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  1. Not sure what to think of this, from Gerry Dobson's Twitter: "I'm hearing we're still a month away from learning about #WCQ procedure in #Concacaf. GD" Any speculation?
  2. Not sure what thread to put this one in without starting a new one. Funniest tweet from Dobson yet regarding a former Canadian abroad: "RT @callitfoobtall. FC Edmonton partners with Asmir Begovic for children's charity. I wonder why FC Edmonton hates children." Of course, it is a re-tweet, so technically Dobson still is not funny.
  3. From CSA'a twitter feed: Canada starting XI - Stillo, Augustin, Suta, Hart, Roberts, Teibert, Osorio, Cobby, Cebara, Jackson, Cavallini 0-0 at the half.
  4. Good point After watching the game yesterday, I am almost at the point of begging so Canada can actually have a decent striker.
  5. Hey, just a thought I want to throw out there. I was pondering about Mr. Hoilett today and decided to visit his/his brother's website. On there I found an email address to his advisor who is his father. My question is: Would it be worth it for us to send a a bunch of emails about how we want Junior to play for Canada and how he could be the extra piece that puts us into the World Cup? Any thoughts on this? Would it be too much like begging, or would it be good to show some support for him? BTW, the email is: JJDsports2008@hotmail.com
  6. Oh Sportsnet. Can't you spell names right. On the poll I'm voting for "David Hoylette."
  7. Max, did you wish Atiba a happy birthday for us?
  8. I had emailed a link of this thread to a friend of mine who just so happens to be Stephen Hart's nephew. I thought he might be interested in this thread. He then emailed the link to Stephen Hart and told me that Stephen has been on here. So I know for a fact that the coach has been able to read our comments and thoughts. Just thought I'd let everyone know.
  9. Well, you're not the only one calling for transparency (read last paragraph): http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=848298&sec=global&cc=5901
  10. In that case, we need to accelerate the expansion of the oil sands.
  11. ****load of money and no Parliament to tell the government that they can't spend exorbitant amounts of it on a 1 month tournament. That is the only case FIFA needs, not how good the national team is or anything like that... just money.
  12. Atiba Hutchinson starts for PSV in Europa League against FC Metalist Kharkiv.
  13. Mike Klukowski stays on the bench as Club Brugge draws FC Lahti 1-1 in the second leg of their third round Europa League qualifying match. Brugge advances 3-2 on aggregate.
  14. Almost would have preferred good 'ol Benito A. instead of this guy.
  15. Club you supported as a kid: Didn't really support anyone. Only watched hockey as a kid. Domestic club you support now: Toronto FC Foreign club(s) you support now: Liverpool and PSG Favourite lower league club: Don't look at the lower leagues too much. Guilty pleasure you'd only admit to your closest internet friends: Despite being a devoted Liverpool fan, sometimes I find myself actually supporting Chelsea. Most Hated Club(s): Real Madrid, Man U, AC Milan. National Team: Canada first, then Brazil, Sweden, France
  16. Just two for me: vs. Honduras, Edmonton, Sept 2004 vs. Mexico, Edmonton, Oct. 2008
  17. Fox Sports also does not have much confidence in Canada: http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/9759684/Stage-set-for-an-exciting-Gold-Cup-tournament Oh well, Fox Sports doesn't know too much about Football.
  18. Some good comments about Edgar from some Newcastle fans at the bottom of the page.
  19. It is official now: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=639681&sec=england&cc=5901
  20. Interesting the speculation of who the new manager will be: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=639594&sec=england&cc=5901 Wonder what Jaime's fortunes will be with Keano at the helm.
  21. In La Liga today: Deportivo La Coruna vs. Almeria Depor wins 2-0 Julian doesn't make it on the pitch
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