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  1. well this provided for some good morning entertainment...
  2. Sean Rosa and Brown off to Sweet 16
  3. lars doesn't rub his gloves with warm butter before a game...
  4. My post was obviously meant to be delivered sarcastically... To be honest we need relevant opponents, finding teams that are similar to what we face here in Concacaf. Not Cyprus or Northern Ireland, I think we need to focus on playing friendlies against nations on our side of the Atlantic.
  5. Who do I want? Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Italy, Mexico, and Chile Who we'll get? Haiti @SS , St. Vag@ BMO, @El Salvador , and @ Cuba
  6. Wednesday's game between the Impact and toronto will only be broadcasted on sportsnet west, as the other network regions will be showing the jays vs red sox.
  7. Don't flatter yourself, I enjoyed every minute of your crushing defeat Garcia for PM !!!
  8. So Maradona gets bitten in the face by his dog and we're talking about Ricky Martin coming out of the closet... Ok so maybe the Maradona story isn't so on topic either but eh, it's news none the less
  9. Just a quick note here... If you want an outside city to host a friendly between 2 of the teams, fine go ahead, however when talking about cup games being hosted on neutral soil that is just silly. My bet is that with no team of its own in Regina, a game between Montreal and Toronto wouldn't draw more than maybe a couple thousand (MAX). Also, which of the 3 Canadian clubs would be willing to give up revenue generated by these games. Just a bad idea all around...
  10. Just goes to show folks, if you complain long and hard enough you'll get what you want. I am not pleased of the fact that De Rosario has been given the arm band, even if it is just for this friendly.
  11. I didn't know where to post this but I've been playing this tune all day in my head since hearing it. The new V's anthem: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, We Are The Voyageurs Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, We Are The Voyageurs We're Canada's Famous Soccer Fans We've Travelled Near And Far When We're Not Singing, You'll Find Us At The Bar
  12. http://www.gousabid.com/page/invite/espnvideo Great video on the bid!
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