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  1. Kibby

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Yes. They're playing preseason games in feb, and season starts march
  2. bit disappointed we didn't bag more, but 5-0, busti, table and zbg capped. overall good night
  3. I missed the first ten minutes... so now that im home we'll stop scoring.
  4. Kibby

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Probably nothing, I think its more of a .. "Travel will cost more, is there a sponsorship to offset that? No? Ok well then is there a Broadcast deal to offset that?"
  5. Kibby

    CPL General

    I was also confused about his choice of picks
  6. Kibby

    Ottawa CPL Club

    IF what is said there is true.. 1. That doesn't bode well for CPL if true
  7. Kibby

    CPL General

    When they came out with this uni... it blew me away. So good.
  8. Falvey?? Nice....dude was solid as fuck
  9. Kibby

    David Clanachan-Commish

    On first viewing seems like a good choice
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