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  1. Does anyone know what the possesion stats were for the game?
  2. I may have played against him at one point, and if he's the one i'm thinking about, he left me in the dust somewhere around 100,000 times during our game at Nationals.
  3. Watch for Michael Irish, from the Yukon, heard he's a future star.
  4. Just three for me Youth Caps U20 Canada vs Austria U20 Canada vs Congo Senior Caps Canada vs St Vincent And Grenadines
  5. You're talking to us about bias and you quote from a JAMAICAN newspaper?!? Oh sorry, are you angry that we're supporting OUR team on OUR board? Please, great off promptly.
  6. Don't think most of us have much of a choice but to support the team with all our heart, tbh.
  7. Sportsnet is streaming the game, i dunno if you want video though... Speaking of which, what's the reputation for sportsnets streaming does it work well?
  8. Could you just reserve me a spot, anywhere in the supporters section is great.
  9. Puhlease, the only thing they'll be slicing is their clearances.
  10. You think that was bad, you shoulda seen the nest night. Montreal beer is a lot stronger than Whitehorse beer. 'Nuff said.
  11. No you didn't! Wait, did you...i don't think you did.
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