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  1. 23 minutes ago, BringBackTheBlizzard said:

    Would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Eugene Melnyk had got the MLS franchise and a soccer stadium had been built instead. Remains to be seen if cohabiting with the CFL works any better in Hamilton and Winnipeg after the novelty wears off. 

    I would respond in the negative.  Melnyk's idea was a soccer specific stadium in Kanata and it would have likely failed. 


    33 minutes ago, 1996 said:

    Or maybe Ottawa is just a hardcore CFL football town and no one cares about watching soccer? I mean the CFL team packs them in at the same stadium while the soccer team plays in the same stadium with 90 percent of the stadium empty every game.

    That's somewhat true.  CFL has drawn well recently in Ottawa (but even those numbers are slowly decreasing).  I would love to see a soccer team in Ottawa draw 10,000 regularly; I just don't see it happening whether that's USL or CPL.  I love the city of Ottawa but this is frankly, a horrible spectator sports town.    

  2. 4 hours ago, Gopherbashi said:

    Granted, it's mid-April in Ottawa and not great weather, but OFFC's lowest attendance in all of 2017 was 3,024, and their lowest all of last year was 2,781.  Not a great look for home game #2.

    Actually the weather was gorgeous yesterday - first really sunny and mild day of the spring (14 C).  I noticed the roads and sidewalks were especially busy so I think people had other things in mind than soccer.  Shame really.

  3. An interesting development just came across my Austrian football feed: Austria Klagenfurt have been denied an operating license by the Austrian football league for the 2019-2020 season.  If this does not get overturned, I believe they will have to drop down to the state league for Carinthia, if they still continue to exist.  I hope my German is good enough that I haven't misunderstood anything:


  4. 4 hours ago, CDNFootballer said:

    Last pic from the Fury home opener, beginning of 2nd half, judge for yourselves and post your own pics if you have better ones :

    I'll give the pre-emptive excuse..... "but but but there were 3000 at the concessions!!!


    Fury home opener pic final 2019 april.PNG

    Ok, I’ll bite on this one.  What are you trying to prove here?  

    Does that mean when the Forge (for example) plays a home game and the attendance is announced as 9,000 that I can question its legitimacy by posting a photo with tons of empty seats at the kickoff of the second half?  

  5. 13 hours ago, BuzzAndSting said:

    Good turnout - 6500, bad result 0-3

    I was out of town for the home opener and watched the game online last night.  Although Nashville SC will be very good this season, there were much of the same problems as last year.  Decent possession with no cutting edge, little creativity, and schizophrenic defending.  I liked the attendance figure.

  6. 36 minutes ago, Winnipeg Fury said:

    Brilliant night tonight at TYC, first class !

    I was there 5 minutes after the door opened and it was PACKED.  

    Ownership did a bang-up job on this one, full credit.  Food, beer, players, mascot, merch, ..........even the wife was happy.


    Without a doubt, Valour have the best jerseys, home and away !


    Have to agree-they look very sharp.  The away top could easily be ripped off by OSEG and made into the Ottawa Fury home top.  Ha Ha!  

  7. 1 hour ago, Greatest Cockney Rip Off said:

    Eric Perez, the person behind the Ottawa club is no longer involved in the Wolfpack and he was never the money behind the Wolfpack. If OSEG are not the financial backers,  I wonder who is. 

    Thanks for the insight.  And that's a good question...I really don't know who is fronting this.  I just can't see third division rugby league working on Ottawa.

  8. Yeah, the owner of the Toronto Wolfpack is the one driving the bus on this.  A club in Ottawa would be a risky venture if only because rugby league is not well understood by most Canadians.  I would definitely buy tickets if it came here.

  9. From a purely business standpoint, I don't think OSEG is much further ahead today in making a potential move to the CPL than they were a year ago.  Obviously deals have been signed with sponsors for what seems like a good amount of money, but a ball has yet to be kicked and they probably have questions/concerns about how all the markets will do in year 2 and 3. 

