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  1. Myopia strikes the CSA once again. He seems like a nice enough guy, but his success has really only come in the Gold Cup where results flatter to deceive. Better than the next player on the list of ex-Canadian players I guess. Sigh.
  2. It is such a nice Canadian thing that five days prior to a game someone starts a result thread [don't spoil it for anyone before the game actually starts]. By game time this threat will probably have degenerated into something that has nothing to do with the game and someone will be forced to start: Nov 18: Canada vs Poland [R] V2.0
  3. I have a tape of a game from Tegucigalpa (1993), where Canadian fans were advised to bring umbrellas to the game. The reason why became evident when Canada dared to score. Our fans, and team, were bombarded with anything not nailed to the ground. Eventually the military was called out to calm the crowd down. It became such an embarrassment that the video feed of the game was pulled (not once, but twice) while the military tried to calm the Honduran fans. I am sure there are others on this board who can back me up about this game as it is rather infamous. I can understand why people get upset with the Honduran players and fans (especially those living in Canada). I can also sympathize, to an extent, with the Honduran people living in a 3rd world country with little else to get excited about. I can also understand that losing to (or even tying) Canada, must be a national shame as we are more known for hockey. For me, I just like the underdog. And seeing as Canada isn't involved I hope Honduras does well as it will go a long way in that country. They were great in 82 and were right there with us till the end of qualifying when we made it in 86. It is kind of a strange love/hate relationship. Is Honduras the worst country, no. It is though a pretty close race when it comes to how Canada is treated when south of the US and in our own country by people who have come here for a better life. That is the toughest to swallow.
  4. A Spain v Honduras rematch in the group phase would be tasty.
  5. I've got the footage and I know what it means for the sanctity of the tournament for the host nation to qualify for the second round. Think about it, can you imagine losing to Honduras in your opening game, especially after El Salvador lost 10-1 the previous day. Sorry, Jeffy.
  6. I as so glad that these guys made it to the WC again. Many on this board may not remember, but they were great in 82 and got seriously robbed against the hosts, Spain. They will definitely be my underdog of choice this WC.
  7. I wouldn't even dare to claim to know the truth about Wyn "the Enigma" Belotte. But, if you search this site about Phillip's Bakery, I think you may get why it is funny that he has now signed with the fictitious Phillip's Bakery FC.
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wyn_Belotte "February 2007 signed a contract with non League club Phillip's Bakery FC" Phillip's Bakery...hmm, isn't that in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. "On 03 September 2006 played his one and only game for Haiti against TNT Soca Warriors and scored two goals"
  9. I am sure that Jack used the word "hate" in relation to Canada at least once, i.e. I hate Canada, they are my most hated team, etc. I think it was the eve of the first meeting in 2002 WCQ. Anyway, it was totally classless.
  10. Anyone have a copy of the interview with Jack Warner where he rants extensively about how much he hates the Canadian Mens soccer team. Be interesting to read that again now. Any legitimate organization would have fired him for making statements such as he did in that interview. How can someone be president of an organization and openly say that he hates one of it member countries. This man and Don King need to be put onto a dilapidated space shuttle and launched at the sun.
  11. Their documentary of their unannounced tour of Iceland (including an abandoned fish factory) is dope. Being a Canadian soccer fan, it is easy to appreciate. Almost no one shows up and those that do are fanatical in a strangely disturbing way.
  12. What have we learned: eternal recurrence is not limited to the universe.
  13. Jesus...I forgot the most important thing: 4. Do well in the Gold Cup and blindly assume that this will have a meaningful impact on WCQ.
  14. This time and the previous time...Onstad. Also, Carlo was 7 months pregnant in our run up to 2006.
  15. 1. Hire an under qualified coach, preferably a former national team player. 2. Schedule a fraction of the friendlies of our competition. 3. Use player(s) who should no longer be part of the national team. This was our preparation the last two times. Will the CSA learn from these mistakes? Probably not.
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