up. The move for Jazic would certainly suggest that they are. It may come as no surprise to anyone here but I think this is a great move for Jazic. The club is probably a bit weaker than Rapid but the league is certainly much stronger than the Austrian one where he has been playing the same teams over and over (Austrian league has only 10 teams, half of which are pretty poor). I think Rapid would be about an 8th or 9th place team in the Russian league and the top Russian teams like Lokomotive and Torpedo are certainly much stronger than the Austrian champions GAK. The lower half of the Austrian league would be 2nd division teams in Russia. Thus he will be playing against top competition every week. He should also have no problem winning a starting place (unlike Hutchinson who may not have been a starter for the stronger Saturn) which may have been an issue had one of the rumoured Bundesliga transfers taken place. The only possible risk is the possibility of relegation but if he plays well he should be able to transfer. Also the transfer possibilities are better in that in Austria he had nowhere better to go than Rapid while success here could lead to a much stronger team. I think this is also a good move for Canadians as once someone has success in a league this can lead to other opportunities such as has occurred in Scandanavia. I consider the Russian league to be currently the sixth best in Europe because I think its mid and lower table teams are stronger than those of the other possible candidates (Portugal, Holland, Greece, Turkey). It is also rapidly improving in large part due to oil revenues (a little known fact is that Russia and Saudi Arabia regularly alternate as the world's top oil producing country). Since we don't seem to be making any inroads in France, Russia could turn into a valuable league for our players who aren't ready for the big four. As Jazic is a pretty experienced player there shouldn't be much risk of him failing which could have happened with Hutchinson. The interest in Hutchinson shows that the Russians don't have any problems or preconceptions about signing Canadian players. With his Croatian background he also should not have much problem adjusting to the language and culture. On a personal level I am certainly happy that I will be able to watch him on tv and possibly live this summer and to tell my friends that there is a Canadian playing in the league. Unfortunately they have already played in Yaroslavl this year but maybe I will head down to one of their games in Moscow. Will post on the board on any games I am able to watch in which he plays (some may be shown on the Russian webcasts).
  14. I am sure glad we are not flying to South America to play Belize in the return leg as we would probably forfeit the match. Gotta love reporters who research their articles thoroughly before submitting them.
  15. After Aguair's posts here I think it is clear that he was left off the team because of his attitude and relationship with other team members. I don't see your point about the old boy network because there is only one call up that could possibly be seen as that and that is Watson. Holger in contrast always had no fewer than three questionable call ups. Whether Watson deserves to be called or not will be determined on Sunday by his play (if he plays). I am not going to slag Aguair because he has accomplished a fair bit with or despite of his attitude and maybe he is a great guy. However, his comments here did not impress me at all and he seems to have some issues with other teammates. Having attended a team practice this week, I saw first hand that they have a great team spirit and enjoy playing with each other (none of the players seemed to have a problem with Watson). While Aguair is a good player and a small upgrade for us at defensive mid (where we are not weak) he is certainly not good enough to risk destroying this chemistry. I think you should look at who bears responsibility for the exclusion before you start spreading conspiracy theories.
