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  1. I'm in Vancouver for this weekends last caps home game of the season and just read in the local paper that the stadium employees may be on a legal strike as of Friday. Anyone know any information as to what the back up plans are?
  2. Hey all, Finally getting a chance to make use of my Caps tickets and travelling out to Vancouver next week. Was wondering if I could get some advice for two events: 1) Was wondering what downtown area pub (if any) will be showing the CONCACAF game on the 18th (small chance, but are there any TFC viewing parties planned) 2) Where would one go for the Caps pre-game pubs/hang outs/tailgates for Oct. 22nd's match? Also for those Voyageurs who I personally know in Vancouver, if you're free to grab a beer/coffee i'm free most of the week - other than doing the diplomatic appearance thingy at the Surrey Regional Economic Summit on Thursday. It'd be good to catch up and possibly strategize our next team Canada away event. Thanks in advance.. Cheers,
  3. Didn't realize this would be so hard to do - I guess I'll just tell the folks at Fox Sports we aren't an official organization and to suggest they simply solicit some Canadian fan in attendance if they still wanted someone. Thanks to everyone.
  4. I've been asked to have our official spokesperson available for a press/media interview at the June 7th match. I'm not sure who this is, but can someone let me know so I can pass on their contacts. Thanks,
  5. Was wondering of those who will be attending the game on June 7th - who is available to 'officially' speak for the Voyageurs to the media. Please msg me so I can set this up. Thanks
  6. Anyone want a pair of free tickets to the match tonight? Supporters sec. 110. I have a going away party to attend for a friend after the match, but can't show up all wet from being rained at the match, so gonna have to sit this one out. lmk if is interested by 4pm.
  7. I'm looking forward to it. -3C and sunshine (although the breeze from the lake will probably lower the temperature). TFC needs to take this one, as back to back losses to expansion teams will be hard to get up from. I think the bus from Guelph has about 20 people going today.
  8. I know of some folks in Guelph that are wanting to go and will be driving down. I am considering going myself, and will keep you posted.
  9. Updated March 17/11 as I finally got the tickets and know the price printed on them. All prices Face Value as printed on tickets. Once again I am posting some of my season tickets for sale: General rules: Must be a Voyaguer member I have 4 seats at both teams, and will only sell them in groups of pairs (no singles). Email Interact payment only (Caps tickets are only in hard copy - will either be left at will call or mailed to you) tfc tickets will only be emailed. Caps tickets are in supporters section 251 - $20/seat (Sec. 231 at Empire Field for the first part of the season) Tfc tickets are in supporters sections 110 - $29/seat or $43/seat depending on game as (some games TFC prices differently) Please send me a message if interested. Cheers
  10. The crowd did have alot of school kids / youth soccer clubs in attendance. Similar to the Ukraine game I attended in the fall, I guess Canada isn't a big draw. I was disappointed from the response I got from inviting Canadian staff from the embassy in Athens and consulate in thessalonkia. No one wanted to join us. Oh well, we had a good time nonetheless.
  11. I have to say that the Greek fans were pretty hospitable in our section. No bad feelings during the game and a lot were surprised and commented how well Canada played and how the score was as close as it was. Although we didn't end up with a win, we can still be proud of our squad for what they did a achive against a top ten team. The pre-game tribute to former Greek coach Otto Rehagel was nice touch of class as well.
  12. Max - great article. Now I know why you missed the gathering earlier tonight at the team hotel. And for the record, we drank your beer for you Look forward to finally hooking up and seeing you at the stadium tomorrow. PS - where's finchester when we need him. Would have loved my arrival via military helicopter airlift from Athens into the Larissa local air force base earlier Tuesday morning. Beats the military escort to the washroom in Kyiv
  13. Hey everyone from sunny Athens were it is about 16C There are 11 Canadian supporters confirmed for attendance at the match. I believe the game will be broadcast live at 10am Toronto time as the game is on 5pm local Greece time. Should be a fun time.
  14. Just booked my flights....looking forward to hooking up with those at the game.
  15. I respect and admire your patriotism, but setting emotions aside, and trying to look at this from a purely business perspective, I would like to ask what does FIFA gain in return for awarding the men's WC tournament in 2026? Safety and richness are not real factors as South Africa, Brazil and Russia surely would have not passed those tests. I'm going to assume, that hosting the event in Canada by default gets you access to the US market. I worked on the 2008 Toronto Summer Olympic Bid, and we too assumed that is the case. It never happened and the IOC awarded the games to Beijing. Keep in mind, Toronto also bid for the 1996 Summer Olympic and lost out to Atlanta. The big prize in this part of the world, has always been and will continue to be the US, despite our merit based assumptions. --- Yes, we did host the '10 Winter Olympics and Toronto will host the '15 PanAm games, (Canada is also considering bidding for the 2026 or 2030 Commonwealth Games and will most likely win one of those) but on the grand scale of world events, none of those compare to the Men's WC nor the Summer Olympic games. To be honest, if the 2026 Mens' WC is preferred to be held in the CONCACAF region (although there are no specific rules guranteeing it will be) and assuming the US doesn't put in a bid, then if I am on the FIFA executive, I have to ask what does awarding Canada give me that they already haven't? - Canada's professional 1st and 2nd divisions leagues are both American based and controlled. Canada's soccer fan base is already a successful niche and well developed market that i'm not sure you can tap for more revenue. Furthermore, assuming the taxpayers fund this, what will become of the infrasture legacy 2, 5, 10 years after the tournament? More professional teams playing for the American based leagues or will Canada create and have enough private investors to fund their own league? (Keep in mind the only professional level sports league we have in the Canadian marketplace which is solely owned and operated by Canadians is the CFL and I would say that at best, that league is breakin even] Will more t-shirts and scarfs being sold that already due? Will soccer get more air time in the press and on regular tv and radio than the other competing sports? What is it that Canada gives back to FIFA which FIFA already doesn't have? If FIFA really wants to tap into the US market (again assuming the US does not bid), then they would be more better off, in awarding it to Mexico or another Central American country (Costa Rica/Panama joint bid for example). That way, they go to a country which soccer already has a monopoly on professional sports, taps the huge latino speaking US market as well and just like Canada has the same US time zones, and FIFA further entrenches their sports and marketing machine to those up and coming economies (Mexico is a G20 member with a growing middle class that is bigger than Canada's entire population) and leaves them with the infrastructure legacy 10 years after the tournament has left which they will naturally use to bolster their soccer leagues (which are already privately financed and sponsored). The business of FIFA is a reality and that reality makes up a large part of their decisions.
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