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  1. That's a nice gesture. I've been a Voyageur so long that I tend to be glad of ANY fans cheering for Canadian teams... of course, I'm sure that'll change the longer I'm part of ESG and we get our hate on for MTV.
  2. Of course I was disappointed with the result but I was happy with the fact that we played well through most of the first half, had good possession and look relatively dangerous (that set piece from Chin looked even more dangerous on TV... from the stands I didn't realize how far Frei was cheating. A foot to the right and we're up 1-0 early). The red card really did change everything. We were able to keep the pressure up early, but for a possession-style team losing a key midfield player really takes its toll. We lost the plot in the second because of it... there was a lot more longball attempts which ended up with Smith just running into three TFC defenders. I agree with Lord Bob, the man needs to hear about this new innovation we've got called "passing the ball". Baart's mistake was dreadful, and it really took what fight was left out of the rest of the team. That's two games in a row his miscue have cost us a goal. I'm a little surprised by that actually, but it might be a case of trying to do too much - Baart was barking orders up the field all night. Surprenant looked really good. I'm not sure what to say about Sidra - is it just me or does he look a little stockier than he used to? I think I expected a bit more from him, but it was his first game with the team I guess.
  3. I've known about this project for 10 years and I've never once heard that design work was needed... I always thought we just bought a bunch of dollar store cards and mailed them out "Love, The Voyageurs". I'm more than happy to help create a design for this project... just let me know.
  4. Has anyone else seen this? http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/story/2010/08/11/sp-osiek.html "Holger has also worked in a nation where football is not the No. 1 sport and proved that he can win a major Championship against nations who have football in their veins," Interesting move by the Aussies...
  5. ...The road to Brazil 2014 begins now. I know it's silly. But I feel like I've got that weight off my shoulders a bit... the one that's been there since we crashed out of WCQ. The reset button has been hit and hope comes trickling back.
  6. Well, there was some discussion her and in the Voyageurs section about how to promote our name... including things like selling t-shirts or whatnot during the Nutralite Championship games. If, for example, we wanted to sell shirts as fund raiser. With the core bits done it can be adapted to many uses.
  7. Hey, I posted this in the Voyageurs section, but I thought I'd put it here as well. In honour of FC Edmonton competing for the V-Cup next year, I went back and reworked my original 2002 V-Cup logo. It's been a long time since I dragged this out... so possibly many of you have never seen it. Anyone who wants to use it to promote or support the V's is more than welcome to. I'm thinking about using the base of the logo for a "yearly" update (a la Grey/Stanley Cup logos)... Just contact me if you need a high quality image.
  8. Anyone who wants a high quality image can feel free to contact me.
  9. In honour of FC Edmonton competing for the V-Cup next year, I went back and revamped my V-Cup logo design... it's free for anyone to use so long as it promotes the Voyageurs (this includes monetary support if it does get slapped on a t-shirt)
  10. Hey, rsd79, do you live in Edmonton? Or just came to visit for the WCQ? We can always use a few more V's in Edmonton...
  11. I'm not sure exactly what I'm volunteering for, but I think any V's activity in Edmonton could be coordinated by me, Carl_Valentine and/or River_City.
  12. Nice of him to end his show with the lady from Sicamoose, BC who knows nothing at all about soccer but is glad there's a "Canadian" playing for Portugal... I can sorta understand if some players are cut throat enough to turn their backs on their country for the sake of their pro careers... but I simply don't understand how people can be pleased about that. Thank god there's no "Canada at the World Cup.... Calgary's own..." this time around. The only "Team Canada at the WC" piece I've seen was about a CBC camera crew...