  16. The Freier transfer to Bayer and the loan of Barnetta to Hannover that Calmund mentioned are now official so hopefully the DeGuzman one will follow shortly. The latest in Kicker is that Hannover wants to keep DeGuzman but Bayer is planning and speaking of him as almost officially transferred and he is once again being spoken as being involved in the trade for Brdaric and not Barnetta. There is another article by Bild, a notoriously inaccurate German tabloid stating that they think he will stay with Hanover because of Calmund's resignation. The poster of the article on transfermarkt.de says he wishes in this case he could make an exception and believe what Bild writes. The article states (with some pride) that DeGuzman found out about Calmund's resignation from Bild newspaper while he was in "far away Canada". DeGuzman is quoted as saying, "Naturally his resignation has an effect on my decision. I spoke with him on the telephone three times. He was my most important contact with Bayer." Bild's interpretation of this statement follows: DeGuzman now wants to stay with Hannover. Hannover's manager Kaenzig is reported to be increasing his efforts to keep him and states, "One feels a certain amount of uncertainty when speaking with him. I don't have the impression that Julien is 100% set on Bayer yet. That is a positive sign for us." Then it states that club president Kind wants him to stay not just for this year but to extend his contract. Bild then states that everything could drag on for a while because he has an extra week of holiday because of WM qualification and mentions the game against Belize. On the 3rd of July he will return to Germany and promises, "I will land in Hannover." to which Bild adds (in regards to landing in Hannover):for a long time. This article and its conclusions from rather vague quotes is pretty ridiculous but does give an impression of the high regard in which DeGuzman is viewed and how much Hannover wants to keep him. The third thing in my post is a response from the Hannover fan who posted the Bild article to a question from another poster who says he doesn't know much about DeGuzman but that all of the posters are saying great things about him and he wonders if he is really as good as they say. He replies that DeGuzman is sometimes too hurried and loses too many balls unnecessarily because of this and because of his size is poor at heading balls. However, he has everything needed to have success with a top club, very strong technical skills, super ball reception and a dribbling dynamic that should not be underestimated. In addition he has a strong shot and confidence in his positioning. Like Schweinsteiger he does not hide in critical situations but rather demands the ball and drives his team forward. He still has room to improve but the improvement he has made in the last two years has been very impressive. In the author's opinion the question is not whether he is good enough for Bayer but whether Bayer needs him at the present moment. In his opinion they do not as they have Balitsch and Ramelow at his position and are thus have the strongest outside midfield of any Bundesliga team. In addition if they needed a player such as DeGuzman they could call back loaned out Cristoph Preuss who the author considers a similar style of player and at about the same point in his development as DeGuzman. (However, Preuss is being mentioned as part of the compensation for Freier.) Kicker Eine weitere offene Baustelle ist die Zukunft von Mittelfeldjuwel Julian de Guzman (23), den Hannover noch immer halten will, Leverkusen jedoch schon beinahe fest als Zugang für die kommende Saison einplant. Immerhin: Der Kanadier könnte als Tauschobjekt wiederum eine Option im Poker um Brdaric sein. Bild Zeitung Ein Tausch mit Brdaric wird es nicht geben! Dieser Kuhhandel ist schon lange nicht mehr aktuell. Martin Kind hat erklärt, dass De Guzman nächstes Jahr auf jeden Fall in Hannover spielen wird. Wenn man der BILD glauben möchte (und das möchte ich in diesem Fall mal ausnahmsweise!), dann könnte die ganze Sache doch noch ein gutes Ende nehmen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Calmunds Rücktritt und die Folgen für Hannover Jetzt will de Guzman bleiben! Von GREGOR RUHMÖLLER Die Nachricht erreichte ihn im fernen Kanada. Julian de Guzman - seit Wochen grübelt er über ein Angebot von Leverkusen. Der Mittelfeldmann (Vertrag bei 96 bis 2005) wollte schon in diesem Sommer wechseln. Hat sich geändert... Durch BILD erfuhr er vom plötzlichen Rücktritt von Bayer-Manager Reiner Calmund. Der hat Folgen für Hannover 96 - und für de Guzman. Der kleine Kanadier: „Natürlich hat der Rücktritt Bedeutung für meine Entscheidung. Ich habe drei Mal mit Calmund telefoniert. Er war mein wichtigster Ansprechpartner bei Bayer." Im Klartext: Jetzt will de Guzman wohl doch bleiben! Während eine Verhandlungs-Runde mit Bayer und de Guzmans Berater lohn Linse in dieser Woche abgesagt wurde, verstärkte 