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  1. Symp_Res

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    Can anyone from Edmonton provide an update on the stadium situation? Has there been any further news regarding Clarke? Upgrades, funding, cooperation with the Eskimos and minor/highschool football? There has been news on other stadiums and plans for the 7 teams, just haven't heard much on Edmonton for awhile! Thanks in advance.
  2. My thoughts. I thought many of their games, they started off nervous. Though, it may be that they are still trying to implement some changes that Heiner-Moeller wants to make. Thoughts on some individual players: - Prince: I think she has solidified her role with the team. Her speed and skill out wide spreads the defence and opens up space in the box. She's aware of where and when to make her runs to the middle to create overlaps and leave her defenders behind. Needless to say, very impressed with her on the wing and I think she has a large role to play for the Nats going forward. Ther is much less reliance on Chapman or Lawrence running the wing when Nichelle is playing; - Beckie: Was very influential against Panama, but had some rough games. She has good pace going forward. A beautiful cross to Sinclair for the first goal. I do think her goal against Costa Rica was offside (BTW, the one called back was NOT offside), but I will never advocate for any goal by Beckie to be called back. Rack 'em up!! I don't think that her best position is out wide however. She should be central, playing a more offensive role (less need for her to support defensively). I'm hoping she keeps scoring and continues getting better; - Fleming: I am a big Fleming fan, but she has had a rough tourney, although her performance againt Panama was very good. I'm not sure if she was just recovering from her injury, or if she is losing her progression from playing at UCLA. In certain ways, she reminds me of Tobin Heath in that she is so confident in her footwork on the ball, that she holds onto it too long. This allows the opposition to come into her hard, and she takes a beating on the field. She is still a very important part moving forward; - Schmidt: Works her butt off, but seems to me she is becoming more and more detrimental to the team. A LOT of turn overs and poor passing. I've always been a fan of hers, but it feels like her time is coming to a close. - Rosso: Young, but has a good understanding of the game. She got into good positions in support of her teammates when in possession. Though I think her distribution with the ball has been poor. She has room to grow, and should be part of the program going forward; - Leon: Very impressed with her passion and attitude. She never stops pressuring the defenders and has a great touch around goal. She seems to have a great understanding with Nichelle Prince. Lots of speed, tenacity in the attacking third, and a real nose for goal. Good on her. For a player that was on the outside looking in, she has (in my opinion) solidified her spot on the team. Having said that, I'm still not sure where she fits in the team. Is she a starter or is she a super-sub? None the less, I'd like to see her and Prince play together more; - Matheson: 200 caps!! Congratulations! The consummate professional. Sometimes she is unnoticable on the field, but she very rarely makes mistakes; and finally - Sinclair: Still has a nose for goal and will undoubtably surpass Wambach in goals scored...Canadian to the core. However, I have believed for the last number of years that the CanWNT has relied on Sinclair for way too long. She is not the player she was a few years ago. She still draws defenders to her, and can make your jaw drop with the space she creates and the chances that she creates, but there still seems to be a mentality that everything needs to go through her. The "support" players are the ones that are leading this team into the future. TL;DR: Good job ladies!! Go out and beat the US (preferrably at the WWC)!!
  3. Is Buchanan hurt? Looks like Zadorsky and Quinn at CB and Rosso as holding mid.
  4. Leon looked good when she came on. I thought Fleming was very off...poor passes and didn't really get involved. Hopefully a better showing tonight (against a vey weak Cuba).
  5. A lot of possession, but they are trying to force the ball through the middle instead of using the width of the pitch. Nice calm finish by Prince though.
  6. Symp_Res

    CPL Stadium Thread

    The pitch at Spruce Meadows looks fantastic!! I'm assuming that there will be stands on the far side of the pitch? If they get the camara angle a bit higher it will look great on TV.
  7. Symp_Res

    Ballou Tabla

    Aye, there's the rub! Things are looking up, but it has to translate to success on the field. Here's to the next step for Canadian Soccer!
  8. Symp_Res

    Ottawa CPL Club

    OSEG is so right. The Fury is way too good for the CPL.
  9. Excuse my ignorance as this is an honest question, but what respective mediums do netflix, youtube, bandcamp (I really have no idea what this is) and spotify represent?
  10. Further to this matty, are you referring to the instant reporting of the news due to the prevalence of social media, and how the 'traditional' media has had to react to that reality?
  11. Symp_Res

