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  1. Maybe it's the Canadian in me but I prefer a reserved, cautious approach. All the back-patting and self-promotion seems a little tacky, especially when he's yet to prove anything. How about beat a real team, with real stakes, in a hostile venue; then you can talk up all the "tactical intelligence" and "tactical periodization" you want.
  2. As much as I want players that bleed for the shirt, truth is we're not exactly in a position to be shunning talent. It took awhile for guys like Arfield and Hoilett to come on board. If it had been Herdman in charge back then, would he have passed on calling them because he didn't feel they were committed enough? And where would our midfield be then? Maybe if we had a deeper pool and our new coach was of a higher profile/pedigree then this could be done; the respect would be there and the "message" would get across. Fact is, our pool is shallow and Herdman has never coached a men's team before. I mean imagine you have a talent like Cristante on the fence and Herdman is hectoring him into "showing pride for the shirt" and committing to the program? Dude would probably turn around and say "I thought you were the women's coach?" before telling him to piss off.
  3. Although innovative shirt designs would be appealing, I do think there's merit to the idea of having 1 league-wide kit supplier as I expect it would indeed help keep costs down. I recall a post from another thread where someone quoted a former NASL exec who mentioned that one of the reasons that league failed was that they did not bother to centralize certain costs.
  4. According to the article, AS Blainville had until today (Monday) to respond but punishment may not be meted out until after the 2nd leg.. hopefully it's nothing more than a small fine and everyone can just move on.
  5. Yeah Ottawa seems the most likely, but St John's also seems to be in the mix if the rumours are to be believed; pretty remarkable given that I don't think they were on anyone's radar until very recently.. I'd be pretty surprised if Quebec was in for 2019, my guess is 2020.
  6. Kurt-MTL

    CPL General

    Very happy to see some positive news out of Quebec, hopefully can get something going for 2020. Imagine a Montreal-Quebec City derby in Voyageurs Cup?
  7. ---------------------Borjan----------------------- Petrasso-----Jakovic----James----DeJong --------------Kaye--------------Hutchinson------- ---------Hoilett-------Arfield-------Davies------ -----------------------Cavallini------------------------
  8. Agree with Ansem on this one. Bring our best 11 and just crush them. We aren't in a position to take anyone lightly.
  9. I think he should be included in the 18; this might come off as cliche but I still think you need a few guys with that "grit/character/presence/whatever you wanna call it" in the squad. Personally I'd like to see us in a 4-2-3-1 with maybe Hutch or Johnson partnering Kaye as the "2" with Davies-Arfield-Hoilett as the "3" and maybe Cavallini up top.
  10. Haworth hit a few posts but also missed a number of sitters. Still, they did enough to get the win and seem to be playing better of late.
  11. Another scrappy point. Still think they are going nowhere with Robinson but they may just scratch and claw their way into the playoffs, which will inevitable entail a contract extension... sigh
  12. Sure, would be cool to see the Challenge Cup winner plus all PLSQ/L1O teams (save the champs who could get a bye) in a preliminary round (would be 24 teams by my count as of right now).
  13. What do you guys think of including the winner of the Challenge Cup? Add the PLSQ and L1O champs plus 8 CPL clubs plus 3 MLS clubs: 14 clubs open draw, 2-leg knock-out; 7 winners move on, highest seed (would be based on prior V-Cup results) gets a bye with 6 remaining playing another 2-leg knock-out, 3 winners join the highest seed and move to semi-final 2-leg knock-out with 2 winners playing in a cup final at the end?
  14. I like the crest, and the name is growing on me; looking forward to seeing the full kits.
  15. Kurt-MTL

    Impact 2018

    Intuitively it makes sense to just whip it into the box and hope someone gets on the end of it. However, I think I remember reading a while back about some analytics/data behind the short corner. Taking a short corner allows a team to maintain possession thus denying the opposing team the opportunity for a quick counter/break-out. I have no idea what the data shows in terms of success rates between the two approaches but certainly Garde is not the only coach who employs the short corner so there must be some logic to it..
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