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  1. You might find these two models interesting: (both from Japan) http://www.xleague.com/english/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B.League and even this state league in the Western US https://eplwa.wordpress.com/2017/12/05/evergreen-premier-league-adopts-divisional-playoff-format-for-2018-season/ Just a thought.
  2. But it will always come back to the fundamental question : if places like Oakville (or Brampton, Windsor, Niagara, London, Grand River, Goderich)get into the CPL even if there is to be a supposed 2nd division(I presume national), can they afford to travel coast to coast??? Or will they find the travel costs too much and prefer to stay down in L1O, being a club team that develops and showcases players to transfer to CPL or MLS or Europe?? Just a thought.
  3. Although I like CEPSUM as it is an intimate stadium, it is heavily used during the fall season by the Carabins (football and men's and women's soccer teams) so scheduling in Sept and Oct will pose more of a challenge for a CPL Montreal team should they play there. Agreed on that point, as I went to some Lavel Cometes(women's team) games and it takes a 30 min bus ride from Metro Cartier to Bois de Boulogne stadium. (and a half hour walk from the stadium to de la Concorde metro station). Parc Cartier (near the Cartier metro station) is too small and can't really be expanded. Is there not some land near the Montmorency Metro station to put up some sort of modular stadium. (Place Bell for hockey - Laval Rocket - is convenient as it is located nest to said station). Just a thought.
  4. Likely Rive Nord FC similar to North Shore Sabrecats in the QJFL http://qjfl.ca/team/?id=3 Just a thought. Still prefer Rapides FC that's just me.
  5. what about Quebec St Laurent FC?? Just a thought
  6. So do you feel that the Impact should leave MLS??? FWIW, Alex Bunbury is supposed to make his announcement the end of January re: Montreal Laval team.
  7. I think this makes sense for D1 and D3. I am ambivalent about D2 because I am not sure that some of these teams in that division will be able to withstand travel costs from coast to coast. In a recent interview with Alex Bunbury he stated that he sees the CPL at 20 teams and he himself is ambivalent about pro-rel because of the money investors have put in. Maybe if they used a split format as they do in Scotland for the SPL that could simulate relegation. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1596665-scottish-premier-league-in-defence-of-the-split Just a thought.
  8. I emailed Alex Bunbury yesterday and gave him the suggestion "Rapides FC". He emailed me back to say "definitely in considering"
  9. Maybe it would be better to have a regional CPL (similar to Junior Hockey) as suggested by Carlo Corazzin East Central West, national playoffs. https://twitter.com/thecanplhub/status/865661688632266752 Just a thought.
  10. I am not sure if 28 is a sustainable number for pro teams. I was talking with a soccer coach in my hometown on the south shore of Montreal(name withheld by request) and he felt that 12 teams could work, up to a maximum of 16. I know that CPL commissioner mentioned places like Durham, Mississauga, Kitchener Waterloo, Kelowna, Moncton, Montreal/Laval that were looking to land a CPL team. Outside of the 7 CPL teams already in place, what other 21 areas do you envision that could have CPL teams that would be capable of travelling coast to coast??
  11. If there is a team in Laval call them "FC Rapides" Just a thought.
  12. Impactsupporter

    CPL General

    Only if it represents all of new Brunswick.
  13. I think that is Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge aka "Grand River" region
  14. Just out of curiosity, would Windsor have the finances to cover coast to coast travel costs of a national league. Or would Windsor be better off in the regional CPL Tier II (newly acquired L1O). Just wondering.
  15. Impactsupporter

    CPL General

    with the CPL acquisition of L1O we could be close to this model: https://www.cjfl.org/ and http://qjfl.ca/ Just a thought.
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