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  1. Is this game part of the season ticket package? It should be, for all four teams.
  2. I know Brett Hart wore pink shorts, but I'd think that making these ones red makes more sense. Great work.
  3. Completely untrue. Look at how many medals Australia wins at the Summer Olympics, per capita (not just when they host them). Look at how many national professional sports leagues Australia maintains (soccer, rugby, Australian football, cricket), given 2/3 of our population, AND the disadvantage of large geography (even if it's not as large as ours). Granted Australia doesn't have a massive culturally-dominant neighbour like we do, but their country clearly shows that if you spend money on sport development, you have a society that values participation in sport, and you have a population that will pay to watch local sport, you will create more elite athletes per capita than societies that don't. True to a point; but all those kids in Australia with British ancestry aren't competing in sport to escape the very nice suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney, but rather to continue living comfortably in them. Canada's hockey playing pros tend not to be from lower income families, but from normal middle class backgrounds, often with two caring parents. The DO tend to come more from smaller towns per capita than from large cities, from what I can see.
  4. Glad to see Occean get the call. Hopefully he'll get to start for his team next year in the Bundesliga.
  5. Canada currently has all the MLS teams it will ever have. The math is simple: Van, Tor, and Mtl have 2 1/2M, 5M, and 3M people. Cgy, Edm, and Ott have 1M people, placing them behind about 20 US cities in terms of their potential value as MLS cities. The only realistic possibilities of growth for the mens pro game in Canada are now at the D2 level, either as part of the NASL / USL Pro, or as part of a Canadian league, if 8 ownership groups could all get on the same page with similar ambition and resources at the same time (I'm not holding my breath for that). Part of what we need are ownership groups that don't delude themselves into MLS fantasies, and therefore plan for stadiums that hold 5-10,000 people, so that their teams have a chance to succeed.
  6. Undersoil heating is such an obvious necessity I don't understand why WAY more groups don't install it - including amateur organisations. If you install it, you largely eliminate the need to have artificial turf, because you can water the grass heavily for six days to promote growth, then turn the heat on for 24 hours before the game to dry it back out. But then again, I also marvel at the stupidity of Canadians in not putting overhead cover above the seats in Canadian stadiums . . .
  7. I look forward to seeing the replies to that after Montreal beats Toronto home and away in their side of the Canadian Championship!
  8. When my wife has a headache, she insists that sex is the best cure for it.
  9. Instead of expanding into the side with the cameras, the expansion of the V section should be into the side opposite the camera's. The Vs have done great work in the last several games, but very little of it is seen on camera. I'd recommend not filling the whole end zone, but only half of it, and filling 1/8th or 1/4 of the far (east) side main stand, for visual impact on television.
  10. I'll be setting the PVR, and won't be able to actually watch it until Thursday evening.
  11. I said no such thing. I said that I think it will be counter-productive to the growth of the fan base. That’s a different subject. It is if that’s the limit to how people think. Pointing out flaws in ideas is nothing personal. If pointing out fallacies when they are used in a debate hurts people’s feelings then they shouldn’t enter into debates which they are not equipped to be able to handle. It is if it includes claiming that people will support a sports team based upon who their corporate sponsor is. This is the equivalent of saying “I know you are but what am I”. It’s no more valid here than it is on schoolyard playgrounds. Pointing out flaws in arguments, or providing reasons for why someone has certain opinions, does not demonstrate an inability to comprehend other opinons. I already said the same thing. I’m quite capable of understanding the perspective of those arguing in favour of this change. As every consumer should be when they spend their money and time on something. This is an example of the inability to accept different views which I referenced above. It’s the sort of George Bush / Osama bin Laden “if you’re not with us you’re against us” mentality that causes fanatics to harm people. It’s the No True Scotsman (ironic given the Highlanders club name) fallacy used by people to argue over who is or is not a true fan, or a true Conservative, or a true patriot, or a true Muslim. It’s a logic fallacy. There is no fan who is any more “true” than another. I would think the type of fan they are looking for is the kind that pays for tickets to watch them. The fact that I bought a season ticket this year, have steered other people to also buy season tickets, have talked up the club among other local soccer players, make a lot of noise at the games, volunteered to help in situations when they needed it, and am part of the entertainment for other fans does make me the kind of fan they and every other sports team are looking for.
  12. I'd love to know the budget currently, and the cost of running a USL Pro team too. Owner Alex Campbell has had to really cut costs this year, despite obviously wishing he didn't have to. The problem for Victoria at USL Pro level would be that the nearest rival is . . . Los Angeles. Will dumping the cost [and identity] of the womens team mean that more money is now available for the PDL team? Who knows, but fans can hope so. I have nothing to base it on other than events like the recent Whitecaps/UVic game, the recent Cdn University championship, and the World U-17 Cup games; but I think that Victoria would support a fully pro level of soccer with crowds of 3,000 or more if a bit of "new paint" style decorating were done properly at Royal Athletic Park. The question is, would that be enough paying customers to make USL Pro a viable thing? Over the summer it wouldn't have to compete with the Royals junior hockey team. If the stars were to align so that someone in Calgary, Sacramento, Phoenix, and San Diego wanted to join USL Pro at the same time, maybe that would be the critical mass of somewhat-near teams to make it succeed.
  13. This isn't about sponsorship, it's about sponsorship going to a degree with drives some fans away. Claiming that it is merely about sponsorship is either a Straw Man Fallacy, or an inability to comprehend opinions other than your own, even when they are explained in detail.
  14. This is the sort of illogical / tribal / rude mindset utilised by people who can't comprehend opinions other than their own, or more importantly, the possibility of opinions other than their own.
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