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  1. That's some well-practised celly for a 1st ever pro goal.
  2. that sorta shadowy, sorta textured, sorta 3d? emblem reminds me of those plasticky hologram hockey cards that McDonald's used to put out in the mid 90's.
  3. can someone refresh my memory how these match-ups were determined and how come some similar teams like Jamaica have tougher matchups than what we've faced? Or should I not ask...
  4. that was anemic - felt a lot like Canada of old 😅
  5. you don't like your free kicks lofted in at about 4mph landing 22 yards from the keeper into a sea of 18 bodies?
  6. do we see Cavallini for Canada ever again? Or has pouty mcpoutface grown up? Stunned at how green this lineup is. Holy shit kids. If this were Floro we'd be calling for his head fosho.
  7. Ya get the hell outta here with this timbits soccer talk. Back to dissecting spanish translations. Cavallini speaks the truth but f*ck him for the avenue in which he does it. I loathe this dude and his holier than though attitude, but he's also 100% right so I can't reconcile these feelings.
  8. Reaaaaallllyyyyyy...... reaaaaaalllyyyyyy????
  9. El Salvador looking more menacing and intentional than us. This long ball and James back to Borjan every touch shit has to stop immediately.
  10. I myself have placed trade sanctions on all Honduran products. Be it coffee, bananas, whatever. I refuse to purchase any Honduran exports. The wife just shakes her head...
  11. I believe it was some scrappy as all hell shitty little toe poke over the line after a fortuitous bounce. Almost as bad.
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