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  1. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I like the CSA logo. Simple straightforward, clean.
  2. The base price of $880 + taxes is for Toronto departures. If you are leaving from anywhere else then you can do an airfare add on. The benefit is that it is super cheap to add on to an existing product, that's why its only an extra $190 from Vancouver etc etc. The downside in an add on is that it means that you are flying from that point and back to that point, and your connection must be made within 24hrs IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. If you are waiting for an announcement of where the Honduras game is going to be played then don't worry about doing the add on now as we are only securing the YYZ-HAV-YYZ portion by Dec 21st. Scenarios are 1) Flying from Toronto and Game # 2 in Toronto No issue, fly with group, come back with group, have a few v's sleep on your couch 2) Flying from Anywhere else and Game #2 in Toronto and you want to go (and why wouldn’t you?) So..If the game is in Toronto, we can book airfare that flies you from wherever to Toronto, join the group fly back to Toronto with the group, stay in Toronto for the game and then fly home. (The price will not be the same as the add on but will do my best to get the best). 3) Flying from anywhere else and Game # 2 is in Toronto but you don’t want to go or can’t get the time off to stay longer. Take the add on at the great price. 4) Flying from anywhere other than Toronto and Game #2 is anywhere other than Toronto If its in the city you started from..lucky you! You get to sleep at home a couple nights to recover after the trip before the next game. Make sure to invite some people you met in Cuba to crash at your place. Everyone else. Either take the add on back to your own city and book a second ticket from there to the game or we can book all the flights once it is released and make them match up. 5) Flying from Toronto and game #2 is not in toronto. We can get flights to/from game #2 after it is announced for those who want to go So..at this point, book the YYZ-VRA-YYZ portion and then once the game is announced we can work on the flights to make it as cheap and easy as possible. Not the same type of cheap and easy you might see in Cuba, but similar. PS I am trying to work with AC directly to get waivers that will allow us to "extend the 24 hr window" to take in game 2 if it is in Toronto.
  3. As requested Victoria Add On has been priced out. It is $225 p/p St John's is $275 p/p Saint John $150 p/p all including taxes You can now add add-ons through your online profile after you register. PM if you have questions...
  4. There is a separate thread on how to book or get priced on four day or other variables. I have set it up so you can customize what is best for your needs.
  5. Hello, Had a few people ask me this and it can definitely be arranged. The group going to Cuba will have an optional visit to a local charity/orphanage/children's home/school and can drop off items. So anyone want to drop off school supplies, soccer or sports equipment please let me know and we can get it down there with the group. Trevor/Don't Panic
  6. Basically anything other than the regular 7 day trip. Tried really hard to do something that I would feel is worth putting out as a group but I hope you will understand that this is the best solution. The first hurdle with the short day option(s) is that it would require the use of a scheduled airline vs a charter airline. There just are not a lot of options in flights from across Canada to Cuba (Toronto sure, but not everywhere else) The next obstacle is that unless we get xx people all going from the same airport at the same time and willing to commit now we would not be able to hold space as a group. Third option was pricing, when you use sched airlines and not as a group the price can change everyday. What is available today might not be there tomorrow so by the time I post a price, its likely changed. So, onto my suggestion. Anyone that wants to book anything other than the 1 week Cuba Voyageur Trip of insanity (ie different hotel, or different duration 3,4,5,6 day etc) I have set up a dedicated person to help you with your custom dates and needs. Call Handa Travel 416 966 0606 and tell them you want to go to Cuba to see Canada play. They will do all the leg work for you and MOST IMPORTANTLY add you to the day tour to Havana, V's party/dinner and Tickets. So..win win..you get the dates you want, you get to book it when you want and you can still be at the game and dinner with the rest of the V’s (plus get your ticket to boot). Hope this helps. Sorry, just too many variables to do it any other way that makes sense with a group like this to this specific destination (Cuba). T
  7. meeting with the tour operator tonight..hope to report back tomorrow...
  8. Sorry..that was a typo..should now say 7 days if you review as all nights at Sirenas La Salinas. If you want to add the Air Add On for now you will have to PM me. We do 800 groups and 40,000 high school kids a year, but the system we use has some fields that are not working not a perfect fit for this special custom group. For example..most of you are not 16 year olds travelling without mom and dad for the first time....some things I need to do manually for now. Thank you for your understanding. Trevor
  9. Hey, Great news.. the tour operator has agreed to hold off on a planned fuel surcharge and extend the deadline for deposits. New price is $880 plus taxes for Triple +25 for double + 50 for single New Add-on from YXY has been asked for and given at $375 + $50 taxes so now we really have coverage from coast to coast. (if there is a airport near you that Air Canada flies from and is not listed let me know and we can do an add-on from there as well) New Deadline for deposits is Dec 21st (remember this is just to secure your spot) The balance isn't due until April 2012. For Child Pricing 2-12years old its $435 + taxes (air add-ons are the same though) Still plugging away to get it extended and the price dropped even more if possible. To book online or for more details https://secure.s-trip.com/trip/Mission2014 or call 1 866 627 8747.
