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  1. no, toronto croatia will take that game
  2. It’s clubs like Clarkson Sheridan that have made Peel-Halton one of the finest soccer regions in Canada. And that's why the CSL's Toronto Croatia have opted to partner with the Mississauga youth soccer organization, all of which was announced at a press conference on Tuesday. Formed in 1971, the Clarkson Sheridan Soccer Club is situated in southwestern Mississauga and that’s not far from picturesque Streetsville and the headquarters of Toronto Croatia which, for more than 50 years has symbolized a strong, mature second level Canadian professional soccer that has represented its country of origin and its community over those many years. The team won the North American championship as Metros Croatia in 1976 after attracting Portuguese superstar Eusebio and just three years ago, Toronto Croatia traveled to Europe to win an inaugural tournament for Croatian teams from Austria, Germany, Australia, the U.S. and France. Clarkson Sheridan and Toronto Croatia have struck a partnership that will bring together the largely developmental Clarkson Sheridan with 20 competitive teams and 2300 youth players from ages 4 to 14 and the seasoned professionals that can teach that little bit extra to those players showing promise and who aspire to be pros or play for Canada some day. Clarkson Sheridan has, in recent times, expanded its basic coaching to include fitness training and synchronized training plans. The club is looking to overseas visits to provide experience and late last year sent its OYSL boys team to South America and the local coaches noted six players for future consideration. Toronto Croatia won the CSL Championship in 2007 and are unbeaten so far this season to lead the International Division. While the partnership between Clarkson Sheridan and Toronto Croatia will benefit both clubs, Canadian soccer is bound to be the ultimate beneficiary.
  3. Portugal FC press release Last goalscorer from Peruvian Soccer League Ronaille Calheira signed for Portugal FC. Last goalscorer from Peruvian Soccer League signed for Canadian club Portugal FC. Calheira scored 16 goals last season and hopes this 2009 season will be a better one. Isac Cambas President of Portugal FC and the new Director of the Club Juan Carlos Ramirez Gaston were in Lima doing the transaction. There were many clubs interested in Calheira, but our good relationship with the player was the key to signed a player his calibre, said Isac Cambas. I am happy to become a new player of Portugal FC, and I am sure I will score more goals in 2009, said Calheira. Calheira played before in Mineiro and Paranaerense, Ribeirao of second division in Portugal, Quindio of Colombia and Sport Ancash of Peru. For 2009 season Calheira is been loan to Universitario of Peru to play Copa Libertadores of America and Peru first division league. He scored already against Libertad of Paraguay in Copa Libertadores
  4. Portugal press release DANIEL AMARAL IS THE NEW HEAD COACH OF PORTUGAL FC. Amaral is a Former international player who played in Canada, USA, Portugal and Spain. DANIEL AMARAL NEW HEAD COACH OF PORTUGAL FC Former international player DANNY AMARAL is the new Head Coach of Portugal FC for the 2009 season. Amaral signed with Portugal FC and he is compromise with the youth development within the club. As former professional player in Portugal, Spain, USA and Canada, Amaral is looking very forward to develop players through the years. Isac Cambas, President of Portugal FC in the Canadian Soccer League, is taking the game here a step further. He wants to go much beyond the occasional attractive exhibition spectacle he so often helps to arrange and his decision is well received by fans and players. "I am very happy and had the decision to be in charge of Portugal FC because the project allowed me to develop players and young coaches, said Amaral at the conference presentation. Amaral intends to establish soccer programs within his community that encourages players to strive for a place in his professional team. He’s also prepared to help very special players to go even higher, including overseas. “While we are encouraging promising players to come to Canada and play in the CSL, those who do well in the CSL can also have an opportunity to be tried in Portugal,” emphasized Cambas.
  5. yes those are fighting words, ONTARIO will win for sure no questions
  6. ok thanks, I got Fc london tryouts this week and pro tryouts for CSL in january
  7. so would it be better just to play in the CSL den? like which one gives more development? which one gives players more chance to go pro?
  8. I was wondering if you can play in the CSL after the PDL season is over?
  9. welll done Murphy Wiredu and Anthony Bahadur, now its time for the league to move up in the world. thanks you Rafa Carbajal for giving canada a chance. Very insipring news, 2 players earn a contract. I totally agree that CSL is a good league for players of the ambition to turn professional. Got me training harder now, Thanks vpjr for these news
  10. I like these idea's, do you thing they could work? That is the thing, why couldn't a person on this site become the owner of the league and make it professional? As these idea's could make it professional, I know this is a long shot but maybe we should have huge fun raiser and create a professional league. There are people on the forum who knows way to much to be sitting back and letting canadian soccer stay bad. .
  11. 1)soo you saying, top 2 teams in OSL make it to CSL. Bottom 2 get regulated to OSL 2) Dont know what you saying about franchise territories,do you mean like stop with just GTA teams. There should only be like 2 or 3 anyways and let like kitchener,cambridge,guelph and hamilton have teams. Is that what your saying? 3) I agree with number 3 4) league should step late nov so that teams can have try-outs in dec 5)schedule should for sure be realeased early Any more great ideas
  12. Whats the best way csl can be a professional league? Then maybe sumone can deliver it to Gary Kaplan
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