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  1. We're up to three now (one of Sam's friends is going to join us). That's a full on mob!
  2. If anyone's got a spare ticket for this game in Montreal, please let me know , preferably with the Vs (if possible). Alex
  3. Officially, no standings were kept. Some parents kept standings and published a website with them, which contradicted the entire point of the exercise of... wait for it... no keeping standings at this level.
  4. Overall, for a first year program with a late startup, L1O did decently well. Are there things that need to be improved on? No question. Is coverage outside of social media one of those things? Definitely. The website is acceptable, but could be significantly better and far more dynamic. The gameday presentations fell into the same boat. The schedule length (especially with the age ranges the league is targetting) caused issues with university and college students and facilities (especially here in Kingston -- the last home game played had to be moved 3 times because the changing rooms for the field being used were booked for hockey use). Because of the issues with students, the rosters started becoming very flexible and seemed random toward the end of the season, and as such the gameday programmes were often incorrect, and it was difficult to figure out who was playing where. Were there positives this year? Again, no question. Some included (all of these are "for the most part"): Very high level of play (not all of the players were better than those playing CSL, but most of the teams were a lot better) Relatively good and consistent officiating Excellent twitter coverage of most games Fantastic facilities and gameday crews (most of whom were learning on the job and adapting week to week)
  5. Deadline isn't until mid-November, so I would be surprised if we hear _anything_ before then.
  6. Robin: Brandon Mills from ANB was injured in Friday night's game v Clippers (a 1-1 result, both goals from really nice free kicks, one spectacular, the other cheeky). I didn't see any collision or contact that injured him, but he came off the field looking very uncomfortable after about 30 minutes of play.
  7. That 23s goal to star the Vaughan game pipped the prior record setting goal by an entire second... set in the noon kickoff in Kingston by Robert Murphy of the Clippers in what ended up being a 3-2 loss. He scored 24s into the game there.
  8. One thread for game results/etc and one for discussion about league stuff (ie, the one we already have in that case) might be nice. Then when you see that the results thread is updated, you know that there's a new game update.
  9. According to some digging by Duane Rollins (and posted on twitter on his 24thminute account): [Note: I've combined the 5-6 tweets together into a single paragraph for ease of reading]
  10. See here for some (lack of) discussion on that: http://www.thevoyageurs.org/index.php?/topic/27194-what-happened-at-internacional-de-toronto/
  11. Check with the napkins submitted to the CSA last year as "financials" by the CSL.
  12. Since the OSA blog engine is being annoying at times, quoted here in its entirety:
  13. For L1O this year, I don't believe that any teams are paying players (beyond expenses, etc), No idea on PLSQ, and CSL last year had requirements for how many players on a team had to be paid, what the budgets had to be, etc. This year? No clue. A few guys I know have told me that they're being paid like last year, but it seems that most (if not all) CSL players are being considered "amateurs" this season.
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