  13. I'm listening to Jian Ghomeshi on CBC Radio1 talk to people about Canada and the World Cup... It's interesting how the question seems to pop up every four years. "Why isn't Canada at the WC?" This week: Sunday June 13, 2010 On Cross Country Checkup: soccer fever The World Cup has grabbed the attention of soccer fans around the globe. And this time, even hockey-mad Canadians are starting to take notice. What do you think? Are Canadians catching World Cup fever? Join guest host Jian Ghomeshi, Sunday on Cross Country Checkup
  14. Despite the similie, I'm going springboard off this. The problem is that not enough people believe that points like unnammed trialist (who gets my vote for best screen nickname as well!) are of concern. After all, it's just some drawings. That's a slippery slope that leads all the way to "my kid's good with computers, let him design our logo". I brought this up over in the FC Edmonton thread. Design matters, it conveys meaning on several levels and good design ultimately isn't really a matter of opinion. Vancouver's new crest isn't extremely bad, but it's not great either. Unammed trialist makes some very astute observations. I think what I'd like to add though is that they seem to have missed the spiritual mark in terms of their implementation. I can see how assigning a double meaning to "whitecaps" (i.e. mountains and waves) would give a more well-rounded representation of Vancouver... but they've simply shifted the focus to the mountains (and even then the moutains in the crest aren't exactly "white-capped" either.
  15. Geez... where the heck was I!? I saw the players shaking hands after the whistle and I thought it ended in another goalless loss until I was reading the post-mortem here. I'm so ashamed...
  16. How did I miss the goal!? I was watching the crappy online feed and everything. I must've blinked too hard... very strange. Anyway, does someone have a highlight clip I can see?
  17. I don't know if Carl Valentine posted this already, but it seems the Edmonton V's can gather at Elephant & Castle on Whyte...
  18. oooh... I haven't made a wallpaper for a while (not since before the last WCQ debacle). Maybe it's time I tried out another one...
  19. Just outta curiosity, say I wanted to play soccer and I'm over 35... where would I "sign up"? It's mainly just a question with very little chance of becoming action seeing as how all my time is going towards a)the baby, b)my job or c)working on my masters - but I'm still curious. The many divisions/leagues confuse me... especially since I don't want to end up playing against River City... I hear he's a hack!
  20. I attended the press conference (and signed the guestbook) as the Voyageurs rep. I've posted a report here. Hope no one minds, but I've been here for 10 years, so I figured it'd be ok.
  21. I don't have Jarrek's design (which I thought was better than mine.), but here's what I submitted 4 years ago. I'd like to think I could do better now... If I get some time, maybe I'll give it a shot.
  22. The current CSA logo is crap. It's outdated, and completely uninspired. If there was some tradition to cling to, it could probably be salvaged by updating several of the design elements, but the whole ball/maple leaf thing has been done to death. Without blowing my own horn too much, I believe both Jarrek and I had much better designs a few years ago during the phantom logo contest. Hell, I'd be willing to do a logo for the CSA for FREE just to give them a more professional and modern look. Maybe I should post some more ideas. I haven't really been all that inspired since the "We got Jacked at the CONCACRAP Gold Cup 2007" t-shirt design contest...
  23. strobe_z

    Forum Change

    I have nothing to say, but I just want to post... this is now the third official Voyageurs forum, and I've been on all three, so I don't want to miss out. Wow... we can have avatars... gotta get busy and make some.
  24. There's a comment where "Anonymous" translated his interview... --- I'll try to translate you an interview which he gave Oslobodjenje today(Oslobodjenje can really be trusted) -I have decided to play for Bosnia and Herzegowina.I'm not sure if I will be able to play in the Friendly in august because of some private issues,but I won't change my decision to play for Bosnia-says Begovic who has already signed a document for the FIFA in which he states that he gives up the Canadian citizenship in order to be allowed to play for BiH. -I signed that document and I have to sign some other papers too.- explains Begovic whose interview in a Canadian radio-show in which he stated that he wants to play for Canada got much attention in Bosnia. -It was a bit uncomfortable for me to say that I don't want to play for Canada anymore in the Radio-show because I hadn't talked with the coach and the Canadian Federation about that.I wanted them to hear it from me,and not on the Radio and that's why I said that on the Show.To be honest,I didn't expect that it would get so much attention in Bosnia. Begovic added that he most likely won't be able to come to play in the Friendly,but that he will try at least to come an meet his new teammates. -I'll try to to the gathering,but I'm not sure about that.As for the WCQ,I'm sure that I will come,if I get a call-up.
  25. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/blogs/2009/07/conspiracy_theories_abound_at.html Sutton: Conspiracy Theories Abound at Gold Cup...
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