96-Manager Ilja Kaenzig seine Bemühungen um den Nationalspieler. Am späten Dienstagabend telefonierte er mit ihm. Auch gestern Abend hängte sich Kaenzig ans Telefon, um mit de Guzman zu reden. Der Manager: „Man spürt im Gespräch mit ihm eine gewisse Unsicherheit. Ich habe nicht den Eindruck, dass Julian noch 100prozentig auf Bayer fixiert ist. Das ist in positives Zeichen für uns." Und vielleicht die Chance, de Guzman längerfristig zu binden. Geht's nach Boss Martin Kind, wird der Kanadier nicht nur für nächste Saison gehalten. Seit Vertrag soll sogar vorzeitig verlängert werden. Kann aber noch dauern. Wegen Länderspielen (Sonntag WM-Qualifikation gegen Belize) hat de Guzman eine Woche länger Urlaub. Am 3. Juli kommt er zurück. De Guzman verspricht: „Ich werde in Hannover landen." Und das wohl für noch lange Zeit. Transfermarkt.de Er ist teilweise noch sehr überhastet und verliert dadurch unnötig viele Bälle. Desweiteren ist er körpergrößenbedingt kein Kopfballungeheuer. Er bringt aber alles mit um sich auch bei einem Topklub durchzusetzen. Sehr saubere Technik, super Antritt und dadurch eine nicht zu unterschätzende Dynamik im Dribbling. Dazu ein satter Schuss und eine ordentliche Position Selbstvertrauen. Ähnlich wie Schweinsteiger versteckt er sich in kritischen Situationen nicht, sondern fordert viele Bälle und treibt die Mannschaft nach vorne. Ist natürlich alles noch steigerungsfähig, aber der Sprung den er in den letzten beiden Jahren gemacht hat, war schon beeindruckend. edit: Die Frage ist nicht, ob er gut genug für Leverkusen ist, sondern ob Bayer ihn überhaupt braucht. Die Antwort ist definitiv "nein"! Bayer hat für seine Stammposition schon Balitsch und Ramelow. Auf den Außenbahnen seit ihr eh schon so gut besetzt wie kein anderes BuLi Team. Wenn wirklich Bedarf an einem Spielertypen wie De Guzman bestanden hätte, wäre es einfacher gewesen Christoph Preuß zurückzuholen. Die beiden sind ähnlich flexibel und ähnlich weit in ihrem Reifeprozess.
  17. I think it was McKenna who was first and possibly most frequent although it was a quite common word in the vocabularly of several other players, Bircham in particular.
  18. Great pics Mimglow! They sure capture the spirit of the day.
  19. Yeah in rereading it I guess he did mean sandwiched in the rankings. Poorly structured sentence though.
  20. There was absolutely no advertising although the Ottawa Citizen did have articles about the games. However, I think most people in the city had no idea that the tournament was taking place unlike the tournament in Edmonton. The organizers also seemed totally unprepared for the walk-up crowd which while the line seemed pretty big could not have been that many people considering the announced attendance.
  21. Someone probably does not have a history of A's in Geography. Unless they were allowed to pick two choices in multiple choice exams at their school. I actually didn't know that there were any countries sandwiched between South Asian Papua New Guinea and South American Guyana. Learn something new everyday!
  22. Reiner Calmund is stepping down in a surprise move after years as Bayer Leverkusen's General Manager. He will be leaving for health reasons at the end of the month and gives a run down of the transfer situation at the club. The second paragraph is the relevant one for us. Calmund states that the young Swiss player and teammate of Imhoff at St. Gallen (his rights are owned by Bayer), Tanquillo Barnetta, will transfer to Hannover. Part of the compensation is a transfer of DeGuzman to Bayer Leverkusen. Calmund implies that this and the Freier for Preuss deal with Bochum are pretty much done deals with only a few details to be worked out. Freier-Transfer vor Abschluss Offenbar steht der Wechsel von Paul Freier zu Bayer Leverkusen unmittelbar vor dem Abschluss. Nach seinem Rücktritt als Bayer-Geschäftsführer sagte Reiner Calmund: "Es hat gute Gespräche mit Bochums Präsident Altegoer gegegeben. Wir sind uns nicht nur menschlich, sondern auch finanziell näher gekommen. Ich gehe davon aus, dass Paul Freier in der nächsten Saison in Leverkusen spielt." Im Gegenzug soll "U21"-Nationalspieler Christoph Preuß, den Bayer an Eintracht Frankfurt ausgeliehen hatte, nach Bochum wechseln. Clamund berichtete auch, dass der Schweizer Tanquillo Barnetta vom FC St. Gallen - Leverkusen besaß eine Option auf den Nachwuchsspieler - zu Hannover 96 transferiert werde. Teil des Geschäfts dürfte im Gegenzug ein Wechsel von 96-Profi Julian de Guzman zur Bayer-Elf sein. Weiterhin bahne sich im Fall Jan Simak eine Entscheidung an. "Wir hatten ein gutes Gespräch mit seinem Berater. Da wird sich eine gute Lösung finden, egal wie der Verein auch heißen wird", so Calmund weiter. Simak war in der vergangenen Saison an Hannover 96 ausgeliehen, der Tscheche zog sich jedoch nach dem ersten Saisondrittel aufgrund eines Erschöpfungssyndroms in seine Heimat zurück. Zur neuen Saison steht Simak eigentlich bei Bayer wieder unter Vertrag.