    Canada vs Brazil Sunday Sept 2nd in Ottawa

    Since this has been posted yet, the Canadian Roster for the game vs. Brazil. A lot of youth players included. Seems to fall in line with some of the disussions around the line-up for the Men in the Nation;s League as far as a mix of youth and veterans. Head Coach Kenneth Heiner-Møller GK – Stephanie Labbe, age 31, from Stony Plain, AB/ Lejonflocken Linköping (Damallsvenskan) GK – Erin McLeod, age 35, from St. Albert, AB/ USV Jena (Frauen-Bundesliga) GK - Sabrina D’Angelo, age 25, from Welland, ON/ NC Courage (NWSL) FB - Lindsay Agnew, age 23, from Kingston, ON/ Houston Dash (NWSL) FB - Allysha Chapman, age 29, from Courtice, ON/ Houston Dash (NWSL) FB – Ashley Lawrence, age 23, from Caledon, ON/Paris Saint Germain (Division 1 Féminine France) FB – Jayde Riviere, age 17, from Markham, ON/ Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite/ Canada Soccer Regional EXCEL Super Centre (British Columbia) CB - Maya Antoine, age 17, from Vaughan, ON/ Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite/ Canada Soccer Regional EXCEL Super Centre (British Columbia) CB – Shannon Woeller, age 28, from Vancouver, BC/ Eskilstuna United DFF (Damallsvenskan) CB - Kadeisha Buchanan, age 22, from Brampton, ON/ Olympique Lyonnais (Division 1 Féminine France) CB – Shelina Zadorsky, age 25, from London, ON/ Orlando Pride (NWSL) M/CB – Rebecca Quinn, age 23, from Toronto, ON/ Washington Spirit (NWSL) M - Jessie Fleming, age 20, from London, ON/UCLA (NCAA) M – Julia Grosso, age 17, from Vancouver, BC / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite/ Canada Soccer Regional EXCEL Super Centre (British Columbia) M – Diana Matheson, age 34, from Oakville, ON/Utah Royals FC (NWSL) M- Sophie Schmidt, age 30, from Abbotsford, BC/ Unattached M- Desiree Scott, age 31, from Winnipeg, MB/ Utah Royals FC (NWSL) F- Jordyn Huitema, age 17, from Chilliwack, BC/ Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite/ Canada Soccer Regional EXCEL Super Centre (British Columbia) F – Adriana Leon, age 25, from King City, ON/ Seattle Reign FC (NWSL) F – Nichelle Prince, age 23, from Ajax, ON/ Houston Dash (NWSL) F – Deanne Rose, age 19, from Alliston, ON/ University of Florida Gators (NCAA) F – Christine Sinclair ( C ), age 35, from Burnaby, BC/ Portland Thorns (NWSL) F - Janine Beckie, age 24, from Highlands Ranch, CO/ Manchester City (FA Women's Super League)
  12. Symp_Res

    Kianz Froese

    And I get that. I am just asking if you know where I can find information on how Froese is doing. I have searched, and I laid out the information that I have found. I haven't found any information on his injury, or how he is progressing. I follow the Bundesliga and want to see how Canadians are doing in the league. Fortuna isn't exactly a sexy club. Their official website is in German and Japanese...neither of which I can understand, and any translation into English has no news on current injuries. So my question is: "Do you know of any links or websites that I can follow to keep track of how he is doing or progressing?" because I am having trouble figuring out where to get his information.
  13. Symp_Res

    Kianz Froese

    Right now, Froese is listed in the first team 23 in the 1. Bundesliga club, and ended last season in the 1st club in the 2. liga. I'm not finding a lot of info on Fortuna, let alone Kianz. Any info or links to what's happening with him?
  14. Symp_Res

    Alphonso Davies

    Fair enough. I did not want to get into this, but here goes. Davies' story is fantastic! I am not a Bayern fan, but I will be following them come January to see how Alphonso does in place of Ribery or Robben (or Coman, etc.). It's very exciting for Canadian Soccer. I hope that Alphonso inspires kids in Canada and the United States (mostly Canada to be honest) to follow their dreams. However the fact is, Davies was part of the Free Footie program in Edmonton. A program that allows families to put their children into soccer without requiring thousands of dollars to join a high performance program. Without that program, Davies may not be where he is in his career. THAT should be the norm in gassroots soccer, and all sports for that matter. NOT pay to play. That should be the conversation. How can we give kids the opportunity to develop their skills and passion for the game, regardless of their economic realities. Davies beat all the odds. IT'S NOT ABOUT RACE! That was never my intention, and I'm sorry if it came across like that. I am not looking for a political debate. I obviously did not get my point across in my post, and do not want to get into politics. Here is the last statement I will make on this issue: 1. ALL kids should find inspiration from Alphonso Davies; 2. The CSA, provincial associations, and local associations should work together to use programs like Free Footie as a model of how to engage kids and youth, and use that to advance Canadian Soccer. Unfortunately from my experience, that is far from reality; and 3. This is a question of economic realities. Again, I'm sorry it came to this and it was never my intention. I just don't understand how this is a racial issue, and how a player - Jozy Altidore - who is making a living in Canada playing soccer can bring race into the conversation. Alphonso Davies is a reason to celebrate, and a reason to hope that kids will look up to him and want to follow in his footsteps. But that takes everyone involved in Canadian Soccer and has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE!