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  1. Jeremy

    Forum Change

    I think the old smileys were better !
  2. Welcome Hope you have a good time at the WCQ
  3. Welcome! I hope this season is a good one for McKenna.
  4. Jeremy

    Hi all!

    You made the right decision. Welcome!
  5. ...for a canadiansoccernews.com ad on the electronic board at either Empire Field or BMO during a high profile Canadian soccer game (club or country)? It has to vary depending on how long it stays there? Anyone know the prices? If it's kind of affordable, we could try and amass the money... but I don't know if it's reasonable. I think it would help tremendously with reaching out to other fans, if well planned. Or maybe paper ads inside either stadims?
  6. Hey what's up? Were you at the Honduras games?
  7. I am able to track threads just fine using one single link: New Posts at the top left of the screen, just under the Home button. If you click on that link everyday you won't miss a thing.
  8. I guess it depends if there's Vs at every Canada game, and if someone is willing to transport it with them?
  9. have we received any feedback from anyone? not that I want to, just want to know
  10. Ok, bear with me. I think solicitation has become a far to big part of our lives. i get called at home by robots who try to sell me stuff, get harassed on the streets by homeless people and employees from humanitarian organizations, i receive tons of publicity in my mailbox, etc etc. Creating a thread on the forum asking people to click on a link to get pageviews is just the same. It has always been a place where we could come and discuss without having to bother with publicity, so it is understandable that some do not welcome this type of publicity (myself included). If people are real
  11. I will write messages tonight or tomorrow morning! And try to see who deserves the most the 6 remaining cards eidt: probably tomorrow morning haha.
  12. (been using Chrome and never had this problem )
  13. Wow they look wonderful!! Will send message soon.
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