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  1. At this moment, it is unlikely that Victoria will want to be in USL-1 come 2011 because the closest team might be in Texas. If Victoria, a club whose goal has always been USL-1, is stymied by travel distances over half a continent, what do you think a second-division club in a 2nd/3rd tier football country will think about half a continent, an ocean, and even then the city isn't even anywhere near the coast?
  2. I was there for a bit in the first half, didn't get to see a lot of the action before I had to go but figured I might as well poke my head in anyways. It's my first season living in Kelowna--I only managed to make it out for that and one Challenge game at Mission Turf, cause my schedule didn't really mesh with it. Unhappy to miss the playoffs, a family thing is calling me out of town. Oh well, there's always next year. Need to find a football buddy by then, I don't know a lot of people up here really into it.
  3. I didn't "get" football until I was 16, so I guess I don't have a club I supported when I was a kid Main Domestic club: Vancouver Whitecaps Main Foreign club: Tottenham Hotspur Passing interest clubs: Inter Milan, Barcelona, Slavia Prague, Willem II Tilburg Favourite domestic lower league club: Okanagan Challenge Favourite foreign lower league club: AFC Wimbledon National teams (other than Canada): R. Ireland, N. Ireland, Scotland (heritage), Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (circumstance) Guilty pleasure you'd only admit to your closest internet friends: I want the US to win games in competitions we've already been knocked out of/not in.
  4. Name: Andrew Bates Age: 20 (21 in July!) City: Kelowna Profession: Student Journalist Voyageur Since: 2006 First match: Never capped =( Other affiliations: Southsiders Other sites: team.bates at the Southsiders forum Guilty Of: Getting so drunk at my first Whitecaps game that I failed to notice the streaker, lurking on this forum forever without registering, trolling TFC fans about DeRo dropping out of GC09, following football since 2005 but never having gone to a live game before May 09
  5. ALDERGROVE smiddy VICTORIA Finchster piltdownman FootieFool gwallace76 Paddy Lord Bob gardencity VANCOUVER Masster RJB Johnnie Monster Blue and White Army Tractor Boy morbital Vancouversoccerman snake Krammerhead chantingcraig Footy ST. JOHN'S Trident. PRINCE GEORGE (BC) Raven KELOWNA team.bates VANCOUVER Masster EDMONTON River City Carl_Valentine strobe_z Reza CALGARY tarnado REGINA mcaout SASKATOON Tuscan WINNIPEG dsqpr Cheeta redhat Winnipeg Fury shaku_bert KINGSTON leafdolfan OTTAWA S├ębastien grizzlys brother Lennie (Mon-Thurs) ST CATHARINES Spungi TORONTO squizz I_AM_CANADIAN HAMILTON Dare431 MONTREAL MTL_4_LIFE Grizzly MONCTON S├ębastien (summer time) SHERBROOKE Lennie QUEBEC CITY Olgier SAINT JOHN Jhazon
  6. I'll be doing a liveblog of this game at The 24th Minute: http://www.24thminute.com/2009/07/gold-cup-liveblog-canada-vs-el-salvador.html Should probably be good. El Sal will be confident, let's see how we react to that.
  7. I think that registering a squad would be a good idea for a few reasons; preventing the signing of ringers (especially come 2011 when the top teams have a lot of MLS squad restrictions but no V's Cup restrictions), and sort of ensuring a bare-minimum of your players that can be fielded. It's no strongest-team rule (although I disagree with implementing one), but it does put some thought forward to that topic.
  8. They would definitely ban Honduras if any new laws or government orders tried to change how the Honduran FA goes about its work. They've shown they mean business when it comes to independance; see how Iran backpedaled on banning its election-protesting stars when FIFA threatened to ban them from all competitions.
  9. I'm running a liveblog of this game on the 24th minute, if anyone's interested: http://www.24thminute.com/2009/07/gold-cup-liveblog-canada-vs-jamaica.html
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