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  1. A huge step for the organization. Great work Jamie. Excited to see what us grunts can provide to a revamped structure and how we make 2026 AMAZING.
  2. Maybe there is a way to do a quick login process or something? I would have to walk through what the process was like again. I am just usually auto logged in.
  3. It's all about ease of access. An open paypal button is click and done. Mine uses a fingerprint reader to sign off so I don't have to do a thing. Once you have to login, it takes that half second more to get tickets. It's frustrating. And some people are worried about "tracking". See it all the time even with for profit institutions.
  4. Currently supporting KW United FC of the USL PDL but pining for the days we will be in the CanPL. If it is local, and it is soccer. We are there.
  5. I know he patrols this board. You need Graham Spence. He is the best Voyageurs candidate for Grand River. The rest of us are pretty involved with KW United FC and the like. Think we would come with our own preferences. But Graham or @roue seem like good choices.
  6. Hey Canadian Wolf! Welcome to the board! Where are you located? There are quite a few of us Bundesliga fans on this board, and a few of us that meet in KW to watch games.
  7. We are working with the Mount Hope-Breithaupt Park neighbourhood association to bring community athletics. A soccer game is a great hour-long opportunity for parents and kids to meet with neighbours and enjoy the outdoors. The location for our programs is still to be determined, but we are looking for fields near playgrounds so kids can play before and after the meet-ups. We are also currently planning with fellow neighbourhood programs for an end of the year mini-soccer festival.
  8. So like my little tykes club can go in? I just run a Saturday neighbourhood program where we have kids from 2-12 playing around.
  9. Wellington Brewery also does quick brews. I would look at Block Three. But it gets tough because that's all my local breweries and I am sure other people feel the same way... Even Descendents has a brewer who works for TFC part-time and is super into Canadian soccer. Dudes from Block Three show up to all the games and usually are jumping around in the supporters section. Also, their beer is ahhhhmaazzzzing.
  10. I have used facebook marketing on the Kitchener Voyageurs events. That was out of pocket. It's okay, but I still have some reservations. There is lots of interesting work done on bad facebook likes and paying for ads. So I am a bit torn, but if it get's new legitmate fans, it's worth it. .
  11. Registered Non-Profit! Well done!
  12. Do we have an update on this now? Was the good things coming was it this forum?
  13. Mentioned this on the Canada - Jamaica thread, but Eli and Pete were fantastic last night. We could definitely use some more well known chants though.
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