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  1. Symp_Res

    CPL General

    The thing that bothers me about the Fury's response is Goudie referring to the USL as "North American Division II".
  2. Symp_Res

    2018 Voyageurs #CanWNT Player of the Year

    Picked solely for their performance for the National Team 1. Beckie 2. Sinclair 3. Leon
  3. Symp_Res

    CPL League Future Format and Table Structure

    Thanks for all your research. Very interesting. I agree with you that 28 pro clubs is about what Canada can handle when you look at population centres and travel concerns. I do have an issue though with your proposed structure. With a 10 team top division, a 27 game schedule is 3 games against each team. To me, this is not a balanced schedule (homa and away) and declaring a champion after an unbalanced schedule doesn't feel right. That to me would suggest that there should be playoffs. If you cut the 28 pro clubs down the middle...14 div 1/14 div 2...that provides a neat 26 game, home and away balanced schedule where you can declare a champion. Throw in Canadian Championship games and relegation/promotion playoffs and you are around 28 games a season = 28 weeks = mid April to end of October. Of course, that would be contingent on 28+ clubs, including regional div 3, that have the infastructure and funds to play in a nation wide league without having to play in conferences to keep travel costs down. That would be the biggest concern for me.
  4. Symp_Res

    CPL General

    Honest mistake, 'Laughtern playing in the 3. Liga still doesn't seem right.
  5. Symp_Res

    CPL General

    To be fair, Chung was with Kaiserslaughtern II, (Bundesliga team's 2nd team), playing in Germany's 5th tier. (Kaiserslaughtern is currently in 3. Liga and the second team must play in no less than two tiers below). Regardless, the signings are exciting and it's fun to watch the league start to take shape and feel real.
  6. That is hogwash. I wasn't able to watch all of the game, but from what I did see the girls did not have enough technical ability to deal with a high press, nor do they have the tactical knowledge to know what to do when their player gets beat. There is no support off the ball. Spain would pressure them in the neutral or attacking third, and panic would set in. I would say that it is an indication that soccer in Canada is currently failing to train these young players. Athleticism can only get you so far. It will not beat a well organized team with good technical ability.
  7. That is certainly something that Canadian National teams don't get to contemplate at this stage of most international tournaments. Its a nice problem to have for a change!!
  8. Not sure what the ref was thinking. She had produced one yellow card up until that point. There were a lot of strong challenges, but nothing diserving of any cards. What I saw from the Colombia game was much more malicious. I think she saw the blood and decided it was red card worthy. Fortunately, the Baby Reds are through to the 1/4s and it shouldn't matter much if Huitema is playing or not.
  9. Spain and Colombia tied 1-1. Canada is through to the 1/4s.
  10. Typically, it's a one game suspension so she will need to sit the game against Spain. She'll be eligible for the quarters.
  11. First of all, it was a ridiculous red card. They played a very poor first half. Defensively they were good, but they had no control of the game and barely got into the Korean half let alone having any attack on the Korean net. Second half...night and day. They came out with a lot of passion and energy, and even when down to 10 players, the play was controlled by the Canadians. At the end of the day, it was a hard fought win and they're through to the 1/4's. Hopefully they continue to get better. Good job girls!!
  12. Wasn't pretty by any means, but they got the job done. Need to clean up their passes. Way too many turn overs.
  13. Symp_Res

    CPL General

    Further to this, it should be of interest to note that the 1. and 2. Bundesliga is run by the DFL - German Football league, and the 3. Liga and below are run by the DFB - German Football Federation. The DFL is responsible for the licencing, marketing and operation of the 1. and 2. leagues, including players, broadcasts, pro-rel playoffs, domestic cup and making sure all teams meet the league requirements as set out by the DFB. This seems to be similar to how the relationship between the CSA (DFB) and the CPL (DFL) is starting to lay itself out.
  14. Symp_Res

    CPL USports Draft Results

    Interesting to see Valour take a Winnipeg kid and two British kids. I presume the Brits don't have affiliations with any other professional clubs. Have they in the past?