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  1. Waiting on confirmation back from one place on Accommodation. Down to around $60-75 per night per person so far. This would be in Manhattan and not out in New Jersey or Long Island. Public transit for transfers if we are less than 20 people from Penn Station to Red Bull Arena. Tickets for TFC @ $20 waiting for confirmation on Canada game price (we are guarenteed the tickets should be around $20-30) No chance of group tickets for Rangers, but lots of scalpers.
  2. should have ballpark costs by end of day today. Working with a couple places in Manhattan to get the room price as low as possible.
  3. So..Awesome Canada vs Colombia game.. plus If you like Toronto (or if you don't you can cheer against them) Raptors, Leafs and Toronto FC. Sports-gasm!
  4. Hope you are coming down. Even more reason to make it a long weekend. Plus the Brookyn Nets are playing on Sunday night. Mindblasted with sporting possibilities!
  5. I'm sure lots of the neutrals and fans that stay from the opening game will be converted to cheering for Canada! How can they not love us?
  6. yep, Jamie and I are on the tickets already and they are in progress. Don't bother contacting Delgados. They are not going to care about a Canadian fan that stumbles onto their site. Their focus is the NY local ethnic markets. We are dealing direct with our contacts at the CSA and local organizers and will take care of you. Once we know where the Columbians are we we get our allotment. Have to factor in people who are going to the 1st game of the double header as well. Ill put you down for "on the fence" Here is a deal - You get to NYC and we will make sure you get to the game in a great spot with the rest of the V's Hotel details will be released shortly.
  7. Away game Travel Thread is up and going. Lets co-ordinate this properly so we are together. http://www.thevoyageurs.org/index.php?/topic/27327-away-trip-canada-vs-columbia-nyc-october-14th/
  8. Here we go, here we go, here we go.... TICKETS ARE HELD AND ONSALE NOW Section 213 $40 for double header tickets Buy your tickets here When: Canada vs Colombia is October 14th, 2015 Stadium: Red Bull Arena If you want to get tickets with the V's let us know. Don't support alone at home, come support with us! So who is interested in joining us in NYC? In Dontpanic+1 Socceronly +1 mgc232 Brennanfan +1 Edwin darlofletch +1 goleafs67 +1 silinicki +1 On The Fence Olympique_de_Marseilles dbailey mserson marauder
  9. I've yet to miss a game at http://atdhe.eu/ Be careful where you click though...lots of ads and pop ups you need to shut down.
  10. To me it's a moot point. Sure I'd love us to rank higher and get an easy draw, but lets be realistic. If we are going to make the World Cup we will need to be better and we will need to beat these teams to get there. More games to get there, a row of victories over minnows, or going head to head with a "power" doesn't matter, we need to win to get in. Other than Mexico, USA and Costa Rica we should not be scared of anyone. It's this fear that we might go out to El Salvador, T & T or Jamaica that holds our team back. Have some faith and confidence. I plan to support them whoever they draw. If we can't beat them in the 1st round, we won't be them in the last round.
  11. so 6 or 7 confirmed and a bunch of private messages with interest. This is happening..So either come along or watch us on TV.
  12. Sorry you had a bad experience. My visit to Panama was entirely different and I found the people warm and inviting. For a friendly the expectation is that the crowd will be more relaxed and we expect to have our own area and will be bringing local security if needed. So..who is in?
  13. Just to clairfy, I'm not saying turn him down if he wants to come, We are not in a position to do that. I'm saying, when Canada qualifies next for the World Cup it will not be because of hoping for dual nationals to make the difference. It will be becuase of players developed, starting and starring in MLS. I
  14. Undefeated in 2014 Scored in every game since last December. Positives all around! (it's too nice a day to look for negatives)
  15. to me players like this are just meh. Are they going to help us qualify for 2018? Not likely. If we qualify for 2018 without him is he going to make the team? Not Likely. I really think the best hope for us is MLS, NASL and developing our team. Then players like this will not be a fuss. The core of the team that takes us back to the World Cup with be MLS starters. Not benchwarmers or starters on 3rd division teams in 2nd level countries.
  16. Justpushing this back up... still a possibility if people want to go
  17. No commitment needed at this point, just expressions of interest. Space is being held with the hotel and airline and there wont be any need to commit for a while. Just keep checking here for updates.
  18. when are we ever not in serious trouble?
  19. Alright..lets start seeing some names of people who are interested. We want to build and grow a travel tradition.
  20. For one game. Ledley King Testimonial at White Hart Lane Currently on loan at Monaco from Fulham, our former forward will be accompanied in Ledley's squad by another ex-teammate in Paul Stalteri. Paul moved to us in 2005 as a Bundesliga champion having lifted the German title with Werder Bremen the previous year and his time with us will be best remembered by a stoppage-time winner at West Ham United in March, 2007, moments after Dimitar had levelled the scores in the 89th minute. Now retired, the right-back will be making the trip over from his home in Toronto to feature on Ledley's big night. "I am very honoured to have received Ledley's invitation for his testimonial," admitted Paul. "Although I have not played for a while, I can't wait to step out onto the pitch at White Hart Lane again. It is one of my favourite grounds that I have ever played at. The fans are fantastic and I have nothing but great memories of my time at the Lane. I have been very fortunate in my career to have played with some great players and Ledley was certainly one of the greatest. In my opinion, he is the best centre half England have produced in the last generation."
  21. Pricing has been confirmed. Will be setting up reservation. Fully refundable deposit of $100 will be required by end of May. Payment in full 90 days prior (so August) Trevor
  22. Hey, I updated info on other gateways. For sure I can do an add on from YEG to YYZ that will be cheaper than buying online. Its usually about $300 or so extra for the return flights. We need a minimum of 10 for the group airfare so even coming out of YVR or YXE etc would work if it makes sense to connect in YYZ. So if you know anywhere to post this that would help please do so. There is no commitment at this time and no deposits will be required unless it looks like we can get the numbers. Let me know if you have any questions. Trevor
  23. Land only option will available for those already planning to go down. Will need to know interest level in the next 10 days. Minimum for the group flight is 16. If you are thinking about it please reply as soon as possible.
  24. There is no second chance for a first Voyageurs away trip. If you missed Cuba, you don't want to miss Panama. just sayin'
  25. PANAMA ROAD TRIP ******************************************************************************************************************************** Confirmed: Dates: November 14th -19th 2014 Toronto Departure $1200 + $289 Taxes = $1489 Includes: Return Flight (1 stop) (Depart Toronto 15:45 Arrive Panama 23:50 Nov 14th) (Depart Panama 06:47 Arrive Toronto 14:30 Nov 19th) Hotel Accommodation - Double occupancy Central Panama - Breakfast Included, Wifi Included. Transfer Airport - Hotel - Airport Transfer Hotel - Game - Hotel Game Ticket Commemorative V's On The Road T-Shirt Full Day Panama City Tour (Including Miraflores Locks) (Lunch Not Included) Pre Game Group Meal +Special Extras+ Other Gateways/Land Option All other gateways are possible. Please message me directly for pricing. For the most part the airline has a good add-on from major gateways such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina etc. This would connect you through Toronto with the group. It might be cheaper (and more convenient) to fly with a different connection and meet the group in Panama. Either can be arranged. Land Only Options are available if you want to make your own way down and just want: Hotel Accommodation - Central Panama Transfer Airport - Hotel - Airport Transfer Hotel - Game - Hotel Ticket Commemorative V's On The Road T-Shirt Panama City Tour (Including Miraflores Locks) Pre Game Group Meal +Special Extras+ CONFIRMED ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dontpanic x 2 Roue x 2 Socceronly x1
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