  10. having said all that.. the right answer for those who want to go for sure and the dates are fine and the price is not an issue and they dont care where the Honduras game is and they like the hotel and want to spread out payments over 6 months and they can get the time off is to book by Dec 1st.. but thats just me
  11. I hear you, really. There are pros and cons in both scenario. The closer you get you give up flexability in some areas (choice of hotel-which may affect quality of hotel, is the big one, preference of flight time, availability of flights, # of spots available, options for payment plan (spreading out over 6 months vs 4 or less) risk of product not available (in this case tickets, tour packages, the restaurant we are booking near the stadium etc) but potentially gain some in others (usually most noticably in price, although sometimes even that doesnt change much) It all comes down to personal risk tolerance..book early and know what you are getting now, or wait and book later. When I travel myself I risk later all the time because if my #1 choice is not available it is easy to change for just me and my wife. When dealing with a group this size I would never risk, its a nightmare logistically and causes multiple problems and would suggest the book early. It's like buying tickets for a concert or any other event or something new (apple iphone). Book/buy early and get the seats you want, or the product right away or wait and there may be a seat sale, or discount, or it could sell out, or a new version. There is no right or wrong answer.
  12. As I have said all along..If you want this price, these dates, this package, then register before Dec 1. If you want to wait, that is your right. No one is forcing anyone to sign up for this. From experience, yes you can sometimes get cheaper deals last minute, but you dont always get your preference of travel dates, or resort or other items. But don't forget, the key caveat to that last minute deal is when you are doing one or two people or a small family. Trying to do a group of 200 last minute would be a logistical nightmare and is why you try to start early. Like everyone I have booked with 2 months or 2 days notice and got a great deal..sure of course the hotel and airline are trying to sell the last spots to make sure it is maxed out as full as possible..but if the plane only has 30 spots left and the hotel only has 30 spots, where is the group of 200 going to go? With putting a group together the idea is to go as a group. Which means you hold the space so that everyone that signs up is assured to get the same thing. And it means you book early.
  13. nope..you dont need your passport information until tickets are issued..so you have lots of time to get that in.
  14. it's on the radar, it's just a matter of finishing some things up..should be available this week (I hope)
  15. yes, I totally understand the Dec 1st deadline is tight..and i understand the reluctance all we are saying is that for those who are going to go regardless of where the June 12th game is held or those who really want to go, then Dec 1st is the day.
  16. Ok. I'm going to try to cut out the middle man and jump in. I've been a Voyageur for a while but more importantly I work at Handa Travel (S-Trip!) and have worked with Jamie on this for the past few weeks (actually the conversations started as soon as the draw was made and we saw Cuba potentially in round 2. Here is how it works. We go to the various tour operators and say "hey Tour Operator we have xx number of people that want to go to this trip" and we want this tour and this hotel and this included etc etc they then say sure the price is XXX ..but they won't hold spots until we pay them. They usually give us a grace period of 2-3 weeks to get everything organized but then, we have to tell them the actual number is XX They are not going to just hold a plane or spots at a hotel that they could be selling to someone else forever. In this case that deadline is December 1st. Does this mean we can't get More space or add people after that date? Not necessarily, however we do have to go back and say we need XXX more spots. At which time if we are lucky they say no problem, but usually they say sure, the taxes have now changed to XXX and the price has gone up XX or the new people will have to stay in a different wing of the hotel etc etc etc In some circumstances the space is just no longer available... so what I am saying in a nutshell. If you want to go to Cuba on that trip at that price for those dates with those inclusions you need to sign up and put down a $200 deposit by Dec 1st. If you don't think you can do a deposit by Dec 1st we can try to add you later, but cannot guarantee that a) we will be able to or 2) it will be the same program/price for new joiners. After deposits there are 2 options. 1) No additional payments until April 15th or 2) payment plan autocharge on CC of $200 on Jan 15, Feb 15, Mar 15 and then balance on April 15th Hope to see you all in Cuba.
  17. Day in Havana is like this. Dep from Varadero 12:30pm. (eat before you go so it's included..take snacks and sammies/travelling drinks) Arrival at Havana 2:00pm (ish) City tour of old Havana from 2:00pm till 5pm. Short Panoramic tour of Modern Havana and then Dinner in Havana Be at the stadium around 6:30pm Game from 7 tilll about 9pm Back to hotel in Varadero. (for victory party and lots of drinks) OR..for those that want to pay the $75 extra and stay in Havana after the game... Shuttle back to Varadero would be in mid/late afternoon the next dayto give time to explore Havana on your own
  18. To add the extras you have to call the # or when you book you get a code to log on to make changes to your file.
  19. maybe your dd/mm/yyyy settings are backward? i see june 3-jun 10 2012 6/3/2012 - 6/10/2012 reversed would be March 6th to October 6th...
  20. its on now if you want to see gerry and john mucking about
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