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  1. We're going to Brazil! We're going to Brazil! And now you're gonna believe us And now you're gonna believe uuuuuuuuussss We're going to Brazil
  2. The pitchers are cheap...$12. They are garbage but good value I suppose.
  3. Cuba really love their backheels. Too bad not one of them has worked.
  4. http://www.fifa.com/worldfootball/news/newsid=1432832.html Cool read.
  5. Just wondering how long we have this deal for... are there still tix available in 112-114?
  6. I am tentatively down for 10 but will confirm this tomorrow night or Sunday morning. If not I'll send you as Pm for less.
  7. Mexican commentators think Canada are playing some beautiful football.
  8. What a handsome boy in the middle-right of the front row in that picture.
  9. They also consist of getting public urination tickets and getting grabbed and heckled by prostitutes.
  10. If I am in Canada, I am in +3...won't know for a while yet Martin.
  11. Stern John also hilariously missed a penalty for T&T that would have put them 3-nil up and the game won. Skied it wayyyy over the net.
  12. Studying in England now, this match sounds very tempting if the right deal came along. Wonder if there any couchsurfers in Cyprus...
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