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  1. ^ indeed i was wondering what happened to setanta when i watched the matches on the weekend -- now thanks to wiki i know
  2. i can get tickets through rpb but was thinking this year of bringing my kids and would love it if we could get our hands on decent tickets in a more laid back location -- i will probably spend some time in the bunker but the kids are not ready for that yet and i want them to start supporting canada i heard that the impact offered soccer clubs inexpensive tickets and filled there stadium that makes a lot more sense than 50% of the stadium being empty we need support for the boys its time to push for our national team to suceed and they need support why cant csa do this in toronto ffs they want our support but a lot of families just cannot justify paying 60 or 70 dollars each for tickets can the "v" 's pull something off and if its in another thread i dont come here enough so apologise in advance tks scott
  3. razcle i would like one to could i purchase it at the sept 12th tailgate cheers scott could you pm me on rpb board ?
  4. well i guess thats all over no disrespect to mr mitchell but its time to move ahead now that the agenda has been fullfilled what's next? time to build a team i dont know all the politics involved but can we not hire a coach and build a team for the future from our huge pool of talented youth players
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