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  1. Thats a great price, but unfortunately until the game is officially confirmed for Azteca I cant recommend purchasing the airfare. We are expecting it to be confirmed in the next couple of weeks, but it really is up to the Mexican FA.
  2. Alright everyone who is coming to Mexico in March (or thinking about it). We now have a super cool optional add-on we can do on the Sunday night. - Luchadores! Yes real (totally fake) Mexican wrestling!
  3. Thanks to everyone who has put deposits in. This is going to be an epic trip. We are over 30 already! If you're still undecided, put in a deposit and go. Azteca=awesome!
  4. Just a reminder, early bird pricing with 100% refundable deposit ends October 15. So if you are on the fence, put in the deposit and save. Its $75 and saves you a spot on this sure to be epic trip.
  5. 100% refundable Early Bird Discount deposits need to be in by Oct 15th. Price will be adjusted on the 16th. So if you are on the fence. Make a deposit and secure a spot. Lets make this a huge trip!
  6. Im just looking forward to this game. I think it will have no impact on the outcome of the games in November, other than to maybe see if Aird and Hoilett are ready to make the squad. Just let everyone make it through without injuries please.
  7. This trip is going to happen. Was hoping they would announce 100% official the locations of the 2nd window games, but we will be going to Mexico. Please do not book any travel yet. Full details should be up in the next few days. Small deposit to hold your spot and balance to be paid 90 days prior.
  8. Sounds like there is some decent interest. Plans are well underway and will preliminary details will be released early next week. The idea is to offer the basic plan that most people can take advantage of and then we can modify it for those who want to add on other things. It will be great.
  9. If the game is in Mexico City we will likely stay there. If anyone wants to add a few days before or after at a resort I'm happy to help. The closest resort area is Acapulco which would be a 4+hr transfer by bus. if the game is outside of Mexico City we would stay at a resort (assuming one close enough)
  10. Starting the away game thread, details posted as they get there. For this one, is there enough interest to organize? Rematch and avenge ourselves? When: Sept 2, 2016 Where: To Be Confirmed Includes: Hotel, transfers, tickets, (airfare?) Let me know if you are remotely interested so I can start planing.
  11. Hello everyone, here are the preliminary details. Start planning to take the time off. Just waiting on a couple small items to release the final price, but thought I'd give a sneak peak of VOYAGEURS ON TOUR - MEXICO TEQUILA, SOCCER & BEACH 2016 Includes 4 Nights Hotel Accomodation at 3+ star hotel in safe area of Mexico City Airport Transfers Daily Breakfast Ability to have single/double or triple occupancy Transfers to/from the game Azteca Stadium Tour Voyageurs Tequila and Cantina Tour Free Time To Explore GAME TICKETS with the rest of the Voyageurs SECURITY throughout game day OPTIONAL Add-on 3 nights/4 days at the beach including transfers at an all-inclusive Flights will not be included, however we will holding 20 spots on flights from YVR, YYZ and YUL These will be announced shortly. DAY 01 - SATURDAY 26TH MARCH WELCOME TO MEXICO CITY/TRAVEL DAY Meet at the airport and transfer to your hotel. After check-in, free time to start exploring the city with your fellow V's DAY 02 - SUNDAY 27TH MARCH FREE DAY Free day. Today you have the whole day to explore Mexico City. Included: Breakfast DAY 03 - MONDAY 28TH MARCH VOYAGEURS CANTINAS, MARIACHI & TEQUILA TOUR (Included) PLUS AZTECA STADIUM TOUR!! Optional, no extra cost, we have arranged to visit the Tequila & Mezcal museum for a tasting of these traditional liquors. After this we will visit a couple of Mexican pubs called ‘cantinas’. Plus a tour behind the scenes of Azteca Stadium (maybe we can hide a Voyageur scarf in the dressing room?) Included: Breakfast DAY 04 - TUESDAY 29TH MARCH MATCH DAY Today is match day. After the game, transfer back to hotel/bar. Included: Breakfast DAY 05 - WEDNESDAY 30TH MARCH DEPARTURE DAY (SHORT VERSION) At proper time, you will be picked-up at your hotel for your transfer to the airport, to check in for your flight backhome. Included: Breakfast OR take a beach extension!. Transfer to the beach and spend Wednesday to Saturday at an All Inclusive to rest and recover.
  12. Starting the away game thread, details posted as they get there. For this one, is there enough interest to organize? When: November 14-18, 2015 Where: To Be Confirmed Includes: Hotel, transfers, tickets, (airfare?) Let me know if you are remotely interested so I can start planing.
  13. that should expose the game to a lot of unsuspecting new fans...
  14. If you are going to Belize for the game, please let me know.
  15. Just hold tight. Ticket is secured. Working on something and will keep you in the loop. Trevor
  16. Ticket will be waiting for you. Working on some stuff that won't be finalized until the weekend. Pm me your details and I'll keep you in the loop. Trevor
  17. Jeff - Consider your ticket acquired. Details on pre-game meet up to be decided but you will have a ticket to sit with the hardy v's travelling down
  18. Its a s,all country, credit cards will be fine in the bigger stores, restaurants, but cash is king. Bring US dollars. If you eat like a local prices are good, but restaurants can be pricey if you want all imported stuff.
  19. I would hope so. Maybe not from day 1 but in the near future. If the league is going to grow and the sport is going to grow, we can't have a market that size without a team.
  20. Booked up and ready to roll. Look forward to seeing everyone who makes it. If you are going and made your own arrangements let me know so we can coordinate pre game etc.
  21. Definitely Mexico. Would love to do all games but it comes down to. Safety, cost, dates, opponent, other events, interest from V's etc. Some games don't get a lot of warning and just are hard to do. Every game is looked at and there are always a few V's at any game it seems.
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