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  1. canucklefan

    Canadians abroad: August 11-17, 2017

    In the EPL, Arfield is going to play the las 16 minutes for Burnley, They are now 3 - 1 against Chelsea.
  2. canucklefan

    Canadians abroad: August 11-17, 2017

    In English Championship, Cardiff is leading 2 - 0 after 62 minutes against Aston Villa. Hoiltett has an assist on the first goal and scored the 2nd goal.
  3. canucklefan

    Gold Cup: non-Canada QF chat thread

    Not what I meant, but I can see why you interpreted it that way. I was thinking more of 200-07 period where we won the tournament one time, finished third two times.
  4. canucklefan

    Gold Cup: non-Canada QF chat thread

    The reason Canada does better in GC than WCQ games is because GC matches are neutral ground and WCQ games are home/away matches. Many argue that the MNT doesn't know how to play away matches but I believe we also struggle on home matches. While I agree GC matches won't improve home/away performances, winning the cup could have been a boost of confidence for the players.
  5. canucklefan

    Alphonso Davies

    I love how Davies is destroying his arguments, specially the bold parts.
  6. In Copa Sudamericana, Diego Gutierrez started for Palestino. Unfortunately, they lost 2 - 5 against Brazilian club Flamengo. Gutierrez played 90 minutes in central midfield position.
  7. canucklefan

    Quebec City CPL

    Trying to anticipate what might be the level of interest in of a CPL club in Québec City, I went to see semi-pro club Dynamo de Québec. They play in Lévis, on the other side of the river (too far for me to go watch the team there), and last Saturday they played at Université Laval. They are not supposed to play again in Québec city this season. I had the chance to talk to the mother of one of the players. She told me the team lost its first 4 matches, and they didn’t manage to score yet. Fortunately, Dynamo managed to score in a 2-1 win for the first time this season. I asked the mother’s player about the attendance in Lévis; she told there are usually 200 people, and that afternoon there were easily 400 people, maybe 500. The ticket price was 5$. I found out that many of the younger players come from the CEGEP (pre-university college) teams in Québec city. Also, I found out a player that might be of interest for the mother of Canucks abroad database. His name is Lukumbi Tshindaye, he’s 17 years old and he’s from Rwanda. I don’t know if he’s Canadian but he lives here since 2010. He had a tryout with West Bromwich’s Academy and apparently the club was interested in him, they told him come again this fall before the next season starts.
  8. canucklefan

    Canadians abroad: May 26 - June 1, 2017

    Cordova plays at RB However, in the highlights you will find on youtube, he plays at LB position on occasion. He's right footed.
  9. canucklefan

    Atiba Hutchinson

    In one hour, Besiktas visit Gaziantepspor (second last in the standings). If Besiktas win today, Hutchinson is going to win the league for a second year in a row.
  10. canucklefan

    Canadians abroad: May 26 - June 1, 2017

    In the Italian Serie A, Cristante started the match for Atalanta against Chievo. Atalanta is up 1 - 0 after 60 minutes and Cristante has an assist on that goal.
  11. canucklefan

    2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    I wouldn't have a problem with this argument if Canadians weren't considered internationals on American clubs, while Americans are considered locals boys in Canada. In the end, the current rules will always make sure to limit the number of Canadians in the league, but everyone who claims that playing time goes by merit, it seems he conveniently ignore this handicap on Canadian players.
  12. canucklefan

    Canadians abroad: May 5-11, 2017

    Here's a link of Diego Gutierrez's pk (starting at 8:15):
  13. canucklefan

    Canadians in MLS 2017 season

    I meant it in the sense that he was the second last player to touch the ball before Ricketts scored. I agree Edwards has a lot of merit on that goal.
  14. canucklefan

    Canadians in MLS 2017 season

    Ricketts scores again from a cross made by Edwards, deflected by Vasquez. Edwards will probably awarded an NHL assist.