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  1. Watchmen

    CPL economics

    I'm saying that if they are indeed jaw dropping for a start up league, then go ahead and release them. Let us make up our own minds. That was sort of my point with the CFL reference. The numbers weren't that big compared to every other league but we were all capable of seeing that it was a big deal for the CFL.
  2. Watchmen

    CPL economics

    Now, to be fair you could definitely be right: the numbers aren't as impressive as some of the other leagues and they'd rather not divulge that. But then they shouldn't have their media mouth pieces like Peter Schaad talking about how the numbers are "jaw dropping" and bragging about how great they are.
  3. Watchmen

    CPL economics

    https://www.cbssports.com/wwe/news/vince-mcmahon-reportedly-expects-to-spend-500-million-on-xfl-in-first-three-years/ https://www.nbcsports.com/video/aaf-chairman-tom-dundon-explains-why-he-invested-250m-league https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2017/06/13/arizona-coyotes-owner-andrew-barroway-buys-out-partners-for-240-million/#62162986178b I mean, we could go on...
  4. Watchmen

    CPL General

    Except that even when there's cases of "it depends" with pro sports, we've know that. The NHL has signed deals where the broadcaster shared $X amount of ad revenue and that's all they got, but we knew that. When TSN first signed up exclusives rights to the CFL, it wasn't for giant dollars but we knew what they were and could all see that it was still a big deal to the CFL. The CSB hasn't said at all what the dollar figure or the details are, and in a world where we *know* the dollar figures of pro leagues signing TV contracts, then *not* knowing just leads me to think there's something to hide. Because if there's nothing to hide, why hide the numbers or details?
  5. Watchmen

    CPL General

    Sure, I get that. I understand the excitement, and that not everything is going to be perfect and it doesn't matter because markets that haven't had soccer in forever are suddenly going to again. I just think that it's also ok to ask questions from the league, because given how soccer has been run in this country for so long "just trust us" isn't really an acceptable answer either.
  6. Watchmen

    CPL General

    Well sure, people are jumping to conclusions. But I think some of that is on the league. They're incredibly vague about a lot of things at times. Salary cap? "Seven figures! (if you include the coaches)". Schedule? "Here you go! (for the opener...now check back in 7-10 days)" Broadcaster? "It's Jaw-Dropping!" Great! Where can I watch and how much is it worth? "It's Jaw-Dropping!"
  7. But they weren't really that interested in doing that before. And now they'd have to pay more to do so, as mediaPRO would have to sell the rights to them at a profit for themselves. So while they may be interested in buying the occasional game, I don't see any network buying the entirety of the games.
  8. Why would a mainstream cable company buy the entirety of games from a third party at a higher rate than just producing it in house?
  9. While I understand what you're saying and I'm not saying that Mediapro isn't going to try, but there's also possibly only so much they're actually willing to do. NBC is paying the NHL a billion dollars over 10 years and they're coverage and production is shit. They might know they have a cult following in Canadian soccer they can get by on and aren't necessarily willing to invest enough to push it in to the mainstream.
  10. Well, no. This media deal is for the next 10 years so you already know what your revenue source from it is. And further, if you're adding teams over that time period (as they will), then any dollar value from it per team actually goes down. So the cap might go up, but it won't be because of this deal.
  11. I find it weird that the CSB isn't actually saying what the dollar figure is. We're going based on sources. Big leagues talk about the value of their TV contracts. If it was smaller I could understand why they'd want to shield it, but if it's large as speculated than I'd think that's something they'd want front and center. "We're going to be a big deal in sports TV in this country and here's why." So I think maybe it's not as much cash as people want to think, that it's going to be tied up in to production costs a lot more. And I'd still love to know the split in revenue, because as excited as people are for the CPL I'd love to ensure that the national teams are being properly funded as well.
  12. It's also not inconceivable that they go with a joint Copa America while also doing a Gold Cup on an alternate cycle. At any rate, I think an expanded Copa is win-win. It's likely a bigger payday for the South American sides vs what they currently get, and it gets the US and Mexico playing against much better competition in a more competitive atmosphere on a regular basis. And as a Canadian fan, while I celebrated our Gold Cup win wildly, I think Canada qualifying for the Copa would be a much bigger deal to the general public (akin to the smaller countries qualifying for the Euro).
  13. As an additional follow up, a lot of your argument seems to revolve around the Big 3 being able to outspend the other markets. But unless the CPL severally alters their salary model, that's not going to happen. There's room under a salary cap for flexibility, but I don't see the CPL allowing the Big 3 to spend to the same levels as they do in MLS and certainly not to the stage where they gain a major advantage over the other markets. They wouldn't be replacing Altidore and Bradley with Kaye and Cavallini because they still couldn't afford Kaye and Cavallini under the cap.
  14. It's not "MLS is awesome" that drives casual fans to the games. It's the perception that "this is the big leagues of North America" that very definitely drives some fans out to it. Just like there's fans who won't give MLS the time of day because "it's not the EPL or La Liga", there are very definitely fans who will go out to watch any MLS game over any CPL game just because they *perceive* it to be the better product. All 3 big markets had USL teams before joining MLS and all 3 had major rises in attendance after joining MLS. That's not coincidence. Were they to join the CPL, I'm not saying they'd drop back to USL levels but they would absolutely drop from their MLS levels.
  15. Have you seen Argo's attendance? They stopped coming out. The CFL has the worst attendance in the Big 3 markets. Here's the 2018 numbers for you: https://3downnation.com/2018/09/18/cfl-attendance-slightly-cause-concern/ I can convince friends to come out to MLS games sometimes in Vancouver. They never came out to USL games. They laughed when I mentioned the CPL. The quality of the league matters, at least to casual fans in bigger markets.
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