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  1. Watched the Canada vs Argentina match the other day from Westhills. The camera was placed on the side with the stands, so the field basically looked like something a rec team would play on with with cars going by on a parkway in the background. Do you know if MedioPro/Pacific intends to put up a tower on the other side to show the new/full stands on the south side? There's a nice stadium with a roof on four sides, so it would be nice to show the full stand. Also saw the infamous power pole, that's a big one to move.
  2. So many ways to look at this . . . seeing most of us won't be watching the Launceston City keeping backing up on the bench on game days (just a guess, maybe that's your thing), I'll go with the Dulwich Hamlet fellow if we're talking quality of play. Watching him on game days would have cost me $24 to stand behind a stanchion looking around people's heads in London. Is the rest of the talent on the team worth twice as much at $52/game? You could also make the case that you could watch much of Cavalry Dulwich Hamlet style a few kms away from Spruce Meadows last season for $60 for the year. However less tickets were sold for a game than they already have for season tickets in 2019, so are people paying for quality of play? If you're looking at the $225/game tickets that are that far away from the pitch, then are you really there for the game? Unnamed Trialist already called that side the "laughing stock of world football", so I think we can all agree its not a good vantage point. So you're high end experience is all about the nice building with the ambiance and hopefully a really good meal. So comparatively you're probably paying $25 for a covered seat and $200 for lunch with all your corporate friends. For an $87.50 ticket in the stands, an equivalent seat for a Stampeders CFL game s $128.25, or $120 for the Stampede Rodeo. Respective talent level of each sport aside, rightly or wrongly that's the price of a summer sporting event in Calgary.
  3. Not sure if you classify first row seats good, but mine are only $17 a game/$250 for the year. Sure I'm not watching Premiership/Barca guys, but I'm okay paying that. Maybe I'm just corporate Calgary? I can say though, Spruce Meadows does have better food and beer than Camp Nou, though Winnipeg will probably beat Spruce Meadows with their access to Rum.
  4. If you haven't read the Guardian Article on Dulwich, it's worth a look. It would definitely be a fun crowd to play in front of, especially being on a lower tiered team. https://www.theguardian.com/global/2015/aug/23/dulwich-hamlet-londons-most-hipster-football-club
  5. As long as the league is okay with have and have-not teams with different expenditures, you could do it. This probably means a pro/relegation of of 8 or 9 teams in a league. 7+ Lower Mainland (Surrey), Okanagan (Kelowna), Regina, Saskatoon, London, KW, Mississauga, Ottawa, Laval, Quebec, Moncton, St. John's = 19 teams. If you some of the above you can get to 16.
  6. There's currently no stadium, just a field with a nice building next to it. They're building a grandstand with a roof, putting bleachers on the ends and setting up hosting areas. What more do you want them to build for you to show their commitment to soccer? Also if MLSE's core business in hockey and they want to field and MLS team, I"m okay with that just like I"m okay with showjumping being the Cavalry owners' core business as well.
  7. As much as people want to make fun of the ownership and the corporate horse jumping crowd, they are completely funding a soccer stadium on their own and paying for it without public money. Maybe York9 will a few years, but no one else is investing that type of money into a soccer setup right now. If they want to charge $700 a ticket to watch it in the congress hall, have some nice canapes and pay for a new stadium, while I get supporters seats for less than $20/game on the touchline right next to the player entrances, have at it.
  8. Plane gets in at 10:30 Thursday, so would be probably at my place around 11:30 which is four blocks from the St. Regis. Up for pointing and yelling at multiple things if you folks post where you are at by then.
  9. Put down a deposit, looking for at least one roomie for the trip. If there's still any singles looking for a buddy, let me know.
  10. The big question might not be whether he can play, buth rather if TFC will release their highest paid player to get re-injured somewhere else. Hopefully he gets better quickly so it isn't a problem.
  11. There's no way that Halifax will ever host an event like the WWC. The city can't even commit the money to build a real pool in the new Canada Games Complex when they had Federal help. Unlike Halifax, Moncton has vision and the province and the city want to make something big happen. They figured out how to get the money to build a small stadium, where Halifax doesn't take up those opportunities. When it was said that Halifax is more central than Moncton, I think that's the attitude why Halifax isn't going anywhere. Halifax is the centre of the the Maritimes, but it doesn't seem like anyone wants to progress from the status-quo. I talked to Mark Cohon this year about Football in the Maritimes and he simply said, Moncton wanted to do something about it at all levels, where it seemed as if only EH/WTCC people cared about getting events to the city where the municipal and provincial gov't did not. I hope Halifax gets its act together, but if there was a venue for the WWC in Atlantic Canada, you'd have to put it in Moncton of St. John's as they both have existing stadiums bigger than Halifax, making them easier to expand.
  12. When I was checking out the delegation on the CSA website I notice the team was actually traveling with a Doctor. I checked the Gold Cup Roster just to make sure, but is this actually the first time the MNT has done this? I remember many of the players complaining about the half-assing the CSA was doing when it came to medical, especially two Gold Cups ago when Sutton had the misdiagnosed concussion. Is this possibly a sign that the CSA is getting their act together . ? . ?. ? . . . . . I'm not holding my breath.
  13. As long as the CSA is still paying Mitchell's contract, Hart is the best we could hope for as a head coach. At least with Hart we'll have players wanting to play in the Gold Cup rather than not wanting to play for Mitchell. Hopefully he can string some wins together this summer so that our ranking can move up and it would look like a half decent job for someone good to want to take on.
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