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  1. MAK Piette and Eustachio we finally have some depth
  2. My starting 11 Borjan Godinho Henry James Adekube Osorio Atiba Arfield Davies Cavalini Junior. This is just a rough idea this will will probably change down the road
  3. error on my part it Denver is 5200ft not meters sorry
  4. Traveling 3500km in 8 days plus one game playing in 5200m above sea level in Denver , Canada sure has it rough but lets see how Herdmann does his squad rotation
  5. don't mean to whine here but the distances are just to far for me to travel
  6. Ya the location were Canada plays sucks But who cares I wasn't planning on traveling any way. I just want to see were we are vs Mexico I am looking very forward to that match, If we do not get top points vs Martinique, and Cuba we have some issues
  7. I am looking forward to this years Gold Cup just to see were we stack up against the other nations
  8. Countries like Germany , Italy, and Spain , tend to have there national teams play in different cites, I am hoping that Canada does the same thing in the future. As far as this Nations League goes play the US in TORONTO believe me BMO will sell out and there will be a lot of media attention for that. vs Cuba play it in a smaller venue like halifax
  9. Does any body have a clue when the announcement of the games will be played the anticipation is driving me nuts. I just want to see Canada v USA live in a meaningful game.
  10. If they meaning the Americans think that well that's enough motivation for me to beat them
  11. BTW Who is up for a holiday in Havana this fall
  12. I like our draw, I want to see were we stand vs the Americans Hopefully the game will be played at BMO were I think it could sell out . to be honest I will be happy with 3 out 6 points vs them I think it is doable
  13. I live here in Guelph and I plan ongoing to the April 27 home opener and If I get in for free great but paying is no biggie because I want to see this league flourish big time
  14. Well here is my list CMNT. Canada v T&T 2000 Varsity Staduim. Canada v USA 2012 June BMO Canada v Panama 2012 Sept BMO Canada v Cuba 2012 OCT BMO Canada v Costa Rica 2015 BMO Canada v Jamaica 2017 BMO CWNT Canada v Germany 2018 Tim Hortons Field
  15. I know upfront and midfield we are getting more talent but what about in the Centre back position who is up and coming
  16. well done man keep up the good work. Hey Herdmann cap tie him please
  17. 2 goala in two games way to go JD
  18. Looking forward to see him play on August 15 in Toronto
  19. First of all Trump is a d bag Jordan is a carded Republican and in my opinion a Uncle Tom who only answers to Nike. While James is neither a Republican or a democrat to my knowledge . but LB has criticized both Trump and Fox News
  20. I am looking forward to the day when a Team Canada Hockey team (I know this is a Soccer forum) will consist of Middle Eastern ,Asian and guys even Blacker than PK Subban ., being successful . Just to annoy all the Don Cherry types.
  21. Why are talking race here Davies is a good player black white or Asian . lets end this here. Who cares what espn says screw them. I hear enough racial talk at work etc. I do not want to hear it here . If people here want to bring racial stuff then go to Rebel Media , The Sun papers, or the Conservative party website
  22. OSARIO not in the All Star game , Big deal something to use as Motivation
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