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  1. http://www.wsawinnipeg.com/index.php/news/158-road-trip-recap A Review of Both 0-0 Draws in Colorado WSA Winnipeg opened up its 2012 campaign with two almost identical 0-0 draws against the Real Colorado Foxes, the current Heartland Division favourites. The team displayed the heart and intensity Coach Badescu preached, a surprising defensive resilience and at times displayed attacking flair. Though the players and coaches admit the team still has a ways to go, two good results on the road could be the foundation for what is increasingly looking like a promising 2012 season. May 12 - Real Colorado 0-0 WSA Winnipeg In the first half, an Omar Amador goal from a delicate chip from Greg Kulczycki was denied by a controversial offside. To begin the second half, WSA Winnipeg were the better side, creating many great scoring chances, most notably a shot by Danny Demelo on a partial breakaway that was just touched around the post. However, late in the game the fatigue of the visitors showed and the Real Colorado Foxes failed to bury several golden chances. WSA goalkeeper Dylan O'Connor had an outstanding performance controlling the 18 yard box and making key saves. May 13 - Real Colorado 0-0 WSA Winnipeg The Mondetta-clad boys got another stellar game between the sticks, this time it was Tyson Farago in his first start of the season who looked like he was already in mid season form. Tyson owned his box all night long but needed the help of Omar Amador in the final minutes of the game to head a ball bound for the top corner off the line. Moses Danto had the game in his sights with 15 minutes to go when he beat the Colorado defender on the flank and drove a low shot to the far post but the Foxes Keeper just got his fingertips on the ball pushing it wide. Final Thoughts Sticking with their developmental philosophy, all of WSA's players had signifigant playing time in the 2 game series with the Foxes. New players Ryan Ramjiawan, Alex Ignat, BJ Kabamba, Kyle Moraldo, Michael Allieu, and Miguel Tochez looked at home with the 10 returning players from last year's inaugural season. Coming home with points in there first two games is a good start, but the young players will need to take advantage when they get back to River City next weekend against the St Louis Lions. Both games next weekend will be played at the WSF Indoor Complex at the University of Manitoba. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate.
  2. http://wsawinnipeg.com/index.php/news/134-plays-fc-edmonton-on-march-24th-and-25th WSA Winnipeg Unveils its 2012 Jerseys Plays FC Edmonton March 24th and 25th On Tuesday March 15th at Mondetta Headquarters, WSA Winnipeg unveiled its 2012 jerseys. This includes a new white jersey that will now be WSA Winnipeg's home jersey. Tony Lavilla of Mondetta spoke briefly about the custom designed jerseys, though the design of the jerseys really spoke for itself. WSA Winnipeg's collection of jerseys have already been recognized by Winnipeg soccer officionados as "one of the nicest jerseys at any level of soccer". WSA Winnipeg Head Coach Eduardo Badescu also spoke about the upcoming 2012 season. He spoke about how the team is growing both on and off the field. With many returning players, he expects the team to be a .500 team or better. The team will face its first real test in two exhibition matches against FC Edmonton on March 24th and 25th. Tickets can be purchased on our website, at Red Card Soccer and Bonivital Soccer Club. You can see more photos on our Facebook page
  3. We have more games outdoors this year. Only our FC Edmonton games and our first two home games against St. Louis are indoors.
  4. One of the posters we're using to promote our club this season.
  5. http://wsawinnipeg.com/index.php/news/129-wsa-winnipeg-to-play-fc-edmonton WSA Winnipeg to Play FC Edmonton Albertan NASL Club to Play two Exhibitions WSA Winnipeg Coach Eduardo Badescu expects 2012 to be very different from WSA's inaugural season. That said, it will open with a familiar foe as WSA Winnipeg takes on FC Edmonton of the NASL in two pre-season exhibition matches that will take place on March 24th and 25th at the WSF Indoor Soccer Complex. "Last year when we played [FC Edmonton] we didn't really have a team yet." said Coach Badescu. "This year, we have a core group of players returning from last year who know what it takes to play at this level" Individual tickets to the exhibition games can be purchased on the WSA Winnipeg website or at Red Card Soccer. Tickets are $15 including taxes, per individual per game. For WSA Winnipeg Season Ticket Holders, tickets to the FC Edmonton games are included as part of your season ticket package. WSA Winnipeg is also selling Team Ticket Packages where teams can purchase tickets at a 33% discount ($10) and receive an invitation to a coaching clinic hosted by FC Edmonton Head Coach Harry Sinkgraven. This can also be purchased on the WSA Winnipeg website.
