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  1. I can't seem to get the online reservation manager to allow me to buy the ticket that I would need to get to be on time for the game. Also, I have to leave in the afternoon, and return home after the game to work the following morning.
  2. Do /you/ have an extra ticket available?
  3. All, Is anyone travelling to BMO on Tuesday PM for the Honduras game? I'm looking into transit. Train seems to not work, and is too expensive to fly. Thinking of driving. Is anyone else going, maybe with room in their car, or looking to hitch a ride with another Voyageur? B
  4. Why is it they can only do one thing well, in this case run a rather attractive Canadian Soccer blog... The site is woeful, as is much surrounding the 'organization'. Though they sure did well to have 'Canadian Soccer Association' mentioned about three hundred times last night. At least ten of them announcing 'proud sponsor/support/supplier'.
  5. Where are people getting stats for the women with the CSA site 'migrating' old info... ?
  6. Hey Matt, Thanks for the clarification. I'll try and make it out there again. Brad
  7. If you don't tell us you wrote it. Noone would. Stand up for your work. Noone here would begrudge that.
  8. I had them put it on the TV at the bar, and it was on a few others while I was there. I watched TFC x Whitecaps when they played for the first time, at Gracies, and it was a **** show. There was a large group of disinterested soccer fans in the middle of the bar, and the game was on the screen behind them from where I was sitting. It wasn't fun. Also... defunct Halifax based soccer store.
  9. Don't people in Ottawa watch such things at the Georgetown? That's where I'm headed in a few. Call it the viewing choice of a new guard. Or something.
  10. "It would be interesting if it wasn't always so transparently obvious. I only like to expose Robert because you get newbies coming to these sites who don't know any better and might believe some of his poop." Because no one knows that the internet is littered with bellyaching. Phew. Such a noble cause.
  11. Nova Scotia Clippers 4Lyf

  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_at_the_2011_Pan_American_Games_–_Women%27s_tournament No coach, but, a tournament lingering. Only two months away.
  13. *CRASH* http://wleague.uslsoccer.com/home/548177.html Will be replayed on Fox Soccer Channel tomorrow for those who enjoy that sort of thing.
  14. Why is everybody so off on WPS. Seriously, it's a fledgling 6 team, regional league who are ripe with issues and have already resolved to scale back their salary cap significantly. They have an International player cap, and will very likely not be around in a few years despite having celebrity ownership (Steve Nash, et al.) Dads, with no clue, coaching their daughters to U10 titles is the problem. Call your local club and ask why they can't get the **** together. Or, ask them why their $400,000 budgets equate to such meagre technical budgets.
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