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  1. Hey some real news re: Calvary ...
  2. Seems an Andrew MacRae signed with Tulsa in the USL. https://www.uslchampionship.com/news_article/show/990723 Played with a Larne FC in Norn Iron. Second tier NIFL Championship.
  3. My French is really (really) rusty, but it seems he's saying because he believes it can't work, it won't. The affiliation part for the Impact should the CanPL establish a team in Quebec seemed a bit tone-deaf as well. Thanks for posting it.
  4. Does he have impact (ha!) in the market?
  5. This is going to be a bloody big deal!
  6. Agreed. I actually find Sportsnet is a bit more sports newsy focused than TSN, which spends most of its time pushing it's properties and doing "investigative" pieces. Make no mistake, Sportsnet pushes a ton on its NHL and MLB properties but they do seem to send media to cover sports events and announcements too. I think the key here is they are using a CP report, so no reporter dispatched to the event despite it being in Toronto. Sportsnet's John Molinaro attended. Also of note, as far as I can see, CBC doesn't even have it posted on their soccer page: https://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer
  7. The beauty of this planet (if you believe the sphere-earthers) is that you can go whatever direction you want and eventually get there! 🌏
  8. Not to be pedantic, but isn't Japan considered "west" of Southern Ontario considering that's the direction you'd fly to get there? I immediately thought of Europe when they tweeted "east"
  9. Andrew W

    CPL bilingualism

    Really want this done because - simply put - it is a reasonable thing to do that extends a tremendous amount of good will. Plus, and maybe this is my work voice speaking, having the mechanism from the get-go would have avoided this very discussion and would mean that it doesn't have to be built on the fly as the communities that have been mentioned (hopefully) come on line. Aside: does anyone know if any of the staff and stringers the league is using to generate content are bilingual (English and French)?
  10. I agree on both fronts: it's an issue that needs to be addressed, and yes, it's own thread would be great, or in a thread dedicated to where we as supporters want to affect change on certain issues.
  11. Nope, not going crazy about it. Won't go crazy about it if done with an MLS team either. As long as all seven teams operate within the framework of the league, they can all have seven different approaches to player development/acquisition.
  12. New signings announced. Three Canadians in the fold. Pacific Football Club bolsters lineup with trio of Canadian youth internationals
  13. Only if he has a stuffed parrot.
  14. The fact remains that the player pool is not good enough. What's the board's opinion on "hot-housing" young players the way the States does for both hockey and for soccer (although someone would have to confirm they are still doing the Bradenton (sic) plan.)
  15. Another article on BBC that talks about his national team aspirations (albeit briefly). http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/35431114
  16. http://sbisoccer.com/2015/06/defender-costa-saprissa Says he signed at Saprissa last June. Not sure if that's where he stayed.
  17. Ramon Martin Del Campo is the player in question from last year. I think Irving will stay on the books through the third and fourth rounds. If no one takes him then his contract with MLS is voided and he becomes a FA from what I've been able to gather. And from what was proposed earlier, I don't know if he has a green card. Will be interesting to see what happens.
  18. And this is where the domestic/international situation in MLS comes into play. According to almost all people who follow college soccer, Irving was considered equal or a slight step down from Tarbel. Irving was certainly rated ahead of the UW keeper whom Dallas drafted. But, due to coveted international slots, he wasn't a good enough prospect to take a risk on for teams in the US. Factor in the finite number of jobs for goalkeepers to start with. All three Canadian MLS teams have developing young Canadian keepers in line already. BTW, are we sure his contract is voided with two rounds of the draft remaining on Tuesday?
  19. Here's a mock draft that has Laryea going 5th to RSL, contributed by the guy who covers RSL for the team's website. Top Drawer Soccer Media Mock Draft
  20. Two tickets purchased, means two more flying out of Calgary for that weekend. Cheers!
  21. Had to miss the Hondouras game V's ticket buy due to a personal situation. Any chance the V's will be able to expand their buy for this one so those of us who couldn't make it last time can get in? I have at least three others who aren't active V's that want to come and sit in a supporters section. Anyway, look forward to figuring it all out. Good to see so many Alberta V's are planning to go!
  22. I owe my entire soccer fandom to the 1979 Vancouver Whitecaps, the 1986 World Cup Team, plus Graham Leggat's CSL broadcasts and his amazing Soccer Saturday program. Loved that it had highlights from all the major Euro leagues and the feature match of the day (extended highlights). It's where I learned about clubs like Atletico Madrid, Sporting Lisbon, Fiorentina etc. He had the easiest Scottish accent to understand that I've ever heard. Thanks for the memories!
  23. I like this. Watching the first weekend of play, this league has definitely become tougher for a young, raw player like this to crack immediately. I also think OCSC is signing as much young quality at striker and hoping something sticks long-term or becomes a valuable asset for selling purposes. One thing I've noticed in all the years of watching MLS, there will be opportunity for depth players to get a chance due to injuries, fatigue due to travel, US Open Cup (or Voyageurs Cup), turf vs. grass, and international breaks. Hopefully Cyle gets that chance and seizes it.
  24. I think it is this exactly. SKC were playing chicken with the CBA deadline before signing him. I think his fitness is a factor as well, and KC has always struck me as a very fitness oriented team. Watched the RBNY game online and Sinovic was not, IMHO, very solid defensively and his service was not great. I do believe MdJ is an upgrade. But no need to rush him in if it results in him being hurt due to lack of fitness. A team like SKC does not often use international spots on players to have them sit outside the first 18.
  25. I think the mystery player may be Emeka Ononye. There was a tweet from Gary Mellor from Beswicks Sports that included a presser about Jordan Murrell and other clients, including Ononye being invited to Seattle along with a former TFC player. Because I've been away from these boards for a while I seem to not be able to figure out the link function easily. http://www.beswickssports.com/news/2
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