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  1. Who has actually seen these kids play and can make a judgement beyond the name of the academy that they play at?
  2. Don't worry. That tingly feeling will be replaced by heartbreak in some way, shape, or form eventually.
  3. Why? Dumb tackle, not shocked its a red but lets not pretend that getting kicked in the hand is some crime against humanity.
  4. I still find it hilarious that that game versus England put Tomori on their radar.
  5. This reffing is putting our players in danger.
  6. I have no idea how Verhoeven gets a yellow and a Guadeloupe player goes flying in at Mohammed and the ref ignores it.
  7. He'll definitely go for more than 2 millions Euros. Miazga went to Chelsea 2 years ago for ~5 million and I don't think Miazga has the ceiling Davies does.
  8. Results to be determined but I much prefer Herdman as one of the media faces of the 2026 World Cup over Zambrano. Much more presentable to a wider Canadian audience.
  9. yomurphy1


    It's terrible at the game because you have no reference and a time lag until the referee makes a decision. From my perspective TFC's first goal looked offside, the second one called back did not, the penalty was borderline, and then the referee not using it for Chicago's goal was an absolute crime which was later confirmed on the jumbotron.
  10. If this is what a Herdman camp looks like I'm not very impressed. It looks like he has them playing at half speed.
  11. Yeah. The fact that military resources were used to intimidate an opposing team shuold be sending off alarm bells.
  12. From the club statement,,, "Benfica, who lost 5-0 away to FC Basel in the Champions League last midweek, have pulled out and Rangers are still waiting for an explanation"
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