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  1. Interesting subplot: Silvana Flores of Georgetown, ON has started every game for Mexico. Would expect her to start this game as well. Brother is in Arsenal academy, father used to be technical director of Guelph Soccer.
  2. So... can we start talking about the future of this team? to keep: Borjan Hainault De Jong Jakovic Edgar Johnson Hutchinson Pacheco Jackson Cavallini The rest should either retire or be dropped and replaced with young promising players looking to build team cohesion for the next cycle. Too bad we have to wait another 4 damn years.
  3. Or maybe bring in youngsters to fill the gaps. Anyone remember when Osieck brought in Stalteri in 1999-2000 who was just 21-22 and only playing in the Bremen reserves? Or a young Jim Brennan who became a key left wingback? Maybe we need to play Hutchinson at RB since he is really our only real RB; bring in Samuel Piette to replace him in the center and if Dero and Simpson are both out then bring in Teibert on the left.
  4. I think Hart was probably thinking let them have the ball at the back. He was trying to play compact and encouraging Panama to come forward, create a turnover and then counterattack with the pace of Ricketts and/or Jackson. Problem is, Panama realized that and just decided to stall and try to kill the game off.
  5. There is a relatively easy solution to the noise problem; as those who have lived in apartments or with screaming babies can attest to. Turn on all regular noise that exists in the room, bathroom fan, air conditioner, etc. Plus open computer or to http://simplynoise.com/ turn on full blast and sleep like a baby.
  6. Thinking exactly the same thing, we need as many people as possible to comment there and try to drill some sense into those dinosaurs.
  7. Hmm, is this the first time that we've had someone defect to a national program that might actually be worse than Canada's?
  8. I wonder if St. Lucia realizes that time wasting is only a useful tactic if you are winning the game.
  9. It's switched back to TFC -Caps after half-time
  10. Right on. So far Friend has gotten most of the flak but what about De Guzman, Hutchinson, and De Rosario? Three of the 'best midfield in concacaf' and our 'golden generation' as many of us were putting it before the last cycle. We are still relying on the same core that failed us so badly. Maybe it's time to bring in some promising youngsters in important positions. Like Holger did with Stalteri, betting that a 20 year old reserve with Bremen would turn out to be something.
  11. Summary: Slovakia playing USA probably in Bratislava on Nov. 14. 18th is still open, Canada is interested, Norway is also a possibility. Last week coach Weiss said that on the 18th it would be Italy but that has fallen through. Republic of Korea was also lined up but the timing of the match was a problem so that has also fallen through. There was some speculation on Argentina but that has also been ruled out. The president of the Slovak Football federation says at the end: "We have various parties interested. Canada is in play as well as Norway." They are scrambling a bit at the last minute to organize the matches now because until their last qualifying game with Poland they didn't know if they would be through to the World Cup or if they would be in the UEFA playoffs in November.
  12. I was there as well at the old Varsity stadium. I remember my friends and I reading about the "Brazilian" suiting up for Canada and were trying to pick him out. We were very impressed with Stalteri's pace and Arristodemo's touch on the ball. We all thought Robbie had a big future ahead of him.
  13. It was hard to choose between Costa Rica and Honduras, since I hate both teams with a passion. But when I watched the USA tie CR 4:30 into stoppage time and watched the Costa Rican's absolutely devastated, I have to say that it definitely made my evening.
  14. Wilfrid Laurier


    Sigma, the Slovak team this year is intriguing. For the first time since Czechoslovakia split they have a pretty good collection of top end talent and their top players are all still young with lots of room for further development (Weiss, Hamsik, Stoch, Skrtel and Sestak). They remind me a little of the young Czech team (with a young Poborsky and Nedved) that surprised everyone at Euro 96. Because of their youth and inexperience, they often don't play well with the lead and resort to desperation tactics instead of staying calm and keeping possession (much like Canada). I'm not expecting much but they could surprise a few teams that might overlook them next summer.
  15. Also, hire Rivaldo to teach our guys how to dive and draw red cards.
  16. I thought he was suspended for the first 2 games this season.
  17. Yes, we know that his family doesn't care about Canada. But this isn't about his family, it's about Asmir. If he really wanted to play for Bosnia, why not play for them earlier? Why not sign up for their youth teams? or contact them some time ago if he knew that they have a shallow goalkeeper pool? He showed no interest until the Bosnian coach found out about him and called him up. It's opportunism, plain and simple, as proven by his dishonest comments that he makes to both sides. (unless the Bosnian media is just making all of this up, which seems unlikely). If he came out and and addressed the Canadian media or this board and said something like this: "I appreciate all that Canada provided me and enjoyed my time playing for U-20 team. However, living in Europe and having my family no longer in Canada, I really feel more loyalty to Bosnia and since I plan to retire there and raise a family I want to play for them. I wish all the best to the Canadian team in the future and I'm sorry for any fans that I've disappointed", then I would accept his decision. It's this constant dishonesty that we've seen with Hargreaves (fake accent, lying interviews, etc.), and now Begovic that frustrates me much more than the actual decision. As fans that have followed his career for a long time, I feel he owes us at least an honest explanation.
  18. The Brazilian playing for Croatia would be Eduardo, however he was out through injury so I don't know if you count him or not. He moved from Brazil to play for Dinamo Zagreb when he was 16 and then took on Croatian citizenship 3 years later.
  19. Game Over 1-0. My wife asked me if this game is important. I said it's the only thing we have to look forward to for the next 3 years. sigh.
  20. 2 minutes added on. corner Jamaica, caught by sutton
  21. Jackson sets up Gerba, just a few inches away from getting his foot on it for a second goal.
  22. Jackson good job drawing a foul to relieve some pressure
  23. unnecessary foul by simpson. fk jamaica....cleared
  24. Well thank goodness I'm not the manager! Once again, Gerba looks useless in all aspects of the game except for scoring!
  25. Gerba Goal! Brilliant first time strike, far corner on a long cross from the left
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