    Having said that, it doesn't excuse a few of the past proclamations about the CPL.  They should have just kept it in house. 

  10. 8 hours ago, matty said:

    damn. while i didn't think they'd be the one but the “right now it’s not our focus” seems cold. they don't seem to interested in canadian content it feels like

  11. 8 hours ago, matty said:

    damn. while i didn't think they'd be the one but the “right now it’s not our focus” seems cold. they don't seem to interested in canadian content it feels like

    Good point.  Sounds a little like a certain USL club that resides very close to my home.

  12. 6 hours ago, Ansem said:

    I just checked on the website... the remaining seats are pricey as hell...

    I think they will either reduce the prices at game day or they are confident that people will pay those prices on gameday

    Imagine if you paid full price for one of those expensive seats and on match day, they were suddenly reduced?  I know I would never buy another ticket in advance again. 

  13. 7 hours ago, shamrock said:

    He's playing for the worse team in the Championship but is actually having a great season. Got to think he'll be part of Hearts come next season. 

    I make the odds 50-50 on Zanatta ever playing first team for Hearts.  I don't have any specific insight on this but Levein likes the big lad, Ikpeazu up front and there may be an additional striker signing in the off season.  A lot of kids were blooded in last season and it didn't work out great and typical of Hearts, big bruising strikers up front are favoured.  I don't see Zanatta in that mould, unfortunately.

  14. 2 hours ago, Ansem said:

    Problem with Melnyk is that he can't seem to be a "silent" investor, like Saputo was but a thousand times worse. If he could just front the money and let the president of the team manage everything, that would be different. Being within a group of ownership would help as well instead of being the sole owner.

    Despite what we think of him, there aren't that many billionaires in Ottawa interested in sports unfortunately and the man had previous MLS aspirations.


    Yeah, he wanted to put an MLS team in Kanata.  A CPL team out there would die in 2-3 years

  15. 1 hour ago, dyslexic nam said:

    And despite this being complete BS, and despite Melnyk having huge issues with the Sens, it would still be preferable to the status quo. 

    I would personally disagree.  I’d think I’d have to strongly think about not buying tickets if he owned a CPL team in Ottawa.

  16. 2 hours ago, ESG Shawn said:

    This is true, however (even as an Eddies supporter living on YYC), there are a bunch off affordable seats available. More than a bunch.

    It's easy to pile on regarding the ridiculous prices, it's been beaten to death. As Calgarians, let's fill ALL the appropriately priced seats, show the club that they made a mistake in pricing, and hope they revisit when they see that packed corners and ends and tumbleweeds in the middle isn't a good look to display to the rest of the country.


    But I wonder if their break even point counts on a number of those expensive seats being sold.  It’s such an exorbitant price to charge for a product that has no history and is not widely  known yet.

  17. 7 hours ago, Viruk42 said:

    There is the other field at Carleton too. A bit of building in the way for one corner, but fewer trees and it's not used for handegg games. It's not quite as big a field overall, but I'm not sure by how much or whether that would matter.

    I should add, I'd be surprised by this too but are we not allowed to dream of the day when we have a national soccer pyramid that includes +3 pro or semi-pro teams inside Ottawa's greenbelt? 😛

    Actually, this scenario in Ottawa would not be good as the product wouldn’t be sustainable.  One strong team in Ottawa and maybe a 2nd smaller side would be all this market could take in any of our lifetimes or the ones of our children.

  18. 39 minutes ago, grasshopper1917 said:

    What????  $1300+  and $1100+ for season tickets in the three middle grandstands????  Is that a misprint? 

    Wow!  That is very steep and for a good percentage of the overall capacity of the stadium.  As a comparison, the most expensive season ticket at Hearts (Scotland) is roughly $850 for 19 league matches at home.  And the most expensive season ticket at the Fury is only $540.  Would be interested what the take up is...

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