  23. Sorry Jay was watching the Fifth Estate's report about the ties between the Bush and Bin Laden families while writing it so didn't give style much thought. Just saw the New RO report on the training session. Showed a bit of the training drills. Interviewed Yallop who said we had a good team that is dangerous offensively and solid defensively. Then they interviewed Onstad who said they had not played in Canada for four years and that this was too long and the whole team was really looking forward to Sunday for this reason (I don't think anyone here would disagree with these sentiments). Apparently the RO's sports girl is going to spend the whole day with the team tomorrow and was impressed that, "all the players play in Europe!" While not totally accurate at least this statement gives the impression that our team has some pretty decent players. Personally if I was on the MNT I would prefer to spend the day with the Sheila the weather girl :-) Good on the RO for providing so much coverage of the team while the other local stations have ignored the story. The CTV affiliate CJOH had a story during their sports segment about a new amateur soccer facility in Western Quebec but did not consider the national team newsworthy.
  24. I can't go tomorrow morning either. I could go in the afternoon but I don't know where this session will be held. My impressions of the session: It was a pretty relaxed training session and probably fun for the players as opposed to a structured session with a lot of drills and running. I don't know if Yallop always runs his sessions like this or if it was because this was the first after a game. He may also figure the players get enough structured drills at their clubs and are tired after long seasons. It was also quite hot and humid. The atmosphere was quite good natured and the players seemed to be enjoying themselves. After they stretched they divided into two groups and played keep away with two players in the middle trying to get the ball from a circle of players who counted how many times they could pass the ball around before it being taken. The player who allowed one in the middle to get the ball then replaced him in the circle. McKenna is pretty feisty and at one point was yelling at Stalteri during this game but since they were playing a game together at the end of the session in which they kicked and headed the ball at each other and tried to not let it touch the ground and then were joking around it is probably not as serious as it seemed initially. Maybe the incident in San Jose was similar. Then they played the scrimmage game that Mimglow mentioned which was over one quarter of the field and noone maintained any positions. Yallop also played in this game. Radzinski scored a few nice goals. The goals were only about two meters wide as the keepers did not play but trained at the other end of the field together. Bircham is quite a character and made lots of jokes during the session. During the scrimmage he didn't agree with a goal call made by (I think) Mitchell and another guy sitting behind the goal and came running and knocked them off the footballs they were sitting on. All in good fun though. Seems like he has a good influence on the team chemistry. After the scrimmage they did a slow jog around the field. Then they did some drills in which they shot at both keepers. After some more stretching the practice was over after about one hour and 45 minutes. They left pretty fast but Mimglow and I were both able to get a picture with Stalteri and a couple other guys got pictures with Brennan and Bircham. Would have been nice had the players been able to come over and talk with the fans for a few minutes. The team is quite short, Pesch, Hume, Radz and DeGuz are all no taller than 5'6'' though they make up for this in speed. Hume's haircut is quite strange, a thin white mohawk that is not straight but curves from one side of the head to the other. About ten Voyageurs showed up and there may have been a couple of other people who dropped by. Tyler flew in from Toronto and another guy who had never heard of the Voyageurs drove from Toronto to watch the practice. Pretty dedicated fans. The local Ottawa station the New RO also were there with a camera and interviewed Yallop and filmed a bit of the practice.
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