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  1. Impactsupporter

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    I emailed Alex Bunbury yesterday and gave him the suggestion "Rapides FC". He emailed me back to say "definitely in considering"
  2. Impactsupporter

    CPL League Future Format and Table Structure

    Maybe it would be better to have a regional CPL (similar to Junior Hockey) as suggested by Carlo Corazzin East Central West, national playoffs. https://twitter.com/thecanplhub/status/865661688632266752 Just a thought.
  3. Impactsupporter

    CPL League Future Format and Table Structure

    I am not sure if 28 is a sustainable number for pro teams. I was talking with a soccer coach in my hometown on the south shore of Montreal(name withheld by request) and he felt that 12 teams could work, up to a maximum of 16. I know that CPL commissioner mentioned places like Durham, Mississauga, Kitchener Waterloo, Kelowna, Moncton, Montreal/Laval that were looking to land a CPL team. Outside of the 7 CPL teams already in place, what other 21 areas do you envision that could have CPL teams that would be capable of travelling coast to coast??
  4. Impactsupporter

    CPL new teams speculation

    If there is a team in Laval call them "FC Rapides" Just a thought.
  5. Impactsupporter

    CPL General

    Only if it represents all of new Brunswick.
  6. Impactsupporter

    CPL new teams speculation

    I think that is Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge aka "Grand River" region
  7. Impactsupporter

    CPL new teams speculation

    Just out of curiosity, would Windsor have the finances to cover coast to coast travel costs of a national league. Or would Windsor be better off in the regional CPL Tier II (newly acquired L1O). Just wondering.
  8. Impactsupporter

    CPL General

    with the CPL acquisition of L1O we could be close to this model: https://www.cjfl.org/ and http://qjfl.ca/ Just a thought.
  9. Impactsupporter

    CPL new teams speculation

    maybe a Montreal area team could be called "FC des Rapides" Just a thought.
  10. Impactsupporter

    CPL new teams speculation

    Or maybe Seaway Park near Metro Longueuil (near CEGEP Champlain) About a 15 minute walk from the Metro. Could add seats all around. FWIW I never even thought about Ile Ste-Helene. If you put it close to Metro jean Drapeau, has potential.
  11. Impactsupporter

    Football Manager 18 - CanPL/Voyageurs Cup Mod

    As for future Canadian Pyramid and Football Manager do you plan to add any teams or leagues from Alberta, the Prairies and Maritimes to the existing L1O, PLSQ, PCSL?? (for 2019 or 2020 and beyond)
  12. Impactsupporter

    CPL new teams speculation

    If there was a team on the South Shore of Montreal, I would also consider going to some of their games and maybe go for season tickets. there is a stadium near the Longueuil Metro Seaway Park. For a Laval North Shore team to work however it would have to be at Parc Cartier as it is situated just near the Metro Cartier station (Orange Line). Just a thought. FWIW if the ticket prices for IMFC are going up drastically, I may and will have to reconsider my options for season tickets to them or decide on a year to year basis. What made you stop buying season tickets???
  13. Impactsupporter

    Goderich CPL

    That is what should happen in the provinces as well. It would likely be easier for towns such as Goderich to be in an Ontario league and do pro/rel within the provinces and travel costs would be lower that having to travel nationally(coast to coast). You need strong provincial leagues as well as a strong CPL Just a thought.
  14. Impactsupporter

    CPL new teams speculation

    That is what I had been advocating should the league get up to 16 teams. Using Australia several leagues use a "minor premiership" to determine their league champion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minor_premiership If we apply this to the CPL and it reaches 16 teams you could use July/Aug to oct to play 15 games (single round robin). with the top team the minor premier winner. (would play in the CONCACAF Champions League) Then from Apr to June, depending on the standings in the minor premiers the teams are split into a "top8 bottom 8" and you play those teams only 7 games (single round robin) the top 8 winner wins the Grand Premiership and can play in the CONCACAF champions league Just a thought. FWIW I favor this because after 16 teams not many small even medium sized cities and towns in Canada are going to have the money or resources to travel coast to coast (and will likely be better off in their provincial leagues)
  15. Impactsupporter

    CPL General

    I am surprised that Saguneay and Sherbrooke are mentioned. I could see them in the PLSQ (Quebec league) however, not sure about CPL. Just a thought.