  6. An article about WSA's Desiree Scott, who just booked her ticket to London. http://www.wsawinnipeg.com/index.php/news/122-desiree-scott WSA North Star's Desiree Scott plays for an Olympic Berth WSA is very pleased to note that Desiree Scott, a WSA North Stars (WWSL Premier) player, is currently playing for Canada at the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament in Vancouver, B.C. (January 19th to 29th). We are very proud of our long-standing relationship with Desiree, as a player, a coach, an academy instructor and club supporter. Her commitment to the game has provided her with opportunities, experiences and accomplishments that are an inspiration to all, especially our young aspiring soccer players. Desiree has been a remarkable player, leading her youth teams to many titles and championships. As an elite player on the local scene, Desiree led many Manitoba Provincial Teams to National All Star Championships and Canada Summer Games. Desiree played her university soccer with the U of M Bisons, winning numerous CIS awards over her five years - Rookie of the Year and perennial conference All Star. She was twice selected to represent Canada at the World University Games. With the Bisons, she led a talented group of young women to turn a new team in the CIS into an immediate contender. She has now returned to the Bisons as an assistant coach. Desiree has had a long-standing involvement with Canada's National Teams, and has 31 Caps for her country. She has represented Canada in many top International events, including the 2011 Women's World Cup. She was a key player in Canada's Gold medal win at the 2011 Pam Am Games and also helped the team to the 2011 Cyprus Cup tournament championship title. For the last number of years, our World Soccer Academy has been a "home'" for Desiree when she is in Winnipeg. From January 19th to 29th Desiree is helping Canada qualify for this summer's London Olympics. Top teams such as the U.S.A. and Mexico are amongst their opposition. You can keep up to date on the competition with excellent TV coverage & with information at.... http://www.canadasoccer.com/2012-concacaf-women-s-olympic-qualifying-p147932
  7. Our regular season begins in May, so unless the Jets make the playoffs (we can only hope) it doesn't overlap with our schedule. However, we may have some preseason games in late March or early April so there is a chance.
  8. Hey everybody, This thread will be all about my club and the exciting things we will be doing this season. ...beginning with my announcement that I am joining the WSA Winnipeg Front Office full-time. http://www.wsawinnipeg.com/index.php/news/110-lee-haber-joins-wsa-front-office Lee Haber joins WSA Front Office Co-founder will take on bigger role as Director of Business Development and Operations You may not know him, but if you've watched a WSA home game and been following the club you have definitely seen his work first hand. In Year 2, he intends to take the club to the next level off-the-pitch. In its inaugural season, Mr. Haber played a key part in everything WSA Winnipeg. A former player of Coach Badescu's, the two teamed up in late 2010 with the goal of bringing a PDL team to Winnipeg and eventually professional soccer. He wrote the club's business plan which helped them secure a PDL franchise. That only begins to describe his contribution to WSA Winnipeg. Those scarves you hoist above your head. He designed them. The website. He built, using his experience in web-design he developed in previous jobs. The crest that adorns every jersey, t-shirt, flag, etc. Yeah, that too. Mr. Haber did all this in his spare time, while he wasn't working full-time as a railway engineer in Montreal. In spite of all the great things accomplished in WSA's first season, the front office recognized that what was needed to grow the organization was someone who could work on the business side full-time. The McGill graduate jumped at the opportunity. He quit his job, said goodbye friends in Montreal and flew back home to Winnipeg. "It is my dream to be part of growing the game in my hometown," said the 24 year-old. "I am in a position where I can take this risk." "I feel [Lee] is the perfect person for the job," said Coach Badescu. "He has already contributed so much and I believe he will do amazing things for our club now that we have him full-time" As WSA Director of Business Development and Operations, Mr. Haber will be responsible for growing and managing the business-side of WSA Winnipeg. This what he had to say WSA Winnipeg fans can expect in 2012: "Last year we got our foot in the door and proved the naysayers wrong that said PDL would never work in Winnipeg" "This year we are taking everything to the next level" As for what exactly that entails, fans have much to ponder about.
  9. I know this tooting my own club's horn a bit, but WSA Winnipeg and the academy run by Eduardo Badescu has one of the best youth soccer development programs in the country. Coach Badescu has the UEFA Pro License, the highest level of coaching licensing in the world. Several former academy players are making a dent at professional clubs and at the national level. - Dylan Carreiro: Toronto FC Academy player and Canada Men's U17 player - Ali Musse: Vancouver Whitecaps Residency player and Canada Men's U17 player - Desiree Scott: Canada Women's National Team and Whitecaps Women player - Alison Clarke: Canada Women's U-20 Team - Amos Ganyea: WSA Winnipeg player and Canada Men's U-23 player pool - Mujtaba Sharifi: WSA Winnipeg player and Canada Men's U-23 player pool http://www.wsawinnipeg.com/index.php/club/front-office
  10. The boys played great! Overall a very positive debut. The team played great in the first game, but paid for a defensive lapse. The second game speaks for itself. The attendance for the first game was around 600, second game around 300. It's difficult promoting the second game of a double header. The Des Moines games were always indoor. This season we're trying out different things to see what works, so we put those games indoors. Here are the highlights from the first game: Here are the highlights from the second game:
  11. WSA Winnipeg lost to Thunder Bay Chill in a hard-fought match. Click here for a quick match summary.
  12. Original Article: http://www.wsawinnipeg.ca/scripts/runisa.dll?M2:gp::73379+L3/Display+E+NDX+NDX+513786 If you want to learn more, you should click on the link.
  13. The facility was full with a crowd of around 400. Many kids and family members of the players. The game was fairly close at 2-0 until deep into the second half when WSA Winnipeg brought on all of its bench players. A promising start!
  14. WSA Winnipeg vs. FC Edmonton rosters unveiled: http://www.wsawinnipeg.ca/scripts/runisa.dll?M2:gp::73379+L3/Display+E+NDX+NDX+511764 FC Edmonton Scouting Report: http://www.wsawinnipeg.ca/scripts/runisa.dll?M2:gp::73379+L3/Display+E+NDX+NDX+509933 While I can't say this with a 100% at this moment, we are working very, very hard to have this game streamed live. Hopefully we'll see some of you at the game!
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