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  1. Well Tuesday can't come soon enough for me. I liked the way they played especially with such a young roster. Curious what attendance will be like.
  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. So excited about a stream. Now I can watch both games at once.
  3. LOL. Oh I'm not getting my hopes up. A constant twitter update will satisfy. Hope? http://www.wakingthered.com/2015/6/10/8754065/canada-soccer-will-stream-world-cup-qualifiers-after-deal-ends-with-sportsnet-future-citytv-CONCACAF
  4. You missed one. Will we be able to watch? Will an internet feed work or is it Twitter updates? Stay tuned..
  5. Why do bakeries hate Canada?
  6. DontPanic


    welcome to the V's! Always room for one more in the stands
  7. welcome aboard! hope to see you at some games soon Home & away!
  8. Hey Diego, Will definitely be in Montreal (and then rushing back to Toronto for WCQ). Hope to meet up for a beer. In case you missed it Pregame is ..... Monday, June 15 at 4:00pm Bar 99 in Montreal, Quebec
  9. Welcome aboard Jeremy, Hope to see you at some games Home & Away!
  10. The Long Road to WC2018 starts so very soon. Can't wait to see everyone again in Toronto! Come on V's lets do this.
  11. That's pretty much were I say as well. It's a step in the right direction for sure. It does seem with this roster they are going for it which bodes well for WCQ.
  12. So, with this roster what is our realistic shot? Quarter finals? Semis?
  13. I'm going to focus on the ones we got and until Hoilett (or anyone) is actually listed on the roster I'm not going to give them a second thought.
  14. Not introducing per say..but perfecting "Heart Of Gold"
  15. Anything I can do to help, please just ask. I love travel and away game logistics.
  16. For all the work Jamie does on this and for the idea an extra $5 is nothing. I'm 100% in for any/all games possible.
  17. Its the start of really growing the travel tradition for Canadian sports. This year for world cup qualifying we are going to do all games. Memories of Cuba
  18. As of today about 15 spots left on the second bus.
  19. 2nd round road trip. Cuba was such a highlight last round I'm sure we can get double the numbers this time!
  20. no..of course not. We are just planning something so good that we will have to create a special advanced line/entrance for V's and their guests everyone will be welcome as always!
  21. Great to hear it. But You'll want to pre/post game for the Gold Cup at the event Jamie and I are working on. It will be EPIC. New level of craziness. Hint. V's will need a special wristband because so many non v's will be jealously trying to get in.
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