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  1. Watchmen

    CPL General

    But would the company want to own it? Not at all uncommon for companies to liquidate businesses that aren't part of their core.
  2. CBC has pushed a lot to their stream service. I'm sure some games will be on TV, but the phrasing certainly makes it sound like not all 20 will.
  3. But you're comparing 2nd tier boxing and MMA viewership and extrapolating numbers from it. For a better discussion, the same Athletic article says they're hoping that of the average EPL viewership of 100-150k they're aiming for 1/3, so about 30-50k. That's at a price of $20/month (or $12.50 for an annual subscription) while being able to offer an immensely bigger package than One Soccer can. Conversion to streaming is a tough sell. And of course, this all assumes that people don't just start finding illegal streams and watching for free.
  4. The interesting thing regarding the DAZN pick up of the EPL is the amount the apparently paid for it (per The Athletic) - insider says $10-15 million a year for the next 3 years. I've always had my suspicions on that rumoured "$150 million for 10 years" deal with MediaPro, and this DAZN deal sort of continues that. I can't see the EPL and the CPL being valued in Canada equally. For those with an Athletic subscription, you can find it here: https://theathletic.com/903037/2019/04/03/what-dazn-means-for-your-english-premier-league-viewing-today-and-maybe-your-hockey-tomorrow/
  5. I'm not sure it's going to be as cheap as people seem to think. MediaPro has to recoup whatever they're investing. I'm not sure they're doing that on $7.99 a month from a limited base.
  6. Watchmen

    CPL General

    You should watch how rugby uses their equivalent to VAR. It's great. And the officials are mic'ed up, so you hear them talking with the judge about what they saw, what they're looking for, etc.
  7. I've argued this over in the CPL TV thread, but man I wish they were less secretive about this deal and what's included in it.. It's incredibly frustrating.
  8. And an extra 15-20k seats at BC Place vs BMO at $20 a piece will get you an extra $300-$400k over Toronto. Because this game will sell out regardless of venue. Again, I'm not arguing for one over the other. I think we've all learned that both are solid choices now.
  9. We don't know the terms of the MediaPro deal. It's possible that it's a fixed rate, or that the increase in showing in Toronto vs Vancouver is negligible. I honestly don't see the money from a one-off tv rights deal being relevant enough to determine which city should host this event. To be clear, I'm not saying it shouldn't be hosted in Toronto. I'm saying that the CSA should do what's in Canada's best interest.
  10. Who the f*** cares what the USSF wants? I don't care if they think it will make them more money. That's irrelevant to the CSA. Toronto/Vancouver for either match, and line up friendlies in nearby CPL cities.
  11. Again, this is incorrect. The rumoured $150m includes all the infrastructure around the league, not the fees the CPL would get. If we were including all of those additional costs, it would bump the value on any TV deal for the NHL or MLS up considerably. This calculation also doesn't take in to account whatever TSN is paying the 3 Canadian MLS teams. So I guess I won't disagree that maybe the 3 MLS teams would take a look at it in a decade, but I think the gap is going to be considerably larger than you think.
  12. This is complete BS. 1) The CSA tried to form in a league again in..the early 2000s? With that CPSL (I forget the exact abbreviations). Never got it off the ground at all. There was so little progress from Canadian soccer that it took the fans actually going out to form a Cup competition for the teams playing in the USL/A-League. There was zero progress on a domestic league in any form when MLS came along and had Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal join. 2) The Canadian soccer team was sliding down the FIFA rankings LONG before MLS came to Canada. 3) The CPL has played zero games so far. The Canadian men's team is the best it's been in decades. 13 of the squad against French Guiana have either played or currently play for MLS teams. If you want to say that Canadian soccer is going to be better for having the CPL, I'll 100% agree. Again, it's going to give more players opportunities and more fans (either hard core or casual) exposure to the sport. These are good things. But to dismiss the good things that MLS has done for Canadian soccer (even if more could have been done) is gaslighting the issue.
  13. I don't think it's inconceivable that teams in the CPL fold or relocate. MLS folded 2 teams in the early days. I have immense respect for the Faths for everything they did in Edmonton and the patience they showed developing that market, but they reached a breaking point and had to be talked in to reforming the team after folding it. I'm not saying I think Edmonton might fold, but rather that I don't think it's inconceivable that a market just doesn't work out.
  14. We're currently watching Canada's most talented squad in decades, and 13 of the players on the team against French Guiana either play for or got training from MLS teams. That's not a coincidence. There's a place for the CPL, as it provides both additional spots for Canadian players to develop and continues to expand the fan base for Canadian soccer fans. But there's lots of fans in the big markets that follow MLS and won't bother to follow CPL, and if the MLS teams dropped down to CPL they just wouldn't follow them.
  15. So not a great first review for MediaPro? I was at the game and haven't had a chance to re-watch it yet.
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