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  1. sorry, but i really don't see the NFL expanding to Toronto. it doesn't help their TV ratings in the US (ours are peanuts compared) why would they put a team in Toronto before a team in LA? or San Antonio? heck even Omaha.
  2. Bus details for Seattle in next 24 hrs Hotel and more details for Denver by end of the week
  3. yes, bus options with/without hotel as well as coming back straight after or next morning are in motion. Just hold on and watch this space for details. We wil have them up as soon as possible.
  4. Just hold on for a couple days Sam, I'm figuring it out both ways (with and without flights). At the very least it will be hotel, transfers, pre/post game and tickets. If the airfare gods work out then I might have some decent airfare options for you. Don't Panic!
  5. The thread is up and going.. http://www.cansoc.org/showthread.php?46206-Official-2013-Gold-Cup-Travel-Accommodation-amp-Ticket-Thread
  6. http://www.cansoc.org/showthread.php?46206-Official-2013-Gold-Cup-Travel-Accommodation-amp-Ticket-Thread&p=480425#post480425
  7. Here we go, here we go here we go.. Gold Cup Tickets & Seattle Bus Thursday, July 11: Mexico vs. Canada (8:00 p.m PST.) at CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Wash. Buy your tickets & bus ticket here From Central Vancouver to the game and back. Multiple pickups can be set if needed. Additional travel details will to be filled in below: Game 3) THE FOCUS GAME Flights: TBD from YVR, YYZ, YQR etc (fly in Friday night or sat morning, fly back to YYZ Sunday night, YVR Monday morning) or your own. Hotel: TBD Tickets: Included Pre/Post Game event: Included Please keep in mind that if you want to make your own arrangements let us know so we can keep you updated on V's events. Also.. Not a Voyageurs Membership Holder yet (soon you will be able to be)? Get your Voyageurs membership for a special bonus in Denver PLUS get a "Voyageurs On Tour" T-Shirt!. ****************************************************************************************************************
  8. LOL working on it..or something close..or at least parts of that..ok well at least the game parts
  9. Please hold off from booking any hotels/flights for a couple days. We want to have a central hotel in each spot so that we can keep everyone together and have a great organized march/transfer tickets etc. Details released shortly!!!
  10. unimaginable a few years ago... i like the debate. just wait until FC Edmonton, Ottawa and others star producing academy players..perchance to dream?
  11. the "draw" should be coming up soon..keep watching this space for details.... dun.dun.duuunnn
  12. until our Canadian teams start playing Canadians, what does it matter if the US teams dont?
  13. Of course, I'm hoping that Cuba was the start of a prolonged travelling support that grows..I was thinking more along the lines of which one was the best date..obviously a sat or sunday game is going to get a better turnout overall than a tuesday or wednesday.
  14. I think the idea is to pick the one game that makes the most sense and try to get the maximum number of V's out to that game. As it is the US there are so many options all I can really do is advise on flights but between we can centralize the hotel choice and I will make sure there is a bus available to the stadium and back. and of course a venue for post game/pre game..and tickets* *real tickets not Cuban style tickets!
  15. Sleeping earliest in Cuba? Likely me as I had to always be the first one up to make sure everything ran ok for you drunk F&*^%s or Bill & Lida maybe... Which members came on the bus Hume, Dero, Johnson, Borjan New questions.. Who shouted "I want a little girl" (totaly taken out of context) when we were giving out the supplies at the school? How many holes and sharp pieces of dangling metal were in the stadium roof in Havana?
  16. ok..this should be fun..as long as everyone can count to 6 we have our cheers ready
  17. I'm fully behind this idea. We have to get our act together to take it to the next level.
  18. what it needs to be is a team that can barnstorm through central america/carribbean. They have to get used to playing down there.
  19. QUOTE] I was a little pissed with him after his cheque signing antics at TFC but I gained a new respect for the man when in Havana, we were waiting in front of the team hotel sorting out tickets and he, and a few others took the time to board the bus full of Voyageurs and thank us for coming to support them! It was very close to game time and I thought it was a very nice gesture from him and the others! Definitely.. when Jamie and I saw him in the hotel they were just leaving breakfast. Some other players ignored us but Dero was seriously impressed we came to see them play and he was the one that convinced Hume, Johnson and the others to board the bus and say Hi. I gained a lot of respect for him that day.
  20. We need to trademark the F%^$^%$ out of the Voyageurs logo/name etc.
  21. "I am proposing a membership system (optional) for a two year period that encompasses the WWC. All financials, costs, ect... published in an online spreadsheet. Membership may be our only option at getting something like tickets/sections, however there is no answer to that currently." I'm 100% behind this. A membership card/login into the site. $12-15 a year. But to do this we would need an excutive. And funds would need to be transparent. It's time to make the Voyageurs legit - well at least more legit than they are right now The V's are something to be proud of. We do great work. Lets make it official. Perhaps an ad-hoc committee working to set up the legal entity? Membership card? I nominate Jamie to set up the executive committe and start the ball rolling!
  22. No not at all. I was just asking your opinion of their effort. I look at this game for what it is. A chance to see some players who have not played at this level. I just am trying to take some positives out of it. Like I said earlier. We hit rock bottom in Honduras. We have to start somewhere..so why not start today. now. I suspect after Tuesday a few of these players will never see the national team bench again. But why not give them a shot now.
  23. so..are you saying they put in a better, equal or worse effort than the game in Honduras?
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