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  1. ...and he already has 2 goals in 6 games with HB Køge...
  2. West: 5 spots for 9 teams. East: 5 spots for 10 teams. Try again.
  3. Yeah, I agree with both of you, I admit I kind of overreacted a bit . Patrice, I still want you here and will wait as long as it takes.
  4. In this article, he really sounds like a guy who takes MTL like a last resort solution. Before the Impact contacted him seriously, he was constantly saying "They should make me an offer". Now that both the Caps and Impact have talked to him, he now implies he wants to stay in Europe as long as he can, saying about MLS "yes, no, maybe, I don't know, we'll see, only the future will tell" and the likes. Exemple from the article: "If there's a possibility to go in MTL, that this possibility is good and I'm still interested, I don't close the door." He also adds: "I negociated with MTL, they made some offer, we discussed, discussions are ongoing, and... we'll see. For now, my mind's with the club where I currently am." Talk about beating around the bush ! He can sign with another team till mid-January, but when you read between the lines, that means "If a better team than Lyngby BK IN EUROPE calls me, I'll go there right away. If it's an MLS team, that's different, they better be prepared to give me a long-term deal with much more money". In other words, I'll do everything that's possible to stay in Europe my entire career, but you can buy me if you're an MLS team AND I don't have a serious offer in Europe at the same time. Patrice, it's perfectly understandable you want to play in Europe for the rest of your career. I myself would do the same. BUT PLEASE STOP BULLSH*TTING US. Please stop with the "It would be a dream come true to play in MTL, my hometown, in front of my friends and family in the top tier league in NA". Please. After saying the Impact's FO guys weren't transparent with their intentions (you were exactly right), please stop doing the same afterwards. Be transparent with your fellow canadian fans. I really hope I'm wrong all the way. I like the guy. It's just the impression that I get.
  5. They say trolls come in 3s, so who's next ? Actually MLS and NA soccer in general can't be taken seriously, we don't have real hooligans in here to fight with other teams hooligans and destroy everything, smashing up trash cans on opposite players face while invading the pitch with rocks to throw at anyone that has the bad idea of standing a couple meters to you. Next game I'll be sure to bring a baseball bat with me, you never know, my team could trail at some point and a supporter of the opposing team could look at me in a way I won't appreciate... See, I can learn pretty quickly from all these knowledgeable people. So that... ...that... ...and that... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6LLL3Yn6Gw ...are all videos we should show to NA people so we know how to actually level up our league & clubs on even terms with Europe. I know I'm exaggerating but we must fight fire with fire with these guys...
  6. The obvious answer to your post is: you obvoiously didn't understand a single thing about what I wrote. My post was actually all about criticizing what Marc wrote. For that matter, I said look at the video and you'll agree the logo is SYMBOLIC because it EXPLAINS what the elements on it means while Marc clearly wrote the logo isn't symbolic. I never replied to your appreciation of the logo post so why the hell you feel the need to feel attacked by my reply to Marc's post (there are 4 "I" in your 1st paragraph !!!) goes beyond me. I think he's a grown enough man to defend his POV and reply by himself you know. You really sound like a guy who enjoys to create arguing sessions even when not called upon. Easiest path is to distort what someone said then wait: it's called trolling. Either that or you have a serious problem with your reading comprehension.
  7. ^ Ha Ha ! No offense to you, I like your attitude, in fact that's the attitude every called-up player sholud have, but as fans we should just wait and see.
  8. If NDS' biggest job is to be the PR guy, then I'm in Wonderland.
  9. I'm not the one to say this is the best possible logo, I agree some things could have been done better, but come on, your total disparity in your appreciation of Vancouver's logo and MTL's is pure subjectivity. How can you say this logo is not historic, not symbolic, not classy without bringing up some insight ? Did you actually see the video presentation of the logo ? The stars, the stripes, the blue color, the fleur de lys, all of that both symbolic and historic, just look at the video then you'll agree. The dominant thing you see on the logo is the fleur de lys, I mean this is the uttermost symbol of Québec and our french ancestry, what makes us different from the rest of NA. Saying this logo is not historic and symbolic is completely stupid. It definitely is considering the club (colors, stripes, fleur de lys, motto only slightly changed), the city (four stars) and the province (blue background, fleur de lys). Your paragraph about how it should be easy to draw the logo, wow, stripes and stars are soooooo difficult to draw man. I for one find the diagonal banner awkward as well, but once again, sooooo difficult draw. And yes the fleur the lys isn't easy to draw but that's far from a good enough reason to drop it since yourself seem so inclined to include symbolism and history. Oh my god, I forgot about the dual colors ! Well, that means you must have some trouble drawing Vancouver's logo as well since the mountains are dual-colored ! Seriously, you're exaggerating way too much your subjectivity in your post. To me, the WC's logo isn't MORE symbolic nor historic AT ALL. You have all the rights in the world to find it fantastic but when the team unveiled their MLS logo, I had exactly the same reaction you had about MTL's, it was a definite "MEH". In my book, there's no way Vancouver's logo looks more classy. But I'm more objective and see all the symbolism it has and still thinks that this logo gets the job done after some months of looking at it.
  10. Thanks Grizzly for the info. Full props to Joey doing that. I feel because they hired a guy based primarily on his knowledge of the league that it gives us hope NDS won't dictate "that" much who they're gonna go after. I had the same feeling about Marsch as you did after the meeting but now reading your report it strengthens it. Did you think NDS will (not, fingers crossed) have a major role next year compared to Marsch ?
  11. ^ CFL teams wear the country's flag on their helmet, Als included. But they ADDED (not SUBSTITUTED) the Québec flag on their helmet so that makes them the only CFL team sporting a provincial flag. Does anyone here complain about that ? Why would that be impossible to do as everyone in NA agrees that Québec has a different background from other provinces and US states ? Faroe Islands and Scotland can qualify as independant entities for the WC though they're not independant countries per se, but we can't ADD the Québec flag on the sleeve to the Canadian one ? Come on. That would be stupid IMO to complain about that just because of a "rule that stipulates that..." and on. I would have no problem at all to remove all flags on kits, but for now that's not the case, so we must deal with it.
  12. From Noel Butler's blog on TSN.ca: AN EVENTFUL WEEK FOR THE MONTREAL IMPACT STALTERI OPEN TO MLS - Continuing his recuperation from arthroscopic surgery at his German home as his focuses on fitness ahead of securing a new contract, Paul Stalteri keeps a beady eye on the MLS scene. Speaking on oranges@halftime at the weekend, the Etibicoke native and Canada's appearance leader was full of praise for Canada's contribution, "The league has expanded by a number of teams in the last few years especially in Canada," he said. "I think that's a lot to do with the success Toronto has had filling the stadium week in, week out and the support that they've occurred now passes onto Vancouver." Stalteri also believes Montreal will add further value. "Without a doubt the city that most likely should have deserved an MLS team in terms of their history and how they've produced a professional club," he said. "They've probably out of the other two deserved it the most and they're the last out to join the league." When pressed on Montreal as a playing option, Stalteri was non-committal. "Who knows," he said. "You never know in football. As of now I haven't spoke to anyone in Montreal in that capacity but all things are open that's for sure." (The full chat with Paul Stalteri is available at TEAM990.com)
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