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  1. Watchmen

    Why was the original CSL short-lived?

    You mean like how Bob Young is already the primary investor in Hamilton and also now the financial backer of Halifax?
  2. Watchmen

    CPL General

    Sure. But then the narrative is "we have 20 parties interested, but not necessarily 20 parties capable of backing it financially." That's not quite as positive as they kept making it sound. I guess the other part for me is that they should have been more open and up front about Young's involvement with the Halifax group, instead of this coming out in an interview much later. The league needs to be open and transparent about what's going on.
  3. Watchmen

    CPL General

    I feel like this seems to be getting ignored on this thread, unless I've missed it previously. I mean, that's incredibly generous of Bob Young and it's also something that MLS went through for a decade, but I don't think it's a healthy situation for a league. And further, the commissioner spent a lot of time talking about how many ownership groups wanted to jump in on this league. Only starting with 7 teams and 2 of them being financed by one guy doesn't really seem to back that up.
  4. Watchmen

    CPL General

    I know you've got nearly 2000 posts, but you must be new to this board.
  5. Watchmen

    CPL General

    That's interesting. I'd always assumed they'd be targeting younger, up and coming players from poorer Central American/Caribbean countries with the thought of developing them (like the younger Canadian players) to sell them on to bigger clubs later on. That these types of players might be more willing to take a lower salary just to get in to a more professional environment. But reading your post, I can certainly see them targeting older, veteran players on their last contract with the idea being more "come to Canada and play, but also get your foot in the door in to Canada to help set you and your family up for the next stage of your life".
  6. Watchmen

    CPL TV Contract

    Sportsnet has lots of content at the times you'd be playing CanPL games. Unless you want the games shown in the morning the day after.
  7. Watchmen

    CPL TV Contract

    Bundesiga and Scottish Premier League. So maybe they'll push the Celtic and Rangers games more.
  8. Watchmen

    CPL TV Contract

    Right, but it doesn't necessarily capture the casual fan. If a casual fan is thinking they might be interested in seeing what the big deal is about the EPL (or any league), are they going to sign up for a package to do so? It's one thing for it to be on a cable package you already have, and another to sign up for something. I think that's the debate going on here and with what CPL should do in terms of TV.
  9. Watchmen

    CPL TV Contract

    Quite frankly, I've found the coverage of the EPL this year to be quite poor. A lot more games shuffled off to TSN 3/4/5 than in the past, so fewer options (for me at least) in the morning. Does Sportsnet still has Bundesliga next year? I could see them moving those games off of World and on to their regular channels. I could also see TSN (or Sportsnet) going out and getting the rights to another league at a cheaper price than the EPL. I think soccer on Saturday/Sunday mornings works well for them. There's few other live sporting events at that time, so soccer works well. Just a matter of finding the right price point for them.
  10. Watchmen

    CPL TV Contract

    Well the gambling syndicates apparently love the current CSL...
  11. Watchmen

    CPL General

    Is the CPL commissioner still doing his "biweekly discussions" or was that a one-off dealing with the Ottawa situation and it never actually happened again? I never check the CPL website, but never seem to see any mention of them here.
  12. Watchmen

    Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread

    Just start scanning old WFC II rosters and you'll find the next signing.
  13. Watchmen

    CPL General

    That's nice. It would be even better if the league settled on what the salary cap actually is and let us know.
  14. Watchmen

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    I mean, for my convenience this would be nice, but I'm a little surprised they'd be coming back to Vancouver so soon after the World Cup fiasco. I guess weather dictates it's one of the few viable venues and Victoria (much as I'd like to see these types of games pushed in to the CPL markets) might be that extra step too far to get the players from Europe to (from both a cost and flight perspective).
  15. Watchmen

    Gold Cup 2019

    Let's not get too picky with our friendlies. They need games together. As many as they can get. I'm not saying a CONCACAF team is ideal, but I'd take it over no game. And really, that's actually the big advantage the US has over Canada right now - their guys actually get to play together on a regular basis. We can debate the talent levels of both teams, but playing together regularly can help overcome some talent issues.