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  1. I believe Blackburn applied for one under a "special talent" provision. I think the thought at the time was that it was a longshot but he got it one way way or another.
  2. Indeed. Some good stuff here fellas, despite the sour topic. I say draw a line in the sand as well. Hart should invite whomever he needs for the GC and if they decline without a good reason then all ties should be cut at that point. The line needs to be drawn and I think the GC is the perfect place to draw it.
  3. They do, I always enjoyed measuring myself against a program like the London Badgers. St. Thomas is a hot bed as well.
  4. I live in Ontario, Grey/Bruce area.. Anywho, I know that it looks like baseball is dead and in many ways it is I suppose, and I fully agree with you guys that there way, way more kids playing soccer but what kind of kids are they? In my hometown there is only one ball team (hardball) at each level as opposed to 3 or 4 soccer teams but where as in the 4 soccer teams you might get 2 or 3 true athletic kids the baseball team usually has the best kids in town for any sport. But this is a pretty narrow small town view. I know Soccer is drawing a lot of athletes it's way and that's a good thing, but if no elite kids are playing baseball then how are we ending up with record #'s of Canucks in the big leagues? Not only record #'s but talent wise we're eons ahead of where we were only 10 years ago.
  5. The best Canadian athletes that choose or end up in a team sport are still choosing Baseball over Soccer. All you have to do is look around MLB rosters to see this, it's the "Golden Age" of Canadian baseball right now, without a doubt. Now, it could be different obviously around the country and I know there are massive amounts of kids playing soccer and that's good but in my area the kids that suck at baseball go play soccer. Granted, I'm not in a soccer hotbed but that's the way I've always remembered it and it still exists to this day.
  6. FWIW.. Canada has never produced a player with the talent of Hoillet, I think Hart could best serve himself by focusing all his efforts on him. If he already isn't.
  7. I think De Ro should be told "thanks, but no thanks". His game may translate well to MLS, but at his age, and given his Rafer Alston like ability to make those around him worse I think it's time to turn the page. Just too many good, younger options.
  8. I had $10 on Canada, on a flyer, out of my Bodog account. Close, but no cigar
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    I'm here guys! Don't worry I made it! Good job btw.. Appreciate the effort you guys put in.
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