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  1. Just stunning news. I live a long way from Toronto, but I think Jarrek has been around longer than I have and I first met him nearly 20 years ago at Varsity. Just thinking about the early U Sector days and how that has evolved and grown to what we see at the Lake Side at BMO. So many people put in so much time and effort for nothing but love and passion for the game in those early days with the Lynx at Varsity. And Jarrek was at the heart of that. He contributed so much over the years. My condolences to Pawel and the rest of his family. RIP Jarrek. matthew
  2. Thanks Bison. I see Shermanator's post now. I was one of the ones hinting at the time of the firing because I don't post things that I can't corroborate, but I will say that some of the things that I (and presumably) other people were hearing didn't come out around the time of the firing or the subsequent hiring, they were much before that. cheers, matthew
  3. Where are you seeing this? On the forum? Thanks. cheers, matthew
  4. For anyone who likes to read between lines, in the same conversation where Herdman talks about not playing in every window and being frugal, he also said "This isn’t jumping on an airplane and a six-course meal and a limo ride and some swag from Canada Soccer and all the things other coaches might have tried before." in regards to wooing dual-nationals. cheers, matthew
  5. matthew

    CPL General

    Well to quote Moneyball... "The first thing they do is run you." I'm pretty sure the physical testing will weed out a lot of people really fast. It's going to be an absolute mess. To be sure. But anyone with any quality will separate themselves pretty quickly. Whether they're at a high enough level is much harder to discern, but that's going to be a hard question across the board whether you're playing in League 1 Ontario or the German fifth flight or are two years out of U Sports and want to give it one last shot at an open trial. cheers, matthew
  6. matthew

    CPL General

    It's p.r. for the league, it gets them in the press (open tryouts give visuals for TV that are more compelling than people holding up scarves or standing behind a podium) and it allows the league to state that they're trying to give a chance to everyone who fell through the cracks, etc. And they might find some guys. Said Fazlagic showed up at the original MLS combine without an invite and they weren't going to let him take part. He had a couple of newspaper clippings in Bosnian showing him playing and they decided to let him try out. He was a Bosnian international and refugee and ended up playing for DC United in that first year before getting injured. You never know who is out there. cheers, matthew
  7. Headed goal for David. Good movement in the box to get between the defenders and a good finish, down and past the keeper on the bounce. cheers, matthew
  8. lol I did say Genk didn't I. Oh man. Yeah. I thought having David at KAA Gent was going to keep those straight in my head forever. Apparently not. It's not helping that they're both still playing in the Europa League. But yes, David is at the club with the Buffalo Bill-inspired badge. It would help if they both didn't wear blue (though Gent was wearing yellow today).
  9. I thought David played really well today. He played more as a No. 9 than I had seen him play with Genk and his link-up play was superb. They created some good chances with him on the pitch and hit the post late. No goals, but a really good 15 minutes. Larin had some nice hold-up moments and made a really good strong play to hold the ball up and launch the counter on the Besiktas goal. He just missed scoring himself with a header, but if he's going to keep earning Europa League minutes he'll need to finish chances. Besiktas plays so deliberately and uses their width so much, Larin really does get completely isolated in the box at times. Tesho put in a decent shift from what I saw of that match, but not a lot created in the final third. cheers, matthew
  10. matthew

    CPL General

    I have seen and heard a surprising range of salary cap suggestions floated publicly and privately. So we'll see where it lands, but I've heard lower than $750,000 and I think $750,000 is a very workable number. And I believe the final number will be a little higher. But if the high end of USL wages is $500,000 US, then I think $750,000 Cdn is functional. Especially as a starting point. It's worth considering that not all players will be created equal in the CPL. When MLS expanded their rosters in 2002, they did so by creating four "developmental roster" spots. Those guys made $12,500. So you might be surprised at how little some guys would take to play in a professional league. There will be a lot of guys coming out of U Sports, League 1 Ontario and the PDL, etc. and it wouldn't shock me to see them making a very modest wage. It lets you get a foot in the door and if you're playing close to home (which seems likely for those last few guys on the roster), then you could live at home or have easier access to part time work or work with clinics and camps to supplement your income. Also in the first year expect a lot of the bottom spots on the roster to be a revolving door. In the first few months of MLS guys were being released and new players signed with great frequency. Most people didn't notice because the players that actually saw the pitch didn't change much. The MLS roster in 96 was 18 players. MetroStars used 36 players that year. Four started a match and never featured again. They had nine guys who topped out at 90 minutes or less. It's going to take some time for the domestic player pool to settle as guys from a wide array of backgrounds and experience get to prove their worth on a level playing field for the first time in a long time. By having a low cap, those fringe guys who may be good enough to be professionals, but may not be, won't be making a lot of money while teams figure out who is good enough. To be clear there are going to be plenty of guys playing overseas or in the USL who will make a solid wage in the CPL, even in a tight cap, but I don't think the squad players are going to make much to start with. Regarding foreign players, I think there will be players who are already in Canada or North America who end up filling import spots. I think guys like Judah Hernandez from Oakville or Kévin Le Nours from AS Blainville could help a CPL team, but as far as I know shouldn't count as domestic players (I hope what constitutes as "domestic" is made clear by the end of the week). I wouldn't assume that every foreign player is already making a professional wage overseas. cheers, matthew
  11. I always felt bad for Carlo Marini. He was 19 and was playing in Italy, so there was reason to think he might have a future, but I don't think anyone expected him to have to play when he was named to the Gold Cup squad. Gilberto Yearwood looks old and out of shape, but he still has class for days. What a player. And credit to Honduras. That was a good team. They drew Mexico, beat Costa Rica 2-0 and lost the final to the U.S. on penalties. Thanks for posting the video though. Beings back memories. cheers, matthew
  12. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but it appears that Silberbauer is still under contract with FC Luzern and won't officially be a Pacific FC employee until Jan. 1, 2019. I don't think that will be a huge issue. He can watch tape on Canadians like everyone else and Friend and Simpson should have some input on the Canadian content as well. Silberbauer will have less knowledge of the Canadian talent pool compared to the other CPL head coaches, but he should have more active contacts in Europe and a lot of knowledge of what's out there in Switzerland and probably Denmark. Positives and negatives, but I also feel like more time with Luzern will only help him grow as a coach. http://juneof86.com/2018/08/20/silberbauer-brings-passion-for-development-to-the-island/ cheers, matthew
  13. Yeah that's fair. Seeing it again, it was less of a move than two guys just running past him. Still got it out of his feet pretty well. To throw a little cold water on the hype train, I did watch his first match and he was pretty quiet outside of the goal. Still, goals are goals and I am happy to see him banging them in. cheers, matthew
  14. The third goal was an absolute beauty. Can't wait to get the highlights and see it again. cheers, matthew
  15. Pour moi, un anglo, je crois que c'est vital que la ligue ont une presence francophone. Les articles en français, les matches diffuses en français, les joueurs francophone, etc. J'habite en Saskatchewan et sur jeudi j'avais deux entrevues avec des personnes qui ont beaucoup plus a l'aise en français. Et ca c'est à Moose Jaw. Il y a un grand presence francophone à Winnipeg. Evidement Ottawa — s'il vient — dois être un club bilingue. Si Halifax veut être l'équipe du region, une présence française aidera à attirer des gens du N-B. J'espère qu'une équipe viendra à Québec, mais je ne sais pas si 2020 est probable (même si beaucoup de choses peuvent changer en un an), mais je pense que la ligue doit reconnaître et représenter tout la pays. Peu importe où les clubs sont situés. cheers, matthew
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