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  1. btw Ted... that is one sweet Lake Side Buoys crest... Don't suppose you could get my hands on a HQ Victoria Highlanders one so I could lift that celtic pattern and give it a fantasy go?
  2. Nice of AW to point that out. We always seem to try to have the maple leaf stand behind the ball... and I tried that, but honestly the semi-unique shape of the umbro-retro-kit-inspired leaf made it hard to have the ball in front. It was either too small, or cut off enough of the leaf that it wasn't clear it was a maple leaf. Then I thought... jeez... this is the Canada crest. Let's make the ball hide behind the freakin' maple leaf for once... and there you go~
  3. With all the love that's been pouring out over the simple old-school maple leaf on our Centenary kits, I was inspired to put this together... Comments welcome
  4. Is that a true story? If it is... it's CLASSIC!
  5. Yeah, that's the one. IIRC it was like 4m x 4m big. BrennnanFan was the last holder of it that I know... Just curious.
  6. Does anyone know what happened to the massive square-shaped V flag we had? The thing was HUGE, but I haven't seen that one for a while (don't believe it made an appearance in the first round of WCQ in TO)
  7. You and some guy from Malawi are the only two people watching Canada take down Haiti at the 2002 Gold Cup on a small TV with no sound at the back of a bar while everyone else is watching a meaningless Oilers/Mighty Ducks tilt...
  8. You wish whole weeks of your life away between WCQ and Gold Cup matches...
  9. You've said to stadium security "sure, we'll sit down as soon as the Honduran fans do..."
  10. you play this game on Twitter using the hashtag #youknowyoureavoyageurwhen (@strobe_z)
  11. you spend more time watching Canada games from behind the couch than sitting on it.
  12. You cringe and cover your eyes every time Gerry Dobson says "Canada hasn't beat the USA since 1985" and Craig Forrest says "We haven't had a clean sheet against the USA since 2002" just as the Americans are lining up to take a shot...
  13. ...your years of following the Canadian Men's National Team have given you the intestinal fortitude to eat a tin can. pass it on~
  14. Check out my FC Edmonton fantasy crest thread... I need opinions from those with a discerning eye ;) LOVED your Ottawa designs. I hope the Ottawa NASL team will actually entertain a few professional grade submissions before selecting "something the owner's kid did" like FC Edmonton did. :P

  15. I think this is something that should be reserved for the National side... That being said, Mapleblood has already proved his worth in chants (I've still got that Saiko tune in my head!). And not to derail a great idea, but after spending some time the past couple of weeks with both Southsiders and Red Patch Boys/U-Sector types, I'm thinking we should try to start to develop some Eddies "history" through some chants. Watching the Southsiders suddenly join into a tune in the 86th minute (referring no doubt to the Vancouver 86ers) or TFC fans start the Danny Dichio chant in the 23rd (?) minute... made me realize we could start something similar.
  16. Well... the Eddies ARE Canada's team at the moment...
  17. I likes it.Very Patriotic... and a good time of the game to either give the boys a boost if they're behind or help them bring it home if they're winning...
  18. Anyone who wants a high quality image can feel free to contact me.
  19. In honour of FC Edmonton competing for the V-Cup next year, I went back and revamped my V-Cup logo design... it's free for anyone to use so long as it promotes the Voyageurs (this includes monetary support if it does get slapped on a t-shirt)
  20. Hey, rsd79, do you live in Edmonton? Or just came to visit for the WCQ? We can always use a few more V's in Edmonton...
  21. I'm not sure exactly what I'm volunteering for, but I think any V's activity in Edmonton could be coordinated by me, Carl_Valentine and/or River_City.
  22. strobe_z

    Forum Change

    I have nothing to say, but I just want to post... this is now the third official Voyageurs forum, and I've been on all three, so I don't want to miss out. Wow... we can have avatars... gotta get busy and make some.
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