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  1. New carpet laid for Worlds http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/moncton-stadium-installs-new-1-5m-turf-field-1.2650460
  2. Yes, Moncton announced in Oct that it will spend a million and half $ to convert 3 fields to the artificial surface for practice and was hoping to be able to use a temporary installation for the stadium.
  3. CBC video of the announcement of plastic pitches http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Canada/NB/ID/2301787105/
  4. Can't provide a link as the paper is behind a pay wall
  5. Would this be the 1st FIFA WC played entirely on plastic pitch? So van Greenland finally join FIFA as they have been denied because grass doesn't grow in Greenland?
  6. In an article in this AM's Times & Transcript it is reported that 4 fields will have artificial turf installed for the 2015 event. 3 are practice fields for the event plus the stadium. 2 are high school fields and the Black Tide RFC have been pushing for artificial turf for a while on Bernice MacNaughton HS field and Rocky Stone is already turf just not FIFA approved FIFA has requested this to provide a consistant playing surface across all venues in Canada. Moncton has approached FIFA to see if there is a temporary artificial field that can be used as it wants to keep Stade Moncton Stadium grass for upcoming track and field events. The city estimates it will cost about a million and a half dollars to install the turf
  7. There is no autopsy We simply aren;t good enuff... we dreamed we wished BUT Blame who you want But as a soccer nation we ain't there yet
  8. Geezus this is like being 8 years old and waiting for Santa. Will the waters part and can Moses bring us to the promised land?
  9. Need a W Win it pretty or win it ugly just win. Go Canada
  10. But we did win and into the quarters and that's all that counts. Don't like how cbc.ca mixed the game with Sports Day on demand
  11. Any hope that the new stadium in Ottawa will be ready for 2014? It's getting close to 2013 now and shovels aren't in the ground
  12. Here it is http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/video/#id=2283470270 Brit PbP guys can't help themselves on mentioning the descent of players. No understanding of Canada as an immigrant nation ...............Pet Peave
  13. Hmmm............. A survey published by Southeast NB food banks says close to 60% of clients were not born in Canada I wonder if they cheer for Canada? We are welcoming
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