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  1. Some pics from 90+4 last night. Great job everyone! CkbzlfNXIAAhTPr.jpg CkbzrjlWUAAq4gL.jpg Ckbz1ewWsAEUKlh.jpg Ckb0B8nWEAAHJaX.jpg Ckb0L67XIAA_NCF.jpg Ckb0SuGWsAAJlBm.jpg
  2. Got two for Ottawa. Come and visit Toronto friends! We have fake grass so pitch invasions are fine... well, they are unexpected at the very least, so go for it. And really this is a two leg deal so you have to come to the rubber match.
  3. like the kids one. as a parent i'm happy the rounded corners will prevent needless injury!
  4. Change is not always bad. Give it a shot. You can always make some of the modifications that have been suggested and see if this project (like others perhaps) could go to another level. Jon's got a real passion for this, so that alone should give him the benefit of the doubt. If Jamie can advise on how to best integrate things into the site, I think it's worth a bit of trial and error.
  5. Coming from Ottawa for the weekend. Just me! So used to having children with me all day that you might have to act like children so I don't go into withdrawal.
  6. well i clearly should look here more often
  7. Nice to see Jamie finally sell out. Of the shirts. When the next run of these comes around, if you're in Ottawa and would like one (or any of the Vs merch) please post here or let me know. I spoke with Jamie about getting a few orders bundled together and sent to me. We can save on shipping, and I'm happy to deliver it to you at a Fury game. Jamie can we get another shirt run before end of season?
  8. Hey, Yes I met the podcasters and Theo from SMR on Bank before one of the first fall games. I was actually at the first two Fury games at Carleton, as we wrangled a house hunting trip back then around that week. No time to meet anyone then though. We moved just before the fall season, so I started here properly around then. If TD had more than one elevator up to the press box... it would make coming down at half easier. On stats I can't exactly miss the start of the second half... Now that I've found the stairs though perhaps I'll give that a shot next game. Maybe even before the game if we get lineups in early enough. I'll be heading to BMO for the Canada game. Regardless, if you're on Twitter, follow me @oldergoaler and we can connect that way.
  9. So nice, Jamie! Still planning on coming up (actually I guess it's down) on the train for the game. Thinking one each for me, will be there pre-game. Mid-size please.
  10. Hi gang, Jack's Dad / OlderGoaler / K checking in. I'm on the U-Sector boards more often than not, but figure I should update my profile here. Recently moved to Ottawa after nearly 20 years in Toronto. You can find me with my kids – all day, every day – except for a few hours a week when I'm up in the press box at TD Place doing stats for Ottawa Fury FC. And I suppose I should un-retire my mitts again soon before it's too late. twitter @oldergoaler
  11. Thanks to our new nanny... it looks like I can come out and take goal for the Torontos.
  12. Toronto V's: Still a few spots left for our five outdoor soccer nights this October! Oct 2, 9, 23, 30 + Nov 6 all at 9-11pm at Earlscourt Park (St Clair West and Lansdowne) cost $20 [note: Nov 6 replaced Oct 16 to avoid conflict with CAN away at HON that night.] original thread / details: http://z15.invisionfree.com/U_Sector/index.php?showtopic=16313&st=0 PM me here, on the U-Sector board (jack's dad), or Twitter @regardingkevin
  13. the "muscular Gerba"... TFC fans rejoice that the off-season has been so good to him
  14. did he just say television ruined Jamaican football???
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