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  1. They will probably choose the Big O, just cause it does offer them the option of a larger venue for marquee matches, as well as an opening or closing ceremony.
  2. Considering that half stadiums that they are looking at using are CFL stadiums, there are very few back up options. If the CSA and the CFL can come to an agreement during the month that the tournament is scheduled to be, they might be able to use McMahon Stadium in Calgary and Mosaic Stadium in Regina. The only other city that has a large stadium that is not on this list is PEPS Le Stade in Quebec City. Other then these few options, the CSA needs to step up its efforts to work with Ottawa and Halifax to ensure that these stadiums are ready to go for 2014 (U-20 Women's WC)
  3. I probably won't be able to go to Cuba, but I would definitely donate money or some items for this.
  4. The June 1-5 time period might be hard, as EURO 2012 will be starting shortly after that.
  5. I got into Toronto today and went out to In2Sports to see if they had any Canada jerseys. They had a number of XL in both Home and Away, including the Away in LS. To get official lettering and numbering, it was about a week for it to be completed. However, if you weren't really particular about the lettering, they are able to do it on site. Keep an eye out for "Strange 8" tomorrow night at Maro's
  6. Can I get the address for the viewing party in Toronto on the 6th. I'm still going to be in town and wouldn't mind having another beer or two with the people that i'll be meeting on the 2nd.
  7. I just happened to check the Sportsnet website this morning, and they have the schedule up to the 6th. However, there is NO mention of the match between Canada and Peurto Rico...They have Jays vs Boston on the main network (Sportsnet East, West, Pacific, Ontario) and Texas vs Tampa Bay on Sportsnet One...WTF
  8. I love how he mentions all these larger Canadian cities...then Medicine Hat??? Awesome that he gives some love to the Hat, but its very random
  9. Looks like they are trying to get a lot more people to the game. The CNE and CSA are going to be offering people that are already attending the Ex the option of getting tickets that normally are $25 for only $9 if they show their CNE admission ticket. http://www.canadasoccer.com/news/viewArtical.asp?Press_ID=4934
  10. Does anybody know if they are going to be selling the jersey and doing lettering at the game on the 2nd?
  11. I'll be in TO for this match, but maybe for the October or November match...
  12. Sweet, JamboAl is going to buy me a beer!!! Can't wait to meet all of you guys before the game.
  13. I know its small, but 2 more for the St Lucia game in section 106.
  14. Sounds good ...Where is the pre-game bar?
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