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  1. OSA has released the form for a new same day bus to Detroit... http://www.ontariosoccer.net/CanadavsUSABusTrip.aspx ...But for the love of pete does anyone know the OSA Promo code that they're asking for?
  2. Has there been any update on this? As someone with a ticket to the game (and a will to go), I'm very keen on this happening. Alternately, I'm happy to drive with others and share the gas money.
  3. Appreciate it Califax. I'll wait to hear from you. You may (or may not) remember me from the El Salvador game in Columbus in 2009.
  4. Having missed out on the same day bus I now have the option of greyhound, via or rental to Detroit. Is anyone driving that needs someone to split gas and driving time?
  5. One for me as well please. I'll send my payment tomorrow.
  6. I'm in. Columbus two years ago was too much fun. A bus, or even a few buses would be ideal.
  7. As a fringe/newby fanatic (and the growing majority apparently) I think both hodgkiss and Fury make good points. To paraphrase both: hodkiss - formalize structure to make it easier for the fringe/newby Voyageurs to get onboard and comfortable Winnipeg Fury - things get done by the diehards whether the fringe/newbies are involved or not I'm siding with Fury since things do seem to be working well, but if anyone on this board says meet at a bar in Toronto on a certain January day for a Toronto based Voyageur appreciation/meet-up day I will be there. And finally, I always think of Scotland when I think of supporter culture - the Tartan Army are legendary - does anyone know how they work? Is it just to do the Scottish FAs support?
  8. As I understand it the Duke of Wellington owner is on good terms with Mo Johnston and a lot of the non-affiliated die-hards who make the drive down from KW weekly for TFC games hang out there - constantly. So while that doesn't make it the defacto CMNT headquarters of Waterloo Region it does help. The only question is whether CMNT games would take precedence over England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland v Guiness Bissau et al. games.
  9. I actually sent them an email about them being out of jerseys and when they're getting more and they didn't even bother replying. The nerve. It's money in their pockets!
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