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  1. no goal in open play, we cant think of being able to advancing, we need to find an attacker
  2. wow...this isnt looking very good!! we just need to win 2-0 or 3-1 and its good
  3. at the last Canada game vs. Honduras @ saputo, i saw reda at the game wearing a team canada jersey so im pretty surprised by this news.
  4. i hope he tears his achilles tendon at BMO or Empire/BC Place
  5. i dont understand why the TFC fans are so excited to come to montreal? Isnt it enough seeing TFC lose at home, they need to travel 6hrs? ah well, come spend money in our town! your more than welcome
  6. those are three excellent reasons!
  7. there is no such as being too big. We must look at their objectives; we can safely say that they have two: profits and putting out a good product. However, the latter is of greater importance. MLSE is basically a pension fund with thousands of beneficiaries who care more about their monthly income than a stanley cup or mls cup and rightfully so. As for their biggest asset, the leafs, they reach their profit apex every year and the raptors are an expense they have to keep in order to run one of most used arenas in the world. Consequently, TFC is only but a small part of their operation and usually put on the back burner. So that said, Torontonians, Hang in there, you will a championship one day; notwithstanding the NCC.
  8. i couldnt agree more. let dero stay home and figure out how he can get a few extra pennies from TFC.
  9. roberto stillo should get a call up in feb
  10. impressive to say the least best first half ive seen canada